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Vicente Wolf says: “what have you been waiting for?” In every issue: What we’re seeing Where we’re going What we can’t wait to get our hands on!


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floor lamps: our top picks for guaranteed style how you, too can be

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september ‘08*

I believe that everyone deserves a life infused with beauty and style. For me, life is about the smallest details. It is the simple idea that each and every element is just as important as the next. Whether that next detail happens to be an espresso spoon or that perfect sofa, each holds equal importance to me. Because whether I am curled up on my sofa or holding that spoon I want to be able to say “I love this!” Don’t you? While this philosophy may seem laborious and all-consuming, it really can be quite effortless and simple. We can take a cue from Mrs. Sophie Gimble, our inspiration from the décor pile, who made sure that even the folds of her napkins were up to par. FELLOW* is all about helping you become effortlessly chic and increasing the importance of the details in your life. We are about a mix of high and low because we like to prove that great design is available at all levels. We take pride in presenting ourselves with our best foot forward knowing you never get a second chance to make a first impression. We value the ideas and philosophies that come from those who are living the life we aspire to live and we celebrate both the professional and everyday designer who shares our vision. (That’s partly why we call ourselves FELLOW*--as in a fellow friend.) And while we hold all of the above near and dear, we always keep in mind that life is meant to be enjoyed rather than plotted down perfectly on a piece of paper or represented through a furniture arrangement. We can take a bit of sage advice from Vicente Wolf who reminds us that there is no time like the present where the pursuit of happiness is concerned. Or Habitually Chic Heather Clawson who places importance on curiosity and kindred friends in order to live her fullest life. Not too long ago I was conversing with a friend on the ups and downs of life…projecting what we would look back upon as the “good old days”. It was then my friend turned to me and said that these are the good old days. You know what, he is right.

Welcome * James Saavedra




the best advice from vicente wolf


What we are perusing starts pg. 6

Image: bravo.com

pg35 call on me a must have to make you effortlessly chic* India Hicks will save the day * STLYE DU MONDE makes our heads spin! ( In a GOOD way.)

Inspired style* pg.11

seattle* pg.26 Uncle Beefy takes you to

On the cover:

Decopage bust from bluebellbazaar.etsy.com





















Besides taking fellow* on a tour of Seattle--Uncle Beefy hails from one of the many islands dotting the Puget Sound of Washington State where he dwells with his partner, his dog, and his two blind cats. Writer of The Bedlam of Beefy, when not blogging he's likely baking or dreaming up his next artistic escapade. His buttercream is the stuff of legends,his wit an occasional subject of discourse, and his dreams are likely hidden somewhere in the bistros of Paris. http//:thebedlamofbeefy.blogspot.com Writer Erin Loechner launched award-winning blog Design for Mankind in mid-2007 in an attempt to bring light to the inspiration found in today's creative culture. Through photography, product design, style and craft, Erin is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the emerging art and design community. Although she thoroughly enjoys her work, she admits to not possessing a single creative bone in her body! As she says, "In my case, those who can't do, blog!” Erin fantastically edited the debut issue of fellow* www.designformankind.com Erin Rosenow is a San Francisco based floral designer. She specializes in creative arrangements that are simple and elegant. Through her Perfect Posy service Rosenow delivers charming arrangements that are aces to receive. Her work has been featured in many publications such as Town and Country, Elegant Bride and C Magazine. www.rosenowfloral.com A graduate from the Fashion Istitute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Diane Baldwin is a freelance graphic artist and furniture designer. She currently works on NBC’s The starter wife as graphic editor. Past work includes project for top interior design firms, as well as, print ads for PLAYSTATION 3. Diane adds the perspective drawing to our room service*. baldwin.diane@gmail.com Artist turned fashion designer, Cindy Waters is a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. When the work day is done she attends to her own vision,Threads, a focused line of sophisticated subculture-inspired clothing that doesn't have a Demeulemeester price tag. Whether you bump into her at an underground rock show, or at Coterie, she's always armed with a sharpie marker and quick wit. Cindy is the talent behind the fashion illustration of the fabulous decoration duo- Dolly Decorette & Décor Fellow. cwatersny@gmail.com

