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Fitting Quality Assurance In DevOps We are comfortable with the fact that QA testers and Development groups are working separately. They have their own roles, responsibilities and management. However, we are now in the DevOps Era and the people in the engineering fields, let‟s say in the Operations, they combine the work of developers and QA. This team is trying to make the work as a single job and single responsibility with one goal; to produce a working. So what will be the role of the QA in DevOps now? Where can we categorize QA in the software production process when development and operations merge together? DevOps Growth As the demand of the market and customers‟ needs change, application software must follow the trend. Many companies are now adopting DevOps to practice automated software deployment. DevOps enables the possibility to deliver products faster and automatically. But DevOps must ensure the “quality” of the product. If they failed to do so, DevOps is a failure. Though, DevOps are taking full control of the product software, QA has still a space in the team. So how is this possible? Quality Assurance We all know the meaning of Quality Assurance. Clearly, QA has a critical role of detecting the errors and fixing them before the release of the product to the market. As much as possible, QA must prevent the defects, not finding them. These are the several keys of the responsibilities of the QA in DevOps    

QA is responsible for the continuous improvement of the product across the whole process of the development cycle. QA determines the problems in the product as well as in the process. In cases that there is, QA must notify the DevOps. QA develop automation systems for all occasions. QA must prepare for the future. They have to be prepared when the products demands for a daily release or even hourly. QA improves the repeated and predictable functionality. Looking for bugs are the number task for QAs but they must also be open to opportunities and improvements. QA must apply automation all time! Automate, automate, automate!

DevOps According to Carl Schmdt, “we dislike using that term in favour of saying that we have a DevOps „culture.” It is actually about the whole process built by teamwork. It is not solely about the process. DevOps aim to create a long-term top quality service and not just and product to release. Although, Quality Assurance is not in the name (DevOps), we already know that it is because the quality is within the whole process itself. Without the QA, consistency won‟t be possible, without the Developer or the operations people, the product or service won‟t be as effective as it should be. In the complicated world of information technology and the fast-phase tech era, we cannot rely on just one team. Indeed, we have proven that no man is an island so is the development team.

Fitting quality assurance in devops  

Though QA and DevOps have their own duties, they can still work as a team. How is this possible? Find out here

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