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Welcome If you are reading this guide then you are interested in learning how to avoid a dating disaster. There are many types of dates, ranging from traditional to the infamous blind date. What all dates have in common is the potential for disaster. Fortunately, with a few key steps and some valuable information, you can prevent most dating disasters. Because blind dates are even more nerve wracking and unpredictable than traditional dates, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about blind dating. By doing so you will optimize your odds of having a successful date. Which brings us to the point of this short but special report. This special report will uncover the top 10 dating disasters so you can avoid them… and make the most of your dating experience. How do you do that? Sit back and get ready to enjoy the journey of a lifetime. The information presented in this guide will provide you with life-changing information about the world of dating. You won’t have to ever worry again about an embarrassing date. And, even if things don’t go as planned, you’ll learn how to enjoy your date, whether the first, second or third time around. Ready? Good. Let’s begin by talking about the top 10 dating disasters (and how you can avoid them). We recommend you to join following sites : Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch

Top 10 Dating Disasters Some mistakes are so common almost anyone will make them when on a first date, a blind date or any other date. If you can avoid these common blunders however, you are more likely to enjoy your date and even improve the odds you will enjoy a second or third date with your companion. Let’s dive right in and uncover the top 10 mistakes people make when on a blind date or any first date, so you can avoid them. 1. Faux Pas #1 – Having too many expectations. We all have expectations of our first date. We may hope for the best (or expect the worst). It is important you withhold your expectations however. If you place your expectations too high, you are destined to feel disappointed. At the same time, if you go into a date with a negative frame of mind, you are likely to unconsciously sabotage your date. So think positive. 2. Faux Pas #2 – Failure to prepare for a date mentally. Most people often prepare for a date physically, by exercising or taking time to primp. Most people however, fail to prepare for their date on a mental or spiritual level. While this may sound unusual, it is actually essential to ensuring a good dating experience. Dating is difficult. You should plan to spend some time before your date thinking about your date and visualizing a successful date. Imagine the worst case scenario, then see yourself overcoming the situation gracefully. This will improve your odds of a good date.

3. Faux pas #3 – Constantly calling a date in the days leading up to your blind date. You want to leave a little room for mystery and intrigue when blind dating. If you call frequently you may ruin your chances by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Call your date to introduce yourself once, set up plans and perhaps one other time to confirm your date, but that’s it. You don’t after all, want to appear desperate. 4. Faux Pas #4 – Planning a formal first date. While you can do this, the chances of you having a good date are much higher when you keep the first date simple and easy. Whether you are going on a blind date or a traditional date, it helps to keep things lighthearted. You want to go somewhere where the two of you can hang out for a couple of hours and test the waters. Maybe to a pub or for a cup of coffee. Avoid extravagant events where you will end up paying a lot of money for a date that may or may not work out. 5. Faux Pas #5 – Over or under dressing. Decide ahead of time where you plan to meet. If you plan on inline skating for your first date, make sure you dress appropriately. Heels are not a very good option for an adventurous date. Remember not to go too casual however, or you may turn off your date. At the same time, it’s ok to dress up a bit if you plan to meet over lunch or coffee. Just avoid the full on suit and tie or you may scare your date of. 6. Faux Pas #6 – Talking about your future together. On a first date, you don’t really have any future together. Remember to keep conversation light and lighthearted. Don’t focus on tough subjects like marriage or kids. This is a no brainer for any first date. Instead talk about your hobbies and interests. 7. Faux Pas #7 – Talking about your ex. Avoid talking about all your bad past dating experiences on a blind date or any date. You’ll only spread a sense of negativity in the air. Your partner will also question whether you really got over your last date. No one wants to be the rebound person.

