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Admission, Costs, and Financial Aid Additional Information • A detailed Satisfactory Academic Progress policy is available on the University website or in the Financial Aid Office. • Only official forms will be accepted for appeals. All forms may be found on the University website. Attempted credits include all courses taken for which a student receives a grade or ‘W’. Attempted credits also include those taken during terms in which the student receives no aid as well as repeated courses and credits transferred into the University of Jamestown from other institutions. Repeated courses will be counted only once for the total number of credits completed. However, both sets of credits will be counted toward the 150% Rule. The highest grade will be used to determine GPA. Incompletes must be finished in a timely manner as determined by the Registrar. Action with regard to Satisfactory Academic Progress will be held until the prescribed period has elapsed.


Return of Federal Title IV Aid and Institutional Refund/Repayment Policy

The University of Jamestown has adopted a policy for institutional refund/ repayment that complies with the federal Return of Title IV Funds regulations. A student is considered enrolled for attendance purposes until he/she has officially withdrawn from the University of Jamestown (see Official Withdrawal page 39) or until the end of the semester, whichever is first. The minimum amounts to be returned to Title IV programs are calculated according to federal guidelines. Detailed information is provided to each student every year and is available on request in the Financial Aid Office as well as on the University website.

Consortium Agreement

The United States Department of Education requires that a written consortium agreement exists between two federally eligible institutions whereby a student desires to take courses at the student’s non-degree granting institution. When a consortium agreement is necessary, the financial aid administrators of the two institutions will sign an appropriate agreement. All transcripts for courses taken on a consortium agreement will be transferred to the University of Jamestown at face value.

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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)