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johnny cash text portrait james tyler Patton

Background Johnny Cash is a famous country music artist and one of the most influential songwriter and storyteller of the 20th century. He is also one of my idols, which is why I decided to do my text portrait on him. I have always loved his dark style, which got him the nick-name, “The Man In Black”. Which gives me an idea of what I want the style to be like in the portrait.

Target audience The target audience would be people who like to listen to Johnny Cash’s music. They typically would be older and would have a more folk country style than the new pop country style.

Objective First I am going to recreate the image of Johnny Cash using the pen tool. I plan on using song lyrics and using them to fill up his body fitting the size and color of his clothing. The text style is going to match his dark country style too. I am going to also change the background and fill it with more lyrics and style them. I want this image to have a more modern feel, and make it enjoyable to look at.

Obstacles The hardest part about this portrait will be finding out how I am going to style the text to make the picture clear, and make it easy to see exactly what it is. I want everybody to see that this is Johnny Cash without having to read the text that’s in it.

Key Benefit I want go give the audience something to look at that would keep them entertained and possibly bring back memories of Johnny Cash. This would also be a great poster to hang on a wall (in my room).

Support Statement and Reasons Why Johnny Cash is my favorite country music artist and I love the style he has and brought to the genre, which is why I decided to do my portrait on him.

Tone Because he is also known as “The Man In Black,” I want to give this portrait a dark country tone with a lit up background to add contrast. I am going for a dark 50’s/60’s look.


This could be used for posters and shirts being sold at stores and off the johnny cash website.

Johnny Cash

Johhny Cash Text Portrait  

Johnny Cash text portrait made by James Patton.

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