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JAMES Showroom

JAMES Showroom 1411 West Sixth St Austin, TX 78703 512.236.1006 Instagram @jamesshowroom

Alamwar Fabric

Ames Ingham Lighting

Bunny Williams Home Furniture, Lighting, Decorative Accessories

Brian Paquette Fabric

Caitlin McGauley Wallpaper

Clare Frost Fabric

Coleen & Company Lighting

Elson & Company

Hand Woven Tibetans, Flat Weave Dhurries

Ferrick Mason Fabric

Hajek Textiles Fabric

Irving & Morrison Lighting, Decorative Accessories

Jennifer Shorto Fabric, Wallpaper

Kathryn M. Ireland Fabric, Wallpaper

Lake August Fabric, Wallpaper

Mally Skok Fabric, Wallpaper

Pintura Studio Fabric, Wallpaper

Rebecca Atwood Fabric, Wallpaper

Rule of Three Fabric

Sarah & Ruby Wallpaper

Sister Parish Fabric, Wallpaper

Studio Four NYC Fabric, Wallpaper, Rugs

Tulu Textiles Fabric

Walter G Fabric

Windowchine Natural Fiber Textiles

JAMES Showroom  

A brief visual guide to the talented vendors we represent.

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