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Biology Biochemistry Major

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Health-Related Majors

A bachelor’s degree is granted from University of Jamestown to students completing the clinical laboratory science major. The number of credits within this major make the BS degree the best option. Students seeking a BA in this major can expect to exceed the 124 semester credits required for graduation.

Clinical Laboratory Science Major

Clinical laboratory scientists (medical technologists/medical laboratory scientists) are health professionals who supervise and conduct laboratory diagnostic tests on patients’ body fluids and/or tissues, assisting the physician with diagnoses and treatments. An education in this field will prepare the student for a variety of career opportunities. Two options are available in preparing for a career in clinical laboratory science (CLS.) Students can plan programs so that they need not decide immediately which option they will choose. Each includes a year of clinical internship in an accredited medical laboratory science (clinical laboratory science) program and prepares the student for the medical laboratory scientist certification exam from the Board of Registry of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. As a member of the Western College Alliance for Medical Laboratory Science, a cooperative education program between several universities and colleges in the Midwest, University of Jamestown is affiliated with the clinical laboratory science program at the University of North Dakota (UND). The final professional year begins with a summer semester at the University of North Dakota. Fall and spring semesters are then spent at one of the many possible clinical sites. There are currently more than twenty-five clinical affiliates in North Dakota, Minnesota, and other western states.

Option A

Students can complete Option A in four years, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Jamestown with a major in clinical laboratory science. Three years are spent on campus at University of Jamestown completing prerequisite course work and general education requirements. During the fall semester of the junior year, the student applies to the affiliated CLS program. The senior year consists of twelve months of specialized clinical laboratory science education, beginning with summer session at the UND campus in Grand Forks. Fall and spring semesters are spent at one of the many clinical sites.

Option B

Option B is a five-year program. The student spends four years at University of Jamestown completing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology or chemistry before entering the oneyear clinical training. During the fall semester of the senior year, the student may apply either to the UND program or to any accredited CLS program nationwide to complete the professional internship.

Program note

The Clinical Laboratory Science major prepares students to transfer in three years to a CLS/MLS program outside of University of Jamestown. Acceptance into the off campus program is independent from University of Jamestown. Students should consult with the program director, registrar, Business Office, and Financial Aid Office early in their course of study to ensure a clear understanding of the CLS program, application procedure, and financial aid implications for the off-campus portion of the course of study. 59

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