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Professors Jensen (chair) and Solensky; Associate Professors Thorlakson and Uvino; and Assistant Professor Naglak Mission Statement The Biology Department strives to provide an education in biology of the highest possible quality. The biology curriculum offers career preparation, preparation for further study, and an introduction to biological concepts and scientific reasoning in the liberal arts tradition.

A grade of C- or above must be earned in all courses that are required in a major or a minor.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes for the Biology Major

Upon completion of the biology major, the student will be able to: 1. Explain and apply the vocabulary, fundamental principles, and theories of the major areas of biology (cell and molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology, ecology and evolution). 2. Choose and safely use appropriate laboratory and field techniques and equipment. 3. Design and recognize an effective scientific study and demonstrate understanding of the process by which scientific concepts are evaluated, modified, and become accepted. 4. Identify relevant sources of information and evaluate their credibility. 5. Evaluate the quality of evidence supporting a hypothesis or theory and critically analyze, integrate, and draw conclusions from multiple lines of evidence. 6. Communicate precisely and analytically in scientific written and oral formats. 7. Make intellectual connections between biology and other disciplines and apply an interdisciplinary and ethical approach to challenges facing individuals, communities, and societies. Requirements for the Biology Major Dept. Course No. Course Title Credits Biol 150 Introduction to Biology I 4 Biol 151 Introduction to Biology II 4 Biol 201 Biology Orientation 1 Biol 305 Cell Biology 5 Biol 430 Genetics 5 Biol 425/426 Biology Seminar 1+1 Biol 442 Evolution 4 Biol Courses chosen in consultation with advisor 13 at least one must be an upper level course with a substantial ecological component (304, 306, 308 or 310) Semester Credits 38 Chem 133 General Chemistry I Chem 134 General Chemistry II Chem 343 Organic Chemistry I Chem 344 Organic Chemistry II Math 151 Calculus I (or equivalent) or Math 205 Statistics Phys 143/144 College Physics I or College Physics II or Phys 203/204 Physics I or Physics II Semester Credits

4 4 4 4 4 or 3

61 or 62


Total Semester Credits

4 23 or 24

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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)