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Art Associate Professor Cox (chair) Mission Statement The mission of the Art Department of the University of Jamestown is to prepare students in visual creativity, interpersonal and group communications proficiency, and to provide for them a learning experience that will help develop their personal growth within the college’s liberal arts curriculum. We seek to expose students to traditional and innovative art cultures, trends, and media. From these studies and experiences, students will achieve academic excellence through a better understanding of the arts, civilization, religion, languages, literature, philosophy, government, and geography. Intended Student Learning Outcomes for the Fine Arts Major with a Concentration in Studio Art

1. Demonstrate the ability to use dry and wet graphic media, 3-D, digital, and innovative media. 2. Demonstrate the ability to render objects from life using graphic, 3-D and innovative media. 3. Demonstrate the ability to work alone and within a team setting. 4. Demonstrate the ability to learn from critiques and edit work accordingly. 5. Demonstrate the ability to think critically to solve problems and make adjustments accordingly. 6. Demonstrate the ability to connect art with historic time-periods and outcomes. 7. Demonstrate the ability to manage deadlines, participate in art shows, and be able to discuss their work in front of audiences. 8. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements of design. 9. All students show their art work during that semester’s All Student Art Exhibit.

A grade of C- or above must be earned in all courses required for a major or minor.

Requirements for the Fine Arts Major with a Concentration In Studio Art Dept. Course No. Course Title Art 111 Drawing I Art 112 Design Art 209 Figure Drawing Art 210 Art History I Art 211 Art History II Art 302 Printmaking Art 309 Painting Art 398 Sculpture or Ceramics Art 399 Directed Studio Experience Art 498 Senior Thesis Exhibition Mus Two approved courses Thea Two approved courses* Total Semester Credits*

Credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 6 42

* Thea 201 and 202 will not fulfill this requirement. Additional studio credits are strongly recommended. Courses in the division of humanities, music appreciation, and/or history of theatre are strongly recommended for all art students. 53

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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)