8. Faux Pas #8 – Going into a date with a negative mind frame. What we think subconsciously always comes out on the outside. So, if you have a negative impression of blind dating, your partner may pick up on subtle cues and feel you are negative in general. Instead, go into a date smiling and easy going. Expect the best and you may be surprised at the results. 9. Faux Pas #9 – Bringing a full bouquet of flowers. This is a mistake many men make. It is fine to bring a flower or two as a sign of friendship or as a nice gesture to start a date off right. But a bouquet of roses or other extraordinary flowers is best reserved for other dates, after you figure out how much you like a person and want to spend more time with them. 10. Faux Pas #10 – Not talking enough, or talking too much. The whole point of a blind date is to get to know someone. So make sure you make an effort to ask questions about your date to get to know them. Offer some interesting insights about your own life as well, but don’t go on a long monologue and forget you have a partner sitting across the table from you. Make sure your conversations are balanced and you are much more likely to enjoy your date from start to finish. There you have it. Engage in any of the above faux pas and you are on the road to a dating disaster. Fortunately, you can save yourself a lot of agony by avoiding the top dating faux pas. Instead of disaster, you may find you come to enjoy blind dates as much as you would a traditional date with a good friend or associate. More Tips For Ensuring A Fun Date It’s important you realize everyone is nervous or has the jitters before a first date. This is true whether you plan to go on a first date with someone you know, or whether you plan to enjoy a blind date. There is such a stigma associated with blind dating. Truthfully speaking, in today’s busy society more people than ever are enjoying blind dates for their convenience and comfort.

Setting up a blind date is often a lot less hassle than going through the steps associated with traditional dating. In fact, most times you don’t have to do any work because a friend or family member is setting you up on a date. Just make sure when planning your date you keep in mind the common dating mistakes people make. You can avoid these mistakes easily by paying attention to the information presented in this guide. Make sure you avoid these common blunders, and you are bound to have a great time on your first date. You may even find you book a few second and third dates! The most important tip you can follow to ensure dating success is this: Keep an open mind and have fun. Even if at first glance you are convinced your blind date is just “not your type” give it a chance. The worst case scenario? You may come out of your date with a good friend. At the very least you should have a good time. It is very common for people to go on blind dates and turn into good friends with their date. While love doesn’t always blossom at first site, it does sometimes appear or bloom later in relationships. Don’t blow someone off just because you don’t feel instant zip. Remember to keep an open mind, and you are more likely to find your date’s good qualities then focus on their bad ones. Of course, if you are on a date that turns out to be a disaster, don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone is subject to a bad date or two during their life. Just laugh it off, and prepare your next date to be even better than your first. Don’t let one bad date spoil your chance for having a dozen good blind dates in the future. Elena’s tips about Online Dating Rules Most people have dabbled in online dating, whether to look for love or just to quench curiosity. Most have come across a few issues, and within this article we will be looking at online dating rules and tips set out by Elena’s Models. Elena’s Models is a professional dating agency that has been helping people find love for years. The secret behind Elena’s Models success is Elena herself.

She has first hand experience of online dating as she found her husband through the wonder of the World Wide Web and has dedicated her life in helping people their life partner. Through both running and experiencing online dating herself, she has learnt a few rules of online dating that if followed, will eventually lead to you finding your dream person. Be truthful. It may seem like an obvious one, but if you are claiming to be something that you are not, you will become unstuck. Clearly if you are reading someone’s profile and talking with them via the internet, you want them to be being truthful with you and so repay the favour. You cannot build anything with meaning based on lies. Have a clear idea in your head. If you are wishing to meet someone you want to settle down with and marry – search only for those with a similar profile. If, on the other hand you are searching for someone to just have a friendship with or a bit of fun, only search for these profiles. If you cross the two over, even though you may not be intending to hurt anyone that will be the only outcome. Be careful! If you are chatting with someone who seems too good to be true, then they may well be so. Unfortunately, there are some scam artist who uses the internet and online dating as a way to earn a living. Keeping your very personal details just that should prevent this. Also check out the profile carefully – ensure that it is the same person in each photo posted and that no one else has left any negative feedback about them.

Online dating opens up the whole world to you – literally. If you are chatting with someone from another country or a different background to yourself, take the time to do your research. Nothing would be worse than you losing a friend or the possible love of your life through mere ignorance alone. Some online dating sites cater for a certain market and if they specialize in people from a different country, they will at times offer information and simple does and don’ts. Elena’s Models is one such company. Elena, originating from Russia herself, has set up a site dedicated to Eastern European women and has helpful hints to those using the sites. But your research should not stop there. If you are truly interested in a person you should take the time to learn their culture and traditions as they would learn yours. It is a learning curve – but it is more than beneficial if the outcome is love. Now that you know everything there is to know about blind dates, it’s time to start your own dating journey. We recommend you to join following sites : Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch

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Brought to you by: Elena Petrova Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch We recommend you to join following sites : Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder...

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