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Making conversations cheaper Thus for people who make long distance calls regularly, there are other options to limit the expenses of your calls. Use calling cards or access numbers offered by your service provider, or else download and use Voip software, for less financial worry, yet stay connected. In the past, it was difficult for people to stay connected with each other. Then Alexander Graham Bell went on to change people’s lives with his inventory that became one of the greatest discoveries of all time, the phone. It revolutionized the human race and made their life so much easier. However with time came changes and modification, and then came the wireless phones. The call rates started coming down with more customers filling in. However, calls can still be expensive, especially when making international ones, but there are solutions to it. There are many ways to make cheap mobile phone calls, but basically these three are the most popular ones. Have a look, and you can start using them today. Using calling cards – First things first. Telecom operators usually introduce cheap calling cards and international calling cards to attract more customers. There are lots of operators who offer amazing plans and schemes like unlimited or fixed amount of minutes of calls to some fixed area. Often they contain an access number and credit to that access number. After gaining access you can make very cheap international calls. Eg- Airtel, of Bharti Telecommunications Private Limited, offers international calling cards to Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Canada, Australia etc.

Using access numbers – An access number is simply a number that you dial first, before dialing the number you actually want to call. Usually these numbers vary upon which subscriber you use. After dialing the access number, generally instructions are provided on how to dial the actual numbers or to go forward with your call. Now the charging part is tricky and simultaneously fun. You would be charged first by the cell operator company for making a call to the access number, which is usually a local number, so would not cost much. The next and the main part of the call are charged by the new call company at their much cheaper rates. Thus, the cost comes at a lot cheaper than what it would have been if called directly without using access numbers. E.g. - BestMobileSaver in UK, by dialing 0208 first followed by the original number.

Installing Voip software in cell phones – You need to download and install this software in your mobile, after which you have to register and open an account with the Voip service of your choice. You can hence make calls via the software at very cheap credit rates. E.g. - Jumblo is one such Voip software which enables very Siptalk cheap mobile phone calls, for international ones. For More Information About Cheap Mobile Phone Calls Click Here.

Making conversations cheaper