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Communication 338-3 Photojournalism The study of the principles and techniques of photography with an emphasis on composition and design. Students will learn and use digital darkroom techniques with the use of scanning software and image editing software. A digital SLR camera with manual exposure is recommended. Spring, odd years 340-3 Film Analysis An introduction to the study of film and the technical and aesthetic terminology describing it. Topics include narrative structure, camera movement, misé-en-scene, editing, sound, and music. Lectures, screenings, discussions, and shot-by-shot analysis of works by major directors. As determined by department. 360-3 Nonverbal Communication Seeks to expose students to the various types of nonverbal communication, including body movement, facial expressions, eye behavior, touch, use of space and color, vocalizations, and smell. Students will be exposed to current research in nonverbal communication and will examine cultural and social influences on nonverbal communication. Fall, odd years 370-3 Diversity Communication This course examines the role of gender, class, and race in the global context. Topics include readings and films based on historical events, case studies, literature, and theories. Students write reaction papers and make a film. Fall

380-3 Foundation of Sports This course surveys the field of communication and sports, and introduces students to numerous communication principles—e.g. organizational, interpersonal, mediated, cultural—in the context of sport. Spring, even years 402-3 International Communication This course is a summer seminar in one of the university’s study abroad locations. The course consists of in-country lectures, presentations by guest speakers and various site visits. Junior Standing. Prerequisite: COMM 305 and 370, Post Assessment Paper due September 1. 3 hours. Summer

405-3 Conflict Management and Mediation Students will learn the underlying theories of interpersonal and organizational conflict. The positive and negative aspects of conflict will be discussed. Means of conflict management, resolution, and mediation will be presented. Spring, even years 410-3 Communication Honors Research Methods This course will provide students with exposure to basic research methods in communication. Students will learn both quantitative and qualitative research methods. This course will focus on enabling students to read and comprehend research. Students will gain a clearer understanding of the processes used in communication research. Spring

415-3 Sports Information and Media This course offers students pragmatic insight into the skills and day-to-day operations associated with various careers in sports communication, which include multimedia production, public relations, sports management, and sports information. Industry professionals will augment student knowledge via guest lectures and presentations. Fall, even years

495-3 Internship in Communication Students gain hands-on experience applying the ideas they have learned in their communication studies. Minimum 120 hours’ work during the semester taken. Advisor and department chair approval prior to beginning internship. Fall and Spring OTHER COURSES: Communication 190-1-3 Special Topics 200-1-3 Directed Studies 290-1-3 Special Topics 300-1-3 Directed Studies 390-1-3 Special Topics 400-1-3  Directed Studies 490-1-3 Special Topics (by arrangement)


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Academic Catalog 2020-21  

Academic Catalog 2020-21