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Where to Look Meeting girls may not sound like rocket science to some men but for many it is the hardest thing that they have ever had to do. These men do not know where to look for the girls, which is why it turns out to be such an ordeal for them. Although you can meet girls anywhere and everywhere nowadays, there are a few key places where you are sure to meet your dream girl. Now the most common place to meet girls would have to be at parties. You can go to these parties with friends or even family! But you are sure to meet a few interesting women out there. This has to be the simplest way to meet new people because you have your friends or family present with you cheering you on. Meeting girls at coffee shops is also very effective. Girls tend to be very relaxed and they usually let their guard down. So it becomes easier for a guy to go up, ask if he can join her and then talk to her. Now the third place would have to be a mall or a grocery shop. You can comment on something she is buying or offer to carry her bags. Malls are a perfect place to meet girls of all ages. Now if you belong to a younger crowd, your school or college is another place where you can interact with girls. If you are a little older then your work place is a good place to start. It is very easy to start a conversation with these girls as you already have something in common which you can talk about. Another place which is very common these days has to be chat rooms or social networks but we'll get into that shortly:)

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Dating Conversation Starter & Topics Break the ice with dating conversation starters that are appropriate and timely. Whether you're on your first date with someone or on your 100th date, dating conversation starters may be hard to come by sometimes. Running out of something to say to your date is not only an awkward situation to be in, but may signal lack of interest by one of you, or both. There can be a lull in the conversation on a first date. So if you want to make sure that things don't get awkward while you're out with someone you care about, it's good to have a few dating conversation topics in mind before you go out. One thing to keep in mind when asking questions is to make sure they can't be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." If you are trying to facilitate a conversation, you'll need to ask questions that require in depth answers. For example, asking "Do you like your job?" will get you either a "yes" or "no." But, asking, "What do you like best about your job?" will get an answer that can start a conversation flowing. Here are dating conversation starters topics that will skip the simple "yes" or "no" answers and get the talk going. • Tell me about your favorite family vacation when you were a kid. • If you were given five million dollars, what would you do with all the money? • Tell me about the best concert you've ever been to. • What does your name mean and why did your parents give you that name? • If you could have any other job except the one that you already have, what would it be? • What was the worst job you've ever had? • If you could be a member of any television family, what family would it be? • If you were to choose year round perfect weather what

would the temperature be? • Who is your favorite movie star, and what movies of his/hers do you like the most? These are just few ideas to get you started, and once the ice is broken the conversation will ultimately get easier. One of the most important things to remember is to avoid running out of things to say.

4 Indicators That She's Interested In You When you are attending a party intended for singles, it's essential that you know of the hidden meanings behind certain gestures. Non-verbal communication plays an important role to how men and women convey their messages to each other. A major part of the messages they want to convey are done through subtle cues and body language. Women usually don't put into words the things they want to say to guys during singles events. Moreover, verbal cues are ambiguous and, thus, are not credible basis for your assumptions. On the other hand, body language is tactless and continuous, and most often does not correspond to the truth. You can probably tell if a girl is interested in you solely by seriously considering her non-verbal cues. You will certainly have an edge over the guys who are also present at the singles events if you learn how to read her signals and non-verbal cues accurately. Here are the four signs that you should always take note of when you are on a date: 1.) Eye contact - If she does not maintain eye contact or if she keeps looking everywhere at the venue of the singles events but never at you, then it is definitely not an encouraging sign. It may mean her disinterest either on you or on the topic being discussed. However, if she puts her gaze down every time you look at her and smiles, then it is a good sign. Her actions mean that she is shy but nevertheless welcomes you as her date. Moreover, if she

frequently glances to the sides then you can already give yourself two thumbs up. This is a good sign as this gesture is said to be a seductive signal by women in showing interest to a particular object of desire. 2.) Crossed or opened legs - Crossed legs are always not a good sign. This gesture could mean that she is fickle-minded and does not welcome opposing opinions. This also means that she is off-limits for you. On the other hand, if her legs are open or relaxed, then it means that she is open-minded. She welcomes new ideas and sees it as an opportunity to put up an intellectual argument. 3.) Leans backward or forward - Notice the position of her upper body. If she is constantly leaning towards you, then it means that she is interested. But if she is leaning backward and maintains her distance then it may mean that you are unnecessarily too close for comfort and, at the moment, she is not into you. 4.) Subtle gestures - If you noticed her arms crossed all throughout the singles event, then you should understand than she is already annoyed. On the other hand, if she frequently tosses her hair to the side, then it means that she is ready to flirt with you. Further, if her hands, feet or shoulders are pointed towards your direction then it is definitely a positive gesture. These subtle cues signal interest in you and your current conversation. Always keep in mind that the body does not know how to lie. Every action, from small to overt gestures that women display at singles events, carries hidden meanings. Be attentive to your date's body language to end up making the best out of your every date.