Special thanks: Susan Moolman, Vicente Wolf, Corrin Wilcox, Courtney Jones, Heather Clawson, Elizabeth Ervin, and all contributors :)



house & garden 1950!

décor file: from the inspiration pile Sophie Gimble was our kind of woman. In an article that appeared in House & Garden (June 2000), Veronique Vienne opens a window in to the life of Mrs.. Adam Long Gimble. By day she was the designer behind Saks fifth Avenue’s exclusive Salon Modern catering to iconic women such as Estee Lauder and come night fall, Sophie was the preeminent hostess. Ms. Vienne tells the story that even though Mrs.. Gimble made entertaining seem effortless, she left nothing uninspected or anything to chance. “She would appraise every element- from the fabric of a place mat to the fold of a napkin.” Nothing went unnoticed. We, like Sophie, are champions of thoughtful details and a keen eye. There is no detail too small to garner our attention and, more importantly, there is no thoughtful gesture that passes us by unappreciated. For us fellows*, paying attention to the details is not a pursuit of perfection. It is an extension of grace and elegance which we wish to bestow not only to others but equally to ourselves. We believe in a life that is infused with beauty and style and when we have all the minute details in just the right place we can live a bit fuller, laugh a bit longer and enjoy to our heart’s content.


fellow envy!


so good it hurts . so go od it hur ts. so good it hurts . so go od it hurts . so goo d it hurts .

! f f o hs ow

It is official-- we are jealous. There is no point in denying it either. Anyone who is lucky enough to be jetting to Paris this September would be a fool to miss out on Maison & Object. What sparks our interest here at fellow*-- the Scenes d’interieur! As if a couture clad, giraffe riding temptress wasn’t enough to spark your interest here is the official word from the Maison website: “A collection of worlds and spectacular settings to be absolutely discovered, marked by excellence.Between dreams and tradition, impertinence and refinement, scenes d'interieur offers exceptional encounters, where creation and passion come together in a world in flux, where the modes of consumption, like distribution circuits, are endlessly being shaken up. scenes d'interieur seeks to provide new impetus and offer an original reading of the show, while responding to the market's latest developments.” (September 5th-9th, Paris; www.maison-objet.com)


What we’re perusing (imgae:amazon.com)

If you believe that a home is about the inhabitant’s lifestyle, then you are thinking like Darryl Carter. This, too, is his point of view. Released on August 26th, this edition is sure to inspire while high lighting Carter’s signature style of mixing modern touches while honoring classic elements. “In The New Traditional, Darryl Carter encourages you to be true to your own lifestyle.” Publisher: ClarksonPotter August 26, 2008

All hail Ms. India Hicks. We, for one, can not wait to see if the fashion model daughter of famed interior designer David Hicks is going to breathe new life into the once so-so Top Design. Let’s face it, we tuned in to see the fashions of the super talented Wearstler and to gnaw on the wise words of Ms. Margaret Russell. This time around, Todd Oldham will serve as mentor to battling designers. Here’s hoping that this season ditches the freshman fifteen and comes out a ahead of the curve. Starts Wednesday Sept. 3rd on Bravo



After his first book, Design Basics, Jeffrey Bilhuber returns with a second--Defining Luxury: The Qualities of Life at Home. This volume promises to deliver visual feasts from the savvy designer to prominent tastemakers and stars. “Bilhuber views luxury as essential to every life well-lived, a way of appreciating and sharing our joy in existence, not the exclusive purview of the few. The designer encourages the reader to seek, aspire, and revel in luxury at home, however simple or adorned…”


This is a sentiment and philosophy we hold near and dear. We are certain that this will be a reference for years to come.

