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Criminal Justice and Sociology Associate Professor Froelich (Chair); Lecturers Fremgen, Kaiser, Pringle, and Rummel Mission Statement The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at University of Jamestown is two-fold. Sociology courses support the curricula in general education, teacher education, and nursing. Their aim is to sensitize the student to the role of social forces (e.g. homogeneity, stratification, urbanization) and social institutions (e.g. the family, education, religion, politics, and the economy) as they impact our individual and collective lives. In criminal justice, students are prepared to pursue one of three distinct, though not necessarily mutually exclusive, options. The focus of the major is a solid preparation for entry-level careers in law enforcement, corrections, or adult or juvenile probation and parole. In addition, discipline-specific writing is an explicit student outcome goal to which the department is committed.

A grade of C- or above must be earned in all courses that are required in a major or a minor.

Intended Student Learning Outcomes for the Criminal Justice Major

Students in the Criminal Justice Major will be able to: 1) Demonstrate that they have knowledge of the dominant theories and approaches for understanding deviant and criminal behavior. 2) Demonstrate that they understand the basic structure of the American criminal justice system, which includes policing, courts, and corrections. 3) Demonstrate that they have the writing skills and knowledge of the basic reporting requirements needed to be successful as criminal justice practitioners. 4) Demonstrate basic knowledge of the criminal law and legal procedures sufficient to prepare them for an entry level police position. 5) Demonstrate knowledge of institutional and community corrections sufficient for an entry level position in corrections, probation, or parole. Requirements for the Criminal Justice Major Dept. CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ

Course No. 101 102 202 311 312 330 420 450 or 497

Course Title Credits Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 Deviance and Social Control 3 Writing in Criminal Justice 3 Corrections 3 Police Science 3 Criminal Law and Procedure 3 Criminal Justice Capstone 3 Criminal Justice Internship 3 Criminal Justice Thesis

Semester Credits Plus one of the following courses: Dept. Course No. CJ 313 or CJ 320

Course Title Community Policing and Problem Solving Crime and Delinquency

Semester Credits


Credits 3 27


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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)