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University Personnel Phyllis Heyne-Lindholm (2013) Associate Professor of Physical Therapy DPT, University of North Dakota Brian Hough (2018)* Assistant Professor of Communication Ph.D., Ohio University Wendy Hournbuckle (2006) Assistant Professor of Nursing MSN, Minnesota State University Moorhead Liz Hunt (2014)* Assistant Professor of Character in Leadership and Communication M.A., North Dakota State University Bruce Jensen (1993)* Professor of Biology Ph.D., University of WisconsinMadison Thomas Johnson (2006) Professor of History-Political Science Ph.D., American University Mark Joy (1991) Professor of History-Political Science Ph.D., Kansas State University Brenda Kaspari (2017) Assistant Professor of Leadership Ph.D., University of North Dakota Ben Kirkeby (2008)* Associate Professor of Psychology M.S., North Dakota State University Mona Klose (2003) Assistant Professor of Nursing M.S.N., University of North Dakota Brian Lang (2003) Professor of Religion-Philosophy Ph.D., University of MissouriColumbia Alexandru Lefter (2015) Assistant Professor of Foreign Language M.A., University of Pittsburgh Kathryn Lemm (1998) Associate Professor of Computer Science M.A., Minot State University

Jennifer Lipetzky (2014) Associate Professor of Psychology Ph.D., Capella University Laura Zamzow Lynch (2013) Associate Professor of Music D.A., University of Northern Colorado Jackie Madsen (2015) Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy D.P.T., University of Minnesota Christopher Mahoney (1997)* Assistant Professor of Kinesiology M.Ed., Northern State University Shaolin Mao (2018) Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ph.D., Florida State University J. Aaron McDermid (2006) Assistant Professor of Music D.M.A., University of Arizona Michael McIntyre (1998) Assistant Professor of Theatre M.F.A., Mankato State University Elizabeth Naglak (2017) Assistant Professor of Biology Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences LeAnn Nelson (2014)* Assistant Professor of Education Ed.D, University of North Dakota Paul Olson (2014) Professor of Sociology Ph.D., University of Nebraska Ashish Patel (2000)* Assistant Professor of Mathematics M.S., University of North Dakota Teddi Jo Paulson (2009)* Assistant Professor of Business, Accounting, and Economics M.B.A., University of Mary Lonnie Pederson (2015)* Assistant Professor of Leadership Ed.D., University of St. Thomas


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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)  

Academic catalog 18 19 (web)