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Outdoor F/R Curtains

The Noble Difference Our ceaseless commitment to engineer better outdoor fabrics has led us to both new and better materials for construction, and advanced methods of manufacture. Our goal is to offer the highest quality in every facet of our design and construction, to always better ourselves and our products. This perpetual pursuit has led us to a truly uncommon approach to blending, handcrafting and hand-weaving with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that allow us to bring advanced durability and streamlined beauty to your outdoors across all of our products! Custom Approach Uniqueness and customization are at the forefront of our minds - the ability to make small lots with economical feasibility. From custom color, custom design, custom size and custom style, The Noble Collection enables those capabilities in our Flame Resistant Curtains as well as all of our outdoor products including the Noble Collection of Fabrics. If your project desires one or a combination of our custom capabilities, leverage our 36 years of manufacturing and fabricating as we will be delighted to partner with you through that process.


F/R Outdoor Curtains An inspired synthetic blend, NOBLE COLLECTION fabrics deliver weatherability, overall durability, colorfastness, softness and stain-resistance on par with, or surpassing, that of any other outdoor-curtain material available today. And it’s inherently flame resistant!

Nickle plated grommets

Item Specifications

Easy to use, grommeted curtains are among the most efficient and popular drapery types for outdoor settings. With stylish all-weather nickel-plated grommets fitted at the curtain-top to slip over a stationary hanging rod, these unpleated curtains are a cinch to put up and take down. Grommets also add a terrific design element; the perfectly round holes smartly contrast with the natural linearity of the curtains themselves.

All curtains include tie-backs Shipping Time: Shipping time varies on quanitity ordered. Will ship in 1-2 weeks. Please call for details. Sizes: 54” x 84”; 54” x 96”; 54” x 120”; inquire for custom sizing Material: Noble Collection F/R or Noble Collection Standard Hang: Tab-top curtains or all-weather nickle-plated grommets Flame Resistance: Meets NFPA 260, NFPA 701-1, NFPA 701-2, CSFM Expected Life of > 3 years UV > 1000 Hours

Stand-Out Features: - Inherently flame resistant - All-weather synthetic Noble Collection fabric designed for heavy outdoor use. - Exceptionally stain-resistant - Unmatched colorfastness - Resistant to rotting, mold and mildew - Quick drying - Softness to rival cotton - Fourteen (14) Standard Colors to choose from - Two (2) fabric weights to choice - Unlimited design potential

Tab Top Hangers

Fabric: The NOBLE COLLECTION fabric in our Outdoor Curtains is a unique solution-dyed synthetic blend designed exclusively for heavy-duty outdoor use. With solution-dyeing, the color is added while the thread fiber is still in its liquid state, so it's sealed inside the finished fiber, unable to fade in the F/R Outdoor Curtains advanced manner of traditional wash-dyed or dip-dyed materials. These curtains are a higher quality than our polyester or acrylic curtains. They are durable, fade-resistant and offer UV protection. This means our Noble Colelection curtain panels will retain their vibrant hues for many seasons of outdoor use! We offer 14 vibrant colors in either tab-top style or grommets which will allow you to easily coordinate your items for your new outdoor space. Also you choose from our heavy material or medium weight fabric. Noble Collection of Outdoor Curtains integrate effortlessly into existing outdoor-rooms or backyard motifs, or provide an outstanding starting point for framing a new relaxation-space design altogether. The curtains also feature same-color Noble Collection tiebacks for additional ease-of-use. These curtains are resistant to rot, mold, mildew and staining and clean easily with just soap and water. All of our Noble Collection Outdoor Curtains maintain an expected life of 3 years or more. General care and cleaning: For best results, periodically brush off loose dirt and debris and hose off fabrics. For thorough cleanings, use a mild soap (Ivory, Dreft) and a cool to lukewarm water mixture. Clean with a soft bristle brush, rinse thoroughly and air dry. Heavy cleaning: To remove stubborn stains, a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture can be used for spot cleaning. Clean with a soft bristle brush, rinse thoroughly and air dry. Note: Take care when cleaning with bleach as other fabrics may discolor. The Noble Collection is safely cleaned with bleach. Recyclable: 100% recyclable. If returned at the end of their useful life, we will recycle the fabric into a new generation of products. Made in the U.S.A.: With pride, we manufacture and fabricate the Noble F/R Outdoor Curtains in the U.S.A at one of three locations - Greenville, North Carolina, West Palm Beach, Florida; and Los Angeles, California.

Technical Information UPF 50+ 99% UV Blocked Mold & Mildew Resistant - AATCC 147 Double Rubs: 35,000 for Heavy Weight 15,000 for Medium Weight 0.001% Water Absorption - ASTM D570 Class 5 Colorfastness to Water - ASTM 107 Class 5 Colorfastness to Rubbing - AATCC 8 0.02% Dimensional Change - ASTM D3597 Flame Resistance NFPA 701-2010 Test 1 & 2 NFPA 260 National Fire Protection Agency

CSFM 117

California State Fire Marshal

CSFM Title 19

ASTM International

California State Fire Marshal (available only in heavy weight)

E-84 Surface Burning Class 1 BS 5852-2006 British Standards

I.M.O. Resolution A 652 A 471 A 563

International Marine Organization

All physical properties have been independently test lab tested for compliance

Rojo 8103


Inquire for custom colors

Verde 8116

Blue lapis 8115

Brickstone 8107

Burlap 8113

Capri 8105

Carrot 8101

Espresso 8112

Limon 8102

Macadamia 8104

Merlot 8114

Obsidian 8106

Pewter 8110

Pure White 8108

Let us make your job and your life easier. Let us design for you. Our trendy, cutting edge designers enable you to focus on getting your project done by offering downloadable files that you can use as is or customize for your specific project. Check back often, new designs are frequent, or contact us if you have a concept but need it created.


FOB: Greenville, North Carolina West Palm Beach, Florida Los Angeles, California Tel 914.979.1365 Web Email

Customers now have the ability to purchase our outdoor, flame resistant curtains as well as other products in the Noble Collection Family on our website. Interested distribution partners should submit a qualified inquiry to

Cut and Sew Operation: We have over 150 years of accumulated experience as a custom sew and fabrication facility. Fully insured as a licensed contractor and offering a professional staff of designers and engineers, we guarantee all of our work with a two-year worksmanship warranty. Custom is what we do well - just ask and we can probably accommadate your request; often for a very nominal charge. Suggested Retail Price: - Flame Resistant Curtain with grommet or tab top 54” x 84” - $249 per curtain 54” x 96” - $259 per curtain 54” x 108” - $269 per curtain 54” x 120” - $279 per curtain - Standard Outdoor Curtain with grommet or tab top 54” x 84” - $179 per curtain 54” x 96” - $189 per curtain 54” x 108” - $199 per curtain 54” x 120” - $209 per curtain If requesting in-hem chain, please add $19.50 per foot additional.

Š 2014 Hospitality Outdoor Fabrics

Noble Collection Curtains  

From the Noble Collection, this is the Spring 2014 offering of inherently flame resistant, outdoor curtains with design.