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Experts Guide to One Night Stands

We recommend you to join following sites : Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch

Hey guys, let’s cut the crap! Let’s get started! How to get one night stand per week? EASY! Online dating is the answer! WHY? “Do you know why women signed up online dating services?” Hmmm I heard ”They are looking for a nice guy” No!! You are wrong!! Then I heard again “They are looking for sex” Yes!! You are right my friend! Most of them are looking for sex! Unfortunately most of them hiding it so well! So, you want to get a date online? Well this is the best guide ever sold online and I will tell you exactly what you need to do. Step-by-step! Anyway, we are going to use some of the most famous online dating services Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch.

Just go sign up there and create a profile on these sites! Here’s the way I'd do it: 1. Introduction You want to make her seem like she might not be 'average' I mean lets face it, what girl wants to be AVERAGE? Hey, my name is ____ I read your profile, thought you seemed kind of interesting, but I'm not too sure about you yet. 2. Mention something funny about all the emails she's getting (if you set up the fake profile, use the emails as the jokes.) This is why I wanted you to set up the fake profile as well. See there IS a method to the madness! 3. Mention something about her profile that you found interesting This is where you're going to customize the template each time for each girl... this way she assumes its an email just for her. 4. Ask her a question about something. she'll respond essentially qualifying herself to you. Like: favorite type of food, favorite outdoor activity, favorite music.... anything to get her involved and to answer. 5. Tell her something like:

She seems cool and interesting and you'd like to get together for a drink sometime. 6. Talk sexy and dirty: Example: I think you are sexy with your white mini-skirt_(after see her picture online) or I can feel your hair in my face..hmm…it smells good and I want to smell your neck as well! Yup that’s right! Don’t be afraid to say those words! Make them turn on and they will get imagination arousal! I wrote those lines thousand times and getting a real good response! Even sometimes they offered me to phone sex! Thats it. Thats a simple 6 step process you can use right now, to get more responses than ever. Again, you're going to want to phrase this the way you speak because if not there's a 'disconnection' from the emails to the person and when she finally meets you, she's expecting someone else. THAT is the reason why me giving you something specific won't work. TRUST me, when I met these girls they were expecting someone else NOT me! I used to hear the girls say: 'I was expecting you to be different...' Yeah thats what you want to hear when you meet someone you may be interested in. NOT! Guess what? I blew it with each and every one of them, until I realized that I had to take the material and make it my own. Thats what I want you to do, take what I teach you and make it your own. Turn it into your own personality, add your own words and add your own flair to it. THEN you will enjoy a massive amount of success. Getting success with this part of your life doesn't just "Happen". Sure you might have some good experiences here and there because you were either speaking to the right girl at the right time or got a girl that was more needy than you were... But consistent success with meeting women online is the result of knowing EXACTLY what to do each step of the way and then being able to do it. Sounds too easy to believe?

You have to take action to believe!! Sometimes if thing goes well, I’d get one night stand just the first date we are met. Still doubting? Just try the method now and see it for yourself I am guaranteeing you, you will be AMAZED!! We recommend you to join following sites : Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch

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Experts Guide to One Night Stands(Online Dating)