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Couples Counselling - Is it For You? Commonly referred to as relationship counselling, couples counselling is an aspect that originated from Germany in the 1920s. Over the years, it has grown in relevance and today, it is a very common type of therapy in many countries across the world. Due to this, the ever common stigma that was usually associated with relationships has been gradually disappearing from the scenes. Perhaps this is because many people in relationships have been able to realize and appreciate how complex it can actually be to share a relationship with the other party. The main role or purpose of couples counselling is to improve communication between the partners in a relationship, resolve emerging conflicts, and also strengthen the bond between partners. Is This Form Of Counselling Really For You Or Your Partner? Before seeking relationship counselling services, it is important to understand whether these services are really necessary or not. Couples seek counselling for a myriad of reasons and these include: Poor communication • Trauma • Infidelity • Substance abuse • Violent or emotional abuse • Trust issues • Anger and resentment towards the other party • Inability to overcome past issues • Cultural disagreements • Parenting problems • Divorce and separation • Chronic illnesses During the couples counselling session, both of the partners are given a chance to air their views and opinions. They can also ask relevant questions and make suggestions for positive change or even for compromise if that has to be the case. The role of the therapist is not to pretend that they know you better or even the relationship at stake. His role is to listen to your grievances, get any hints of communication flaws, emotional issues and conflicting value systems and then device the right approaches to resolving the issues in the relationship. •

Relationship Counselling Not Necessarily For Everyone Even as we discuss about relationship therapy and issues that lead to it, it is important to appreciate that this type of counselling is not necessarily for everyone. Some people might want to seek counselling with an illusion that they will better control or change the behaviours of their partners only to be disappointed at the end of the process. You need

to understand that ego-centric or manipulation tactics have no place when it comes to therapy. Relationship counselling needs to be beneficial to all the people who are in the relationship. When Does Relationship Therapy Become A Necessity? Millions of people in relationships today are going though plenty of patches and problems. However, if these situations are not resolved in the right manner, they can lead to malfunctions in the relationships or even the rather unwelcome maladaptive patterns. These patterns are at times referred to as negative reaction cycles and they can incredibly break relationships that could otherwise be resolved. Any relationship which is not healthy will more often than not manifest a number of symptoms such as infidelity, poor communication, lack of trust, aggression, and lack of interest, and indifferences or unresolved arguments among others. These are the some of the main reasons as to why many couples opt to seek couples counselling with a view of resolving issues existing in their relationships. One thing that is for sure is that counselling really works. If you are based in London, UK, you should visit the following website: Couples counselling London

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Commonly referred to as relationship counselling, couples counselling is an aspect that originated from Germany in the 1920s. Over the years...