Rizzoli. Due to be released October 7th, 2008

Dress your nest with inspired tips from designer Thom Filicia. We can’t wait to see the fantastic makeovers which are sure to be fabulous and certainly not boring. No plain Janes allowed. Simon& Schuster to be released October 21st, 2008

Image: bravo.com


What we’re perusing DESIGN HOSTEL

ARCHITECTURE Founded in 1984, the Contemporary Jewish Museum has educated and entertained audiences of all backgrounds. Its exhibitions focus and explore modern-day perspectives on Jewish culture, history, and art. In 1998, the Museum selected architect Daniel Libeskind to design the new building. His task would be to include the reuse of the landmark Jessie Street Power Substation, which was designed in 1907 by Willis Polk. Having stared up at the blue steel wonder and visited the galleries inside-- we think it is well worth the admission.

We found this tid-bit via the fab Desigen Spotter. With the intention of building a warehouse, the Moorman company acquired a dilapidated historical building with the parcel of land that was to be its warehouse’s new site. The Berge Design Hostel by Nils Holger Moorman will have 13 holiday apartments/rooms for Moormann guests and for those interested in design. To read more : http://www.designspotter.com/product/2008 /01/berge_design_ho.php

The museum officially opened the doors to the new building on June 8, 2008.

IN SESSI ON Things certainly have changed since we were in high school. According to the Muskegon Chronicle, the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center has just established a new construction program that will have local high school students constructing eco-housing in the Muskegon Township. The program launches in this coming 20082009 school year with its first of seven homes.

The homes will include recycled products and energy efficient features. If that were not enough, this first home was also designed by a student last year in the CTC and once complete will be listed with a real estate agent and put on the market. Apparently, the days of making leather key fobs and wooden plaques are ancient history.


What we’re perusing me & miss jones



We also recommend


Dusty in Memphis: deluxe edition In 1968 the UK Pop sensation was signed to Atlantic Records and shipped to Memphis to record with the production team from the Queen of Soul- Aretha Franklin. Pure Genius.(Not to mention her collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys in 1987!) 1969 Atlantic Recording Group

If you haven't discovered Courtney Jones then you are in for a fantastic lyrical journey. At 22, Miss Jones has worked relentlessly to rise to the echelon of heavy song writing superstars. On this album, AWAKE & DREAMING, she has written each of the songs. Her unique sound and song writing style is reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan. It also doesn’t hurt that Miss Jones’ album is produced by Peter Malick-- who spotted and produced an unknown (at the time) Norah Jones. We are entranced by the track #5 Relief and track #10 Passenger. Miss Jones will have you dreaming. Released July 22 2008 on Radarproof Records courtesy of BFM Digital

fellow MIX *

Satellite - Guster Heliocopter - The Feeling Comfort - Carbon Leaf Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis You Picked Me - A Fine Frenzy A Walk Outside - Butterfly Boucher You Are Dreaming _ Shout Out Louds Lately - The Helio Sequence Look What You've Done - Jet Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd


We love Courtney Jones so much that we wanted to know more…like what kind of music she is listening to when she feels like bopping to a beat. Miss Jones gives us ten of her favorite songs currently found on her ipod. Thanks Courtney!

Where we’re going

s e i r e s r e n g i s e d a s a c i d n fe

All photos: Michael Zito

Fellow* found its way to FENDI CASA at the cross section of trendy Beverly boulevard and Robertson in the heart of LA’s design district. Each month Fendi allows one design talent cart blanche to whip up their divine vision using anything and everything that the Casa has to offer. This months pick was the fabulous Seyie Putsure. Seyie’s extensive background in high style and couture fashion certainly came through in her striking vignette. (Ms. Putsure’s was once an executive at Dolce & Gabana as well as Chanel.) If all that black and white glamour wasn’t enough, Seyie couldn’t be any more fantastic. We definitely think that she’s a fellow* friend. Clockwise from top left: The designer’s vignette; Seyie Putsure & Décor Fellow James Saavedra; Glamour corner designed by Seyie; James Saavedra, Rich Pedine of Ink PR; Seyie Putsure, Monterey Powell of Fendi Casa


