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The Holden Ethos

From operations to aesthetics, Holden embodies three core values.

Timeless Design

Excellence in Fabrication

Holden’s apparel is designed with the old adage of quality over

The concept of fit and fabric goes beyond simple aesthetics.

The widely celebrated “Holden fit” completely distinguishes us from

No product is 100% “eco friendly.” That’s why Holden products are

quantity in mind. Our goal is to use beautiful, timeless design to

Apparel’s texture, weight, and how it follows the human form are also

our competitors. We’ve spent countless hours in development to

“eco-friendlier.” It’s our honest way of telling you that we’re always

create enduring styles that can be worn season after season. From

crucial to function. Holden labors over these elements, perfecting

perfect our tailored fit. The Holden fit is not tight and not huge. It’s

striving our hardest to be as earth-friendly as possible while acknowl-

colors and cuts to design inspiration, our garments are created to

fits, infusing unique and exceptional design details, developing new

very simply designed for movement.

edging that we can never be perfect. Every Holden customer can

be classics. Buy a coat and keep it for life, instead of tossing

fabrics, and always using the best possible factories and production

it after a season in favor of something that’s “in style.”

processes. It’s about doing it with ingenuity and excitement, and the

We utilize progressive materials like Toray Dermizax (a high-quality,

with as little waste as possible and supporting people who are work-

difference speaks for itself.

ultra-waterproof and breathable Japanese textile application with a

ing hard to protect our environment.

Eco-Friendlier Construction

know that when they buy Holden, they’re getting a product made

rich, soft texture) and our innovative Schoeller® three-layer fabric to From distinctive trims and other premium details to the place a belt

ensure that our outerwear excels in the face of extreme conditions

For Holden, creating environmentally friendly products represents a

or pocket sits, Holden’s aesthetic is subtle and fine tuned. Our

and hard-wearing activities. Holden also develops many of our fabrics

moral imperative, not just adding a trendy feature set. The company

garments offer the customer a passageway to discovering the many

in-house instead of just taking what the suppliers hand to us. This

does more than simply establish a token “green collection.” We inject

artful design elements contained within.

includes the award-winning performance Hemp fabric we created and

sustainability into everything we do. Holden products utilize recycled

improved upon, as well as this season’s extraordinary 20K Genuine

zippers and insulation and offer a water-resistant fabric coating that’s

Denim which we worked long and hard to perfect simply because we

PFOA-free simply because it’s the right thing to do. We even package

didn’t like what was being offered in the market place. The fabrics

our products in fully biodegradable, acetate ethylene bags.

Holden doesn’t create in-house are all sourced far and wide from quality vendors who use utilize good production processes.

Holden spends countless hours and resources innovating in the eco field. From developing the world’s first and an award winning “eco-friendlier” performance hemp fabric to improving upon the environmentally minded Schoeller® c_change™ 3-layer technology, this company is thoroughly dedicated to evolving the eco niche we helped pioneer. In keeping with this, Holden is introducing Recyclon for 2011, an exceptional nylon oxford fabric from Japan.

Holden outerwear AW11/12  

Holden outwear catalog 2011/2012

Holden outerwear AW11/12  

Holden outwear catalog 2011/2012