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Teacher Education Secondary Education, Music, and Physical Education Professional Component General requirements include

Dept. Course No. Engl 101 Engl 102 Comm 102 or Comm 201 Comm 305 or Soc 320 Pols 104 or Hist 207 or Hist 208 Hist Math 102 or Math 111

Course Title Freshman Composition Freshman Composition/Literature Fundamentals of Public Speaking Oral Interpretation of Literature Cross-Cultural Communication Comparative Cultures American National Government The United States to 1865 The United States Since 1865 Non-Western History Intermediate Algebra College Algebra (or higher)

Credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

All secondary education majors must pursue the Bachelor of Arts general education requirements.


Dept. Course No. Educ 100 Educ 201 Educ 205 Educ 209 Educ 303 Educ 319 Educ 353 Psyc 203


Dept. Course No. Educ 305 Educ 310 Educ 316 Educ 398 Educ 399B or Educ 399C or Educ 399D or Educ 399E

Course Title Praxis Preparation Introduction to Teaching A Study of Native American Cultures Principles/Practices of Teaching in Middle and Secondary Schools (music and PE should refer to their catalog section) Introduction to Teaching Students with Exceptionalities Instructional Media and Technology (music and PE should refer to their catalog section) Applied Cognitive Theories Developmental Psychology

Credits 0 3 2 3

3 3

Course Title Managing and Monitoring the Learning Environment Reading Methods: Middle & Secondary Schools Assessment/Evaluation Junior Seminar Classroom Practicum (Secondary) or Physical Education/Music Practicum (Elementary/Secondary) or Special Needs Practicum

Credits 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 1

3 3


Dept. Course No. Course Title Credits Educ 419 Student Teaching in Elementary and Secondary Schools 16 or (includes seminars) or Educ 420 Student Teaching in the Secondary School (includes seminars) Total Semester Credits 68 plus courses specific to departments. Special Methods Courses and Additional Courses Specific to Departments Special Methods Courses specific to departments are taken during the junior and senior years. Content area requirements can also be found in the department sections of the catalog.


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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)