What we’re scouting dÊcor fellow is on the hunt for fab finds! With clients that have a vintage flair these are some gems he has spied‌

* os ld


sold *

sanna, antwerp

Inspired style * Straight from the pages of the super fab STYLE DU MONDE…we find inspiration on the streets and deliver it to your door. 10

Inspired style * We think Sanna has got it going on. We love her modern mix of tonal colors -- muted charcoal grey, smoky taupe, and basic black-- and the textures of her diamond quilted bag and relaxed wrap. We think Sanna is fashion forward while remaining totally relaxed. Her strappy leather sandals combined with the unexpected hints of red and shiny silver says that she’s one gal who is not afraid to make a statement. We translate her style into a space that keeps with a monochromatic pallet that is accented by the contrast of textures and given a punch with pops of Chinese red. The lines remain clean, yet comfortable and we up the style quotient with luxury materials like lacquered walls, cashmere throws, and lamb skin tufted ottomans. We keep a mix of high and low with online finds and furnishings from designer lines.

sanna, this is your room *


we asked Acielle We asked Acielle, creator of STYLE DU MONDE, a few questions about why she picks people like Sanna and what she considers the “no fail formula” for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Here is what she had to say: When picking out people (like Sanna) for Style Du Monde I simply go for things that inspire me.I look for people with personal style or people who give their own twist to current trends. My idea of effortless look = not too perfect, not all designer stuff but rather a good mix of basic + vintage + good shoes and accessories! You will find this to be the "formula" for almost all of the guests featured on the blog. Sanna is a good example of this www.styledumonde.com

Inspired style *


Inspired style *

We love this wool!!


4 3 5 6








Yummy! silk velvet

top row: red lacquered boxes - plantationhomeaccessories.com; Lalique crystal paperweight - horchow.com; Chinese red lidded vase - horchow.com; rock crystal votive - plantationhomeaccessories.com; textured vase horchow.com;s econd row: villa fauteuil - jrobertscott.com*; bond street sofa - donghia.com*; margarita chair donghia.com; silver branch table - plantationhome accessories.com; axel bench - cb2.com; adam tufted ottoman jrobertscott.com*;third row: lacquere walls wallcovering - donghia.com*; athena table lamp - donghia.com*; table lamp - crateandbarrel.com; bentley cocktail table - jakstudiocollection.com*; bottom row: all items - horchow.com; *items to the trade*

We love it when you share-fellow friends* is all about seeing how you take our expertise and make it your own. Its about seeing how you live and you design.

fellow friends *

Why it works: Michelle keeps to a simple, yet, graphic pallet.

Fantastic! Wrong finish? No problem! What do you do when faced with a bland and boring entry? For Michelle Hinckley the solution was stripes. A long time reader of DÉCOR FELLOW, our new fellow friend*, shows us that with a little vision, lots of patience and some paint you, too, can be décor fabulous. Take a cue from Michelle… searching for the perfect entry console proved difficult but she didn’t give up until she found the PERFECT piece. Even though it was not in the perfect finish Michelle could see its potential. The solution--a pristine coat of crisp, clean, white. We say kudos Michelle!

got something décor fabulous of your own? email us at decorellow@mac.com


fellow* obsessions fall in love with Porter Teleo What began as a typical conversation over coffee has turned into a design sensation that is taking the antiquated reputation of wallpaper and proving that you can be fantastically stylish and sensationally chic when papering those walls.

we know a goodie* when we spot one…one look and we were hooked. 15

Bridgett Cochran, left, and Kelly Porter Creators of Porter Tello--hand crafted wallcoverings. (image:porterteleo.com)

