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English & Theatre Arts 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

the evolution of the art form. Recognize significant dramatic literature from the past and present. Comprehend and apply standard methods and processes of the technical, management, box office, and public relations aspects of theatre. Generate and defend astute critical analysis of theatrical performance, design, and literature in writing and in oral expression. Conceive and create original work in the forms of playwriting and technical design. Acquire and refine interpersonal skills necessary for effective theatrical production.

Requirements for the Fine Arts Major with a Concentration in Theatre Thirty-eight semester credits including a minimum of twenty-six credits in theatre and two approved courses in music (six semester credits) and two approved courses in art (six semester credits). Dept. Course No. Art Comm 201 Mus Thea 190 Thea 201/202 Thea 303 Thea Thea

Course Title Two approved courses Oral Interpretation of Literature Two approved courses Introduction to Theatre Drama Performance/Theatre Practice Stagecraft and Lighting Dramatic Literature* Electives Semester Credits

Credits 6 3 6 3 4 4 3 9 38

Students majoring in fine arts are encouraged to work in close cooperation with the three departments to develop their artistic expression through participation in the various public outlets available at the College, such as art shows, theatre productions, and musical ensembles. If further concentration in theatre is required for the fine arts major, students are encouraged to explore the possibility of a concurrent minor in theatre or a double concentration: theatre and music or theatre and art. * Thea 220 - Appreciation of Drama, Thea 318 - Development of American Drama, or Eng 331 Shakespeare fulfill this requirement. Requirements for the Theatre Minor Dept. Course No. Course Title Comm 201 Oral Interpretation of Literature Thea 190 Introduction to Theatre Thea 201/202 Drama Performance/Theatre Practice Thea 303 Stagecraft and Lighting Thea Electives Semester Credits

Credits 3 3 4 4 6 20

Requirements for a Theatre Minor for Students Majoring in Fine Arts The student must have twenty semester credits from within the theatre offerings in addition to the two theatre courses taken to satisfy the requirements for a fine arts major. The Theatre Department chair may recommend as electives additional courses from among the department’s offerings or in supporting fields as indicated by the student’s educational and career objectives.


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