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Other Academic Programs and Courses Course Descriptions NOTE: Honors Program students will have priority in registering for Honors Seminars (HNRS 2xx courses), but any remaining seats may be filled by any UJ student who has at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA. HNRS 210-1 Monsters and Mayhem: Exploring the History of Science through Fiction Scientific discoveries can generate public fear of the potential implications for science to be abused or applied with horrific outcomes. The science fiction genre includes novels that explore this public fear, and often feature some combination of science-generated monsters or mayhem. Students will read several works of science fiction, explore the science behind the fiction, and discuss the interplay between the science, literary works, and cultural paradigms. The class format will primarily feature group discussion of assigned reading. HNRS 220-1 Good Vibrations – The Art and Physics of Music Sound is created by vibrations that cause waves, but not all sound waves create music. One way to understand the distinction between sound and music is through physics. This course is intended to provide students with insight into the scientific basis for sound and music and how that in turn influences how we understand music as art. Topics covered in the course will include the basic physics of sound, resonance, scales and tuning, the acoustic properties of instruments, the effect of instrument combinations, the acoustic properties of performing spaces, the effect of music on the auditory system, and the emotional effects of sound. The class format will primarily feature group discussion of assigned reading. The ability to read traditional musical notation is strongly recommended. Students must have completed high school levels of algebra with some familiarity with trigonometry.


HNRS 230-1 Feeding Mars: Understanding the Impact of War on Humanity through Literature and Film War always leaves an indelible mark on those that it touches; the men and women who serve, as well as the civilians, the families, and the children in its path. The experience of war certainly brings death and destruction, but it is those who survive the crucible that must live changed lives. Many suffer post traumatic injury and are unable to embrace anything normal again. In this class, students will consider important works of literature and film that will allow them to gain insight and weigh for themselves the impact of war over the last century. The discussion format of the class will encourage students to probe the meaning of war, and why it has always been part of human culture. HNRS 401-2 Honors Capstone I Students will explore interdisciplinary work, including papers, speeches, academic blogs, TED talks, and other media formats. Drawing upon prior coursework, students will develop a topic of study that incorporates ideas from at least two academic disciplines and plan a project focused on that interdisciplinary topic. Prerequisites: 3 honors seminars and junior or senior standing. 2 credits. Fall HNRS 402-2 Honors Capstone II Students will complete the interdisciplinary project developed during Honors Capstone I. Prerequisites: HNRS 401. 1 credit. Spring

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