Thirty somethings Bridgett Cochran and Kelly Porter met in a local Kansas City coffee shop and struck up a friendship discussing the virtues of art and design. Bridgett, a trained and practicing interior designer and artist, Kelly, had a simple idea -- what if they combined their passions and created a line of custom, hand made, high-end designer wallpapers? And just like-- that the two committed to once a week work meetings and within a month they had created their first line. That was 2004 and today their offerings can be found in some of the most prestigious designer showrooms through out the country. We met Bridgett for an impromptu private showing of the line at KneedlerFauchere in Los Angeles after getting a sneak peak the day the line arrived. Just for the record-- we must have said “shut up” each time the wings were turned and we are certain that these shouts of glee were heard throughout the building. What’s clear is that these are not your grandmother’s wallcoverings and ,clearly, we are madly in love.

fellow* obsessions

climbing vine



asymmetrical berries

composition of rings

Ink blots

We love this!

*all patterns to the trade. www.porterteleo.com


To say that Vicente Wolf is a giant in the design community is an understatement. For over 30 years his unique style and perspective has been a constant influence . House Beautiful named Vicente Wolf one of the 10 most influential designers in the United States, and Interior Design Magazine inducted Wolf in its Designer Hall of Fame. He was selected as one of the top 100 designers in both Metropolitan Home’s "Design 100" and Architectural Digest!s "AD 100". Wolf is also the publisher of two books- Learning to See (Artisan, 2002) and Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design (Monacelli Press, 2006), that focuses on the many design inspirations found throughout the world through the eyes of a traveler.(He is currently planning his third book for launch in 2009.) It was while perusing through the pages of Learning to See that this fellow had his first Ah-Ha moment. So this is how great design is done! Suddenly, the world made a little more sense and to this day I find myself returning again and again to my time-worn edition for a bit of direction when it is needed. With a little bit of patience and bunch of emails, fellow*, has managed to grab some time and wisdom from the man himself. We get a sneak peak into life’s simple pleasures-- from his favorite pencil to how he likes his cup of Joe! This is getting to know you, Vicente Wolf.

17 image above: the interior of VW HOME

getting to know you

image: vicente wolf

vicente wolf

getting to know you

vicente wolf Where do you look for inspiration? Inspiration is all around us. I find mine in traveling to far-off places. Describe a typical Sunday Morning. Get up at 7, run 5 miles and then, in summer, I go to the greenhouses, buy plants and spend the rest of the day planting them. What songs would we find on your ipod? I own an ipod but don’t know how to use it What magazines are you currently reading? National Geographic, Photo Collector, Scientific America What everyday object could you not live without? Underwear, jump rope, running shoes, television, liter-bottle of water Pencil or Pen? What kind. Pencil – particularly a Prismacolor in Carmine Red What is your most cherished possession? I have so many… Besides sight which sense is most important? Touch What are three adjectives that describe where you are today either personally or professionally. At peace In control Satisfied What are three things you feel you need to work on? Letting go of negatives Keeping an open heart Saying no Have you ever lost the passion to create and if so when, how, what? How did you get it back? No


getting to know you For someone considering going out on their own to follow their passion what words of advice can you offer? What have you been waiting for? PR or Advertising? Editorial

! s k l o f e r e h n o i t n e t t a pay

In one sentence describe your style. Sybaritic, which means devoted to or marked by pleasure and luxury What is a project you still want to do? The White House If you were to curate a museum what artists would we find? Malovich

Cloth napkin or paper napkin? Or no napkin? Dare I say, paper towel? Cloth napkin paired with a paper one What’s the perfect floral arrangement for your dinner table? Live orchid plants Champagne or Proseco? Ugh…headache… Coffee or tea? How is it prepared? Coffee. Strong, no sugar with a dash of milk With regard to your designs what is one “I can’t believe I actually did that” moment. I don’t think about those things. Is good design innate or can it be taught? Innate


