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Nursing Professor Rittenbach; Assistant Professors Ash (chair), Briese, Fogarty, Gunderson, Hournbuckle, and Klose; Instructor Entzie The four-year baccalaureate nursing program at University of Jamestown maintains approval by the North Dakota Board of Nursing and accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) 655 K Street NW Suite 750 Washington, DC 20001 Phone: 202-887-6791

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Department is to prepare a generalist in nursing who has the foundation to practice as a professional and/or to pursue graduate studies. The department provides a curriculum based on the concepts that promote holistic health for individuals, families, and communities. The department also serves as a resource for campus and community health-related activities. Intended Student Learning Outcomes for the Nursing Major

1. Approach the patient-centered care of the individual as a biopsychosocial-spiritual human being. 2. Synthesize knowledge of individuals, families, and communities into the practice of nursing. 3. Collaborate with health team members to assist individuals/families/communities/world toward optimum wellness as they vacillate on the health continuum. 4. Apply nursing research, evidence-based practice, and knowledge from the liberal arts in refining nursing practice. 5. Utilize critical thinking in the application of the nursing process to provide compassionate care throughout the lifespan and across various healthcare settings. 6. Promote quality health care in a safe environment. 7. Responsibly engage in unselfish service to human kind. 8. Apply technology and information management tools to support safe and effective patient care. Declaration of Major

Students planning to apply to the nursing program are encouraged to declare a nursing major in the freshman year. Declared students receive important communication from the Department of Nursing.


There are two types of admissions into the nursing program. 1. Traditional Admission. Occurs after three semesters of nursing prerequisite and general education courses. A student may be admitted conditionally if all admission criteria are not fully met. 2. Freshman Admission. Some students may be admitted formally into the nursing program as entering freshmen (refer to the University of Jamestown catalog, page 163). 168

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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)