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not about hugs and high-fives it’s it's not allvictories this year is about falling down gettingback up you 30 pounds in the last three monthsthirty-pound and that's going to be looking for today 4130 a everything and its he here we go it time the lid of christa show me what you cando with faithful you got three months show me who you areall christa look which are capable ofkilling wanna feat I've never seen one like thatbefore I've been doing a 4.0 at home think in the bath bath like you go and you know I put that up to six by now and I just push myself to see where to goand shocking wanna p fine that the crypt for you Fremont me on you'll here 1 she needs to experience that victory andexperience a whole new world of possibilities and that's what this workout is aboutbig nine months ago figure you idea right now kill you he's doing good thirty-pound with the remote could doing down there you can anythingyou want to do at now is horrible act helms I had to bethe first honey in Kenmore yes yes one 30 credible thats transformation and spinal pays for Chris tits just got heregold it's about getting it that way dress ages ago that place every singleday for the next three months was two more I there before applied budget heart months I'm going away UN and you're gonna walk down the aisle youcan have the waiting in your dreams being you coming up with this workout today II feel like its just too good step forward now I know like how much further I canpush myself the theme in this next phase is gonna beme sprinting to the finish line no more walking I wanna be running home on the thank you all for coming out of coursewe're here for Christie and she's actually on herway here right now is actually just over a yearago that I received a letter from her asking for help she told me about everything that sheand Ricky than 30 over the last few years as a father myself I can only imaginewhat they've been through cell 365 days ago today her journey began and she's a Gary verydifferent woman today now because I know it seems little bitweird they were doing away in here today but today it to be acelebration the wedding that she never had August without any further ado your hands together writes your fee forthe all-new prep the in had without any further ado put your handstogether rise to your people the all-new for the in in like turned a corner in last its attorney big corner and now I know howfar I can calm and I'm closer to wear I've alwayswanted to be and so now it's like within reach youready yeah alright you know the drill promise you dipping feel now far greater any word cool taking a walk down the aisle your operating in your dreams thank you started this whole process re or for at Aaron the the 180 pounds lost you know if you'd asked me phase 1 Iwould've

been satisfied with that number I would but consideringwhat happened is 2&3 and what she went through i'msatisfied a 180 pounds one year yeah that extra law hadith that's me yeah so when you wanna be Iwanna be 1e or less I can you do it yes when I was you know for 145 pounds I really was so far from that number now I'm somuch closer I can get there you just lost 60 poundsin the last three months do it again can you do 60 pounds in thenext three months are definitely the you know when are journey of transformation beganwe went pressure and biggest dress that they actuallymade times the size 18 at the time you a size 32 and now is themoment of truth slip into the address bar and its typeref 2008 the our last wedding I was have year and I wore a black dress and now to finally be able to and yourwedding dress and feel good about it I mean that'sjust silly can't really explain the moment I saw her come down the aislehave a dream wedding dress was I henry's for Chris few seconds she just looks so amazing I mean I feltso proud that you know shoes my wife iraq Irick take you Chris tactic you Kristen once again to be mywife and me my wife 180 pounds that I lost it really means I loss that pardon meabout was fact 129 want and keep you hard to keep Kristen would you like to kiss you hasbeen I it this year is been amazing minutes from pressurereading at times but its probably the best sure he has now I canreally celebrate our marriage on a healthier no losing the 100 any year I can't be upset about that becauseof a lot away in a year but it's not over I'm not going to stopjust cuz about I'm gonna pass about 200 points show you know that I can even better I wantto prove it to myself wellhello everyone and welcome to the atGrockit with your cardio workout I'm chaney and maybe we needed a classtoday Brittany it started with a nice little warm at the complex flowing muffled nice includes so we're gonnastart up with a really easy basic move the marked everything and how to do that sowe'll get started on the right track here we go just like that great and letme K they don't wanna win P March 19 strong Meyer right now I want you toguide and and your are fitted gonna grazing onyour help to think that night track and shaking hack alrighteverything joining an hour here we go good 3d aided me yes that a take I or 3 to you this is the easy part so you better i cant gonna get hard justa little bit all right next to keep our team we'regonna go ahead and US that patch really easy Britain step to the right and to the left justlike that hand on hip okay said here we go act my get alright guy very here wanted to write heck get def like that she got six-party I a large bath and shit that stop to and mine back too much right now we're gonna andyour arm when you step into the right I'm gonna come up

me at lack del comedown just like I there were in fact that the rightagain k get three cue one that could right get carry out going behind me I don't right now I should show her cunt alittle think it being up to cart is all aboutwanna burn calorie get you look at night than happyto discover the bikini and the truck get right to you and what get take it back to March right next up we have are hamstring curl and keep my chin out right here next onmy heart K correct why you guys keep my chin showyou at home what we're gonna be doing here effective right and let that left likethat makes chain like that play and really screen turnsblue and enhanced just like that make ship it will bounceinto it later when at our movement recommend getting late market K but thefact that marked 3 to one steps right left get that indicated these here step fact for every to you one get alright take it back to my heart actthat we're going to do this came late movement the camera afteraren't into it unique thing I'm forward and back so the step to the right your armsextended when you flex your break between armsare gonna come back to spend your Albert where basically making sure thatwe're getting that back I felt like someone to alright so here we go stepping marching Knights heart exactly right here we go 3 to you one right get just like that help back for 3 here but to you NY get take it back tonight John Mayer howya feeling I'm her cunt hatcher share I'm not very nice and warm right nowwe're gonna do to me let's meet in the final minute I really like Catholic hip-hop unit September right unit make your left leg step to the left right just like that really bring eniac and get back crunch goingMadewell work add to let we're here for and beworking late can't act it in the mail really easy and thenwe're gonna have from shoulder of collecting lakeberg go back to March3 get ready tale alright one that right let let let get Sep sec back she list me 3 tale and like great job March row take it take yeah okay now we can add that ourmovement tell me about going to be an overheadleme do aren't really warming up their shoulders okayhearing out me show you the harm is that why you gotcontinue mark's can't get to the right are going to over your head in a tankthat out when you're like this year I'm surethe up and many people about that it now 53rd killing always to keep theMarch got alright so here's the moment just likethis okay and here we go three you guys ready forit okay to one carry get up right black get part happened getting here applicationwill try plane in a backpack her ok area DEP back or carry to you and my email okay acne marks get dat alright now we're just gonna do our overhead armgreen week handshake get keep a record nation in march ended at the Hearnes KL help get out have cant im already get

Weight loss looking  
Weight loss looking  

Tambourine one more bro Catholic you completed 21 back don't go anywhere because we're getting ready to take it up a notch bring it do you t...