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Life Quotes - On-Line Wisdom “In the beginning there was the Word” - this is just what the Holy bible tells us and, really, this is the simple truth we witness everyday. Truly, the power of the word is huge, for this reason things we tell have got a strong impact on our lifestyle. The things we are saying may make us more content and can make us yowl - this is how words can manipulate human thoughts. Words can't be taken back, hence by the second they get out your mouth, these are already a material mean. When 2 lovers discuss, their dialogue is something wonderful - they only use caressing words and phrases, the most amazing words, which can fill the soul with various colors. When 2 people have a fight, they are able to destroy each other with disrespect and curses. So, anytime you want to say some thing - think hard before you decide to break someone’s heart. When you really need a sensible advice, quotes on life are the best source - these words determined by life experiences can really help you whenever you look for help. Quotes about life tell us about all things in a particular way - you no longer need to learn through dull articles, published by untalented psychologists. The wisdom of the universe lies in simple and short words, talking about the problem and the way out. So why life quotes are really good? Because they give us the solutions on different questions regarding relationships with parents, lovers, friends. These can train us how to live and get rid of poor feelings. The folk wisdom is much more than the education one gets at the Faculty of Psychology! This is the real heritage that is based on tears, personal failures and comprehensions, therefore the quotes were tested a million times, showing their rightness and inviolability. When we live on the planet Earth and we have got a soul, which can sense discomfort and joy, we are alive. When we value the knowledge, left by previous generations, we can be sure our life's away from danger. Life quotes are teaching us to live in harmony with other people; they are teaching us maturity and patience, which are so important in our difficult times. So, when you really need an advice, do not call your friend to ask what's the way out, better look for the reply among the many of quotes about life, presented on our web-page. Learn what is knowledge based on the actual experience. For more information about quotes on life see this net page: look at here now

Life quotes on line wisdom  
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