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2013-14 Student Handbook limited to the criteria listed. In addition, any student reported as intoxicated on campus may meet with the Dean of Students for possible referral for an alcohol evaluation and counseling. 2. Guests in a room where alcohol is present will be considered in violation of the campus alcohol policy. All students in violation of the alcohol policy will be notified by the Dean of Students. 3. Room residents are always in violation of the alcohol policy if they are in their room and evidence of alcohol is present. Residents not present may or may not be considered in violation depending on the circumstances of the incident. 4. All persons in a room where alcohol or empty containers are present will be considered in violation of the alcohol policy, as will persons in a vehicle on campus where alcohol is found. In cases where excessive numbers of students or excessive amounts of alcohol are present additional disciplinary action may be taken by the Dean of Students. 5. Each resident is responsible for what happens in his or her assigned room. If a room is left unlocked and a violation occurs, the resident(s) of the room may also face disciplinary action. All students are encouraged to lock their doors for the safety of their possessions and to prevent unnecessary involvement in disciplinary sanctions. 6. The Athletic Director will be notified of all athletes who violate the college alcohol policy on- or off-campus. 7. Parents may be notified if the student is under 21 and/or the alcohol violations are considered serious enough to potentially interfere with the student’s success. 8. Alcohol Detector: The alcohol detector may be used when several students are in a room and alcohol is present. Upon request of the student, the residence hall staff will ask campus security to come to the room and confirm that the students have or have not been drinking. Upon confirmation, those students who have not been drinking would be subject to a $25 fine rather than the $65 fine. This option is available only to guests in the room.

15. Public Disturbances An atmosphere conducive to normal living and study must be maintained 24 hours a day in the residence halls. As always, respect for the rights and freedoms of other residents should be the basic guideline for behavior. Minimum guidelines will be established by the Residence Life Office. Each hall, wing, cluster or section may further restrict quiet hours for their area and are to take responsibility for enforcing these hours. Radios, stereos and TV sets must be played discreetly at all times. Stereo speakers are not to be played out windows. Musical instruments are not to be practiced in the residence halls. Hall sports are prohibited. Excessive noise or other public nuisances created or permitted by residents is strictly prohibited. Conduct shall be deemed such a nuisance if it penetrates into the room or cluster areas of other residents, unwillingly subjecting them to an unreasonable disturbance or inconvenience. Snowball fights, spraying water-guns, shaving cream battles, etc. shall be considered public disturbances and shall be handled as such.

16. Refusing a Reasonable Request College officials, including Residence Life staff, have the authority to enter a student’s room. This authority may be exercised in the interest of student safety, the protection of College property, or when a violation of College policy is occurring. A resident’s refusal to open his/her room when requested by a staff member under these circumstances is considered a failure to comply with a reasonable request of a College official. If a student fails to comply with a reasonable request of a College official, he/she is subject up to a $50 fine per incident.

17. Gambling Illegal gambling is prohibited.

18. Solicitation


Sales of any service or product door to door in a residence hall or by way of the College telephone or internet system is strictly prohibited. Solicitation and sales by registered campus organizations of

Jamestown College 2013-14 Student Handbook  

Student handbook for Jamestown College, Jamestown, N.D.

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