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Criminal Justice & Sociology Sophomore Year

Dept. Course No. Course Title CJ 202 Writing and Information Literacy CJ 311 Corrections CJ 313 Community Policing and Problem Solving Themed Elective

Credits 3 3 3 3

Junior Year

Dept. Course No. Course Title Credits CJ 312 Police Science 3 CJ 330 Criminal Law and Procedure 3 Themed Elective 3

Senior Year

Dept. Course No. CJ 320 CJ 420 CJ 450 or CJ 497

Course Title Credits Crime and Delinquency 3 Criminal Justice Capstone 3 Criminal Justice Internship 3 Criminal Justice Thesis Themed Elective 3

Course Descriptions (CJ)

101-3 Introduction to Criminal Justice This course examines the entire range of criminal justice issues including legislation, enforcement, prosecution, the courts, and corrections. Theory, practice, and an analysis of historical and contemporary controversies constitute the substance of the course. This course is a prerequisite for all other CJ courses. Fall 102-3 Deviance and Social Control This course examines the creation and stigmatization of deviant categories, theories and perspectives for understanding deviance, indepth analysis of various forms of deviance (e.g., criminal, sexual, political, mental, physical, and institutional), and societal responses aimed at control or change. Same as Soc102. Spring 202-3 Writing in Criminal Justice Using materials gathered and annotated in CJ 201, the course will focus on writing essays, reports, and literature reviews as well as thesis development, organization, logic, proofreading, and feedback. Prerequisites: Engl 102. Spring

311-3 Corrections This course provides a broad overview of topics and issues in the field of corrections including the evaluation of treatment, personnel, classification, counseling and crisis intervention, and special areas of correctional treatment. It also explores the areas of probation, parole, and community corrections. This course will prepare the student (and is a prerequisite) for certain internships with local criminal justice agencies. Prerequisite: CJ 101. Fall, even years 312-3 Police Science This course includes familiarization with the history and practice of policing; administrative, organizational, evaluative, investigative, and evidentiary issues; and court, prosecutor, and community relations. This course will prepare the student for certain internships with local criminal justice agencies. Prerequisite: CJ 101. Spring, even years 313-3 Community Policing and Problem Solving This course is intended to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the role of community policing in modern law enforcement. The course will also present students with the basic core values that are vital to the success of a highly effective police officer and the community that they serve. Prerequisite: CJ 101. Spring, odd years 105

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