VW Home is the luxury retail outlet where Wolf displays his own collection of sterling silver flatware, antique furniture, accessories and bed linens that he handpicks while traveling the globe. Also at the store is upholstery, lighting, fabrics, wallpaper mirrors and his own line of furniture, designed by Wolf for the showroom. www.vwhome.com Tel: 212-244-5008

room service room service room service * room service Just as the name says, room service* is fabulous design delivered straight to your door! Whether you are in need of direction in choosing the perfect pale blue or have an entire room redo, our resident designer James Saavedra gives you the inspiration and solutions you need.

room service


room service *

THE SKINNY: Who: Erin What: design layout and direction Why: packing up the Los Angeles house and heading to the Midwest-Indiana. Parameters: mix Erin’s love of clean lined modern with her penchant for Scandinavian flourish. Only items kept are a pair of Artemide lamps and personal artwork

the room:

Pros: open flow, blank slate Cons: weird kitchen opening, contrasting style inspirations, making large main room intimate



room service *

THE SOLUTION: James establishes a delicate mix of modern meets European with the entry. A classic, weathered, bombe chest sits below a simple, modern, round mirror that is slightly out of scalethus causing our attention to stop and take notice. The unexpected pendant fixture is, simultaneously, contemporary, airy, and feminine. Breaking up the large space with several, intimate seating groups and semi-circle sofa allows for maximum seating while its curves add softness to a rectilinear room. Maintaining the mix of styles throughout this main space and into the breakfast room creates a cohesive vision and flow.His pallet? Whites, warm grays and touches of mustard yellow and Scandinavian blue.

james says:

“I think that an interesting mix of styles, and price points, keeps this room exciting. I would opt to keep the walls a crisp white and go for bold color through personal artwork, accessories, and certain furniture pieces. I am not one to over accessorize- so making certain that each extra accoutrement is perfect is essential for this equation. Negative space is equally important. Above all else I select pieces that are comfortable, classic, and unique.� Do you need a little room service? Email us your questions @ decorfellow@mac.com


room service * different mirrors above identical consoles keeps it from being too matchy.

gallery wall of personal artwork

Framed inkblot from Porter Teleo!

unexpected mix sets the stage in the foyer Do you need a little room service? Email us your questions @ decorfellow@mac.com


room service *


Comet pendant horchow.com

Oversized round mirror marlockmirror.com

Directoire chest wisteria.com


window seating group

Bellaire chair kravet.com; to the trade

main seating group

Carved leg console wisteria.com

Starburst mirror marlockmirrors.com

Ashton whing chair mgandbw.com

Custom semi-circular sofa - to the trade

Emma armchair olystudio.com

Stockbridge ottoman kravet.com

Arthur bencholystudio.com

Pair of mirror marlockmirrors.com

Sphere lamp - west elm.com

Christine table olystudio.com

Upholstered day bed kohlerinteriors.com - to the trade

Hexagonal table horchow.com

Priscilla side table olystudio.com


room service * fabric story

! e s a e l yes, p An sophisticated mix of pattern and texture is what Erin’s room needs. Mix updated floral patterns with modern graphics and add timeless touches with quilted silks and buttery pinstripes. Clockwise -left to right: Chinoisery inspired floral #30093-11; Pinstripe Butter Silk #20658-40; Modern Swirl # 29966-81; Modern Tapestry#28836-816; Traditional Tapestry #2874-1615; Classic Quilted Yellow Silk #23578-414- ALL KRAVET COLLECTION. To the trade. www.kravet.com


fellow places *

seattle* We are always game for a quick trip with a great destination. So we are headed to the pacific northwest. We don’t rely on guide books or websites. We prefer to explore cities fellow* style-- going where those in -the-know go. With a little help from our favorite UNCLE BEEFY we shop the cream of the crop, dine at favorite spots and, along the way, discover quite possibly the best hot chocolate this side of the Mississippi. We’re talking homemade marshmallow folks.