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How To Keep A Woman Happy Here are just a few relationship tips for men about how to keep a woman happy. If you think you already know what makes a woman happy, some of these relationship tips may still prove to be useful to you. One of the first things you need to be aware of is that you should always be yourself. Woman are much more attracted to men who display a lot of self confidence because men who believe in themselves are oh so very sexy. I am sure you have seen guys that are none too attractive with a beautiful woman and this is because she is attracted to his self esteem and personality, which actually make an ugly guy look attractive to some women. Remember, it's the little things that really count. If you know she needs help with something, just do it without asking because she will feel like you really do notice what is going on and she will love you for it. Buy a bag of her favorite candy. Just give her a single flower. Women do notice and appreciate these things. Don't ever take a woman for granted but rather let her know everyday, or at least whenever you are with her, that she is special to you and you want to be with her and no one else. It really is okay to look but don't make a big deal out of how stunning the woman at the next table is, etc. A woman wants to feel like she is the most beautiful in the room in your eyes so if you want to keep your woman happy, make sure she feels that way. Make her laugh. Women love a man with a good sense of humor even though a lot of men seem to think that it is good looks that attract a woman. If you can make a woman laugh, she will be much more likely to feel connected to you and want to stick around. Does she have an interest in something you don't really care too much for? Offer to spend some time with her doing what ever she really enjoys because she'll think you are one of a

kind if you take an interest in things that she really likes. Don't start getting lazy about how you do look just because you think she's yours. A woman still likes to be with a man who smells and looks good so shower, shave and put on her favorite after shave or cologne and your chances of having her all over you are greatly increased. Trust me, a woman can't resist a man that smells really good. When she invites you to meet her family and friends make sure you at least try to make a good impression. You don't need to hang all over her but make sure they know you really are into her, while at the same time being yourself and getting to know everyone. Hang out with the guys for a while because a woman likes to see the man she is into getting to know her male friends and family. You know the guy bonding thing. It lets her know that you really do plan on hanging around for a while, if not longer. Try to be aware of how she is feeling because unfortunately women sometimes go through some emotional days. If you are sensitive to whatever she may be going through, she will be aware of it and will definitely appreciate that you care enough to pay attention. Once you have been dating a while and you feel like you have fallen into a routine you might want to liven things up by trying something new. Surprise her with a new adventure that just the two of you will share or if it's something you can include your friends with all the better. Just try new things every once in a while to keep your relationship from getting boring for either one of you. New adventures are also just another way of bonding and making lasting memories together. Some of these relationship tips for men may seem obvious but it really is easy to start to take a woman for granted and let your relationship become stale so keep some of these things in mind and it could make a big difference in your love life. Wake up with a smile everyday and you are sure to attract more of the things (including the woman) that you want in life.

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Online Dating Success in Three Easy Steps Online dating has become a fad in today's times and it is a great way to meet friends, date people and to find a partner who is perfect for you. But in order to succeed at online dating you need to do the right things at the right time. So if you are thinking of signing up on an online dating site in order to find a partner for yourself, or have tried dating on websites but have failed, then these tips can take you nearer to success. 1. Personal Profile - Getting it Right Right at the beginning, i.e. when you actually join an online dating site you are required to fill out your complete profile. But while filling out your details, give this a thought: What is there in my profile that will make it stand out among the several thousands or even more profiles on the online dating website? Your website should have something that makes it stand out. The length of profile allowed for a member differs from website to website. But in general, all the websites ask you to give a description of your physical appearance like your skin color, color of eyes, height, and sometimes even weight. These are important because the initial reason to be attracted to anybody is usually the physical appearance of that person, and online dating is no exception. How a person looks or sounds can often be a deciding factor for many people while looking for their partner. Here is the place where you pitch yourself, so brief introductions like: "I'm a single 32 year old woman. I am looking for friends", honestly speaking, would not inspire many people to be friends with you. Expand upon your

details, both physical and personal. Tell about yourself, your hobbies, likes, dislikes, passions and aspirations. Name the movies or the music that you like. If you are unsure about how to go about it, then search for any other person's profile that you like on the online dating site and follow the lead. 2. Add your photographs Profiles that do not have photographs in them usually generate much less interest as compared to those that have a picture of the profile owner. There is nothing in it to feel shy about. A face that smiles down from the screen of the computer system is far more compelling than the default images that most sites display in case of non availability of photographs. 3. Make the First Move Most people who have their profiles on the online dating websites just sit back and wait for offers once they have filled the profile. If you behave in this fashion then it is most likely that you would be left out and not many people would be willing to take any interest in you. Make your first move after searching for prospective partners/dates and finding a suitable one. Go out there to the site's chat rooms etc. and let your presence be felt in some way. Start by sending a "Hi" to others and start sending emails to people you want to befriend. If you are still wondering how you can contact or get friendly with the members of the site, then a good idea would be to send them kisses (virtual of course). Such gifts/gestures can be a great way to let somebody know you're interested in them. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for a good online dating site and follow the steps mentioned above. I'd recommend Iwantu , Adultfriendfinder , Friendfinder , Fling and AmateurMatch seeing that they're the premiere dating sites on the internet. Registration is free too and the database is humongous and growing daily. Good Luck:)

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