get hot chocolately goodness here- Trophy Cupcakes 26

fellow places * Watson Kennedy


Jenny - Far4

Maison Luxe

Watson Kennedy http://www.watsonkennedy.com, 1022 1st Ave • Seattle, Washington 98104 • (206) 652-8350 A preeminent retailer in Seattle, owner Ted Kennedy Watson is really more artistic curator than shop owner. This place packs an aesthetic wallop with Ted's incredible eye for merchandising! With a multitude of gift items and furnishings with a certain vintage and/or Francophile heir there is something for everyone's glamorous inner child. Far4 http://www.far4.net, 1020 First Avenue, Seattle, WA - 98104 PH: (206) 621 8831 Relatively new on the Seattle interiors scene, Far4 ("farfor" in Russin means "porcelain") is the new American home for Klimenkoff, a Moscow-based porcelain studio founded in 2003. Proprietor Igor Klimenkoff blends 18th century techniques of porcelain production and decoration with a modern aesthetic with the majority of pieces focusing on being handmade and hand-painted. The artistry on display is as breathtaking as it is mindboggling! And, don't let the uber-hip interior disuade you from venturing through as Jenny (Igor's daughter) is as wonderful as Far4 itself.


FIRST AVE. is where you are sure to find some real gems. Stylish boutiques offering an array of designer delights to those in-theknow line this street.

Maison Luxe http://www.maisonluxe.net, 1123 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 t. 206.405.2828 f. 206.405.2888 Owner Kelie Grosso has put together a stylishly modern and distinctly approachable home interiors shop. She offers interior design services and after visiting the shop and meeting Kelie in person...you'll know you're in exceptionally capable hands. Find great fabrics and wallpapers (previously only available at the Seattle Design Center) from such lines as Osbourne & Little, Missoni, Lee Joffa, Lulu DK, and Ferm.


Black Bottle http://blackbottleseattle.com, 2600 1st Ave in Seattle, WA 98121 206.441.1500 Black Bottle is a casual tavern committed to great eating and drinking at fair prices. Every dish is made fresh-toorder using local and sustainable ingredients.

fellow places *

Taste at SAM http://www.tastesam.com, Located at the Seattle Art Museum, 1300 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101206.903.529 A downtown destination for some scrumptious fare with an artistic vibe, Taste is recent addition to the newly revamped Seattle Art Museum. Spare in its atmosphere, Taste has a surprisingly warm and comfortable feeling once inside. Highlights were the Oysters on the half shell (you're in serious seafood country here), Mini Organic Beef Burger & frites with cumin gouda, dijon aioli, & pickled jalapeno, the Tuna Melt made with tuna tartare on lightly toasted brioche, and Gemelli & Cheese with Dungeness Crab (i.e., grown up Mac n' Cheese with a lil' Northwest flair). Le Pichet http://www.lepichetseattle.com, 1933 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101Telephone: (206) 256-1499 A Parisian-inspired bistro near the Pike Place Market that actually feels truly French. Given the number of times one encounters overheard conversations in French, I'm guessing Saettle has gotten the thumbs-up on this one? Magnifique!

Oysters at TASTE


Hotel 1000


Hotel 1000 http://www.hotel1000seattle.com, 1000 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 PH: 206.957.1000 or 877.315.1088


Ace Hotel http://www.acehotel.com/seattle, 2434 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 PH: 206.448.4721


fellow places *

After you’ve hit First Ave check out these fabulous finds In the neighborhoods next door.



Velocity http://www.velocityartanddesign.com, 251 Yale Ave N., Seattle WA 98109 P: 206-749-9575 John Tusher is no stranger to press. As owner of Velocity Art & Design, John has become the go-to guy for all things modern. Sought after lines like Heath Ceramics, Roost, Working Class Studio, etc. there is plenty to suffice a modernist's appetite. And John, being one of the nicest men on the planet (or at least in Seattle), also has a passion for helping out the up-and-comers of design having formed "The Lab" as a gathering place for like-minded entrepreneurial designers. Having been instrumental in the launching of Matte Stephens art career, be on the watch for John's latest eco-addition of "Scrap Lights" by Graypants.

Deco chairs at Glenn Richards

Glenn Richards Asian Antiques - http://www.glennrichards.com, 964 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109 PH 206.287.1877 FX 206.287.9025 Honeychurch Antiques http://www.honeychurch.com, 411 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109 Tel. 206.622.1225 Fax 206.622.1204 Glenn Richards Asian Antiques & Honeychurch Antiques (sister businesses) are THE sources for all things Asian in Seattle. In business for 30 plus years, proprietors John & Laurie Fairman have the expertise and approachability to guide you through their vast inventories. Whether high-end museum quality pieces or handsome reproductions this is the place to spend an afternoon (or two or three) traveling through the multitude of Asian offerings from Japan to China to India and beyond.


Top Pot - http://www.toppotdoughnuts.com, 2124 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 PH: 206-728-1966 Practically a mascot for the city for both their doughnuts and their design sense with the downtown location showing off both to great effect.


Lola http://www.tomdouglas.com/lola/, 2000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA! PH: (206) 4411430! You can hardly come to Seattle and not do a Tom Douglas establishment. Lola is one of his newest ventures and a huge hit with the breakfast crowd. Located next to Hotel Andra.

fellow places *


Arctic Club Hotel http://www.arcticclubhotel.com, 700 3rd at Cherry St., Seattle, WA 98104 ph: 206-340-0340 PH: 800-600-7775 Hotel Andra http://www.hotelandra.com, 2000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 PH: (206) 448-8600

Artic Club Hotel image:articclubhotel.com

It is not a trip to Seattle with out visiting Pike Place Market. Watch handsome men throwing fish! Sur La Table http://www.surlatable.com, 84 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101 PH: 206.448.2244 This is where the kitchen empire all began. Just like the kitchen is the heart of the home, Sur La Table is located right in the heart of the city and Pike Place Market. image:flickr.com/photos/zeebleoop/

Tuna tartar with crispy onions @ Quinn’s


Matt's In The Market http://www.mattsinthemarket.com, 94 Pike Street, Suite 32, Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 467-7909 A hidden gem (really, it can be a little challenging to find) in the heart of Pike Place Market. This is one the locals hold near and dear. Quinn's http://quinnspubseattle.com, 1001 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122 PH: (206) 325-7711 30 A gastro-pub located near Capitol Hill's restaurant row, Quinn's has burst onto the scene with much applause. Wild boar sloppy joe anyone? Um, yes...yes, please.

These destinations may be off the beaten path -- but trust us-- they’re worth the trip. The hot chocolate alone keeps us coming back for more!


fellow places *

Lucca Great Finds - http://www.luccastatuary.com/stores/greatfinds/retailGreatFinds.html, 5332 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 Phone: 206.782.7337 Lucca is located in Old Town Ballard as was one of the early originals to spawn the hipness that is becoming Ballard. Small and demure, it's like walking into something akin to a jeweled box or an apothecary drawer filled with bits of wondrous mystery. Brimming with chandeliers, antique furnishings, delicate glassware, books, papers, and trimmings Lucca, itself, is a "great find".


Flakey goodness at Bakery Nouveau

Sambar 425 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 781-4883 An absolute favorite destination for a little libation! Located in a quiet section of Ballard, Sambar is attached to Le Gourmand (a long-standing Seattlite Francophile epicurian experience). With a decidedly modern heir, unlike the restaurant, Sambar offers incredibly unique cocktails like the Barbapapa (Hanger One Lime Vodka, Cointreau and lime juice with rhubarb sorbet). A lovely little outdoor garden is a welcoming respite in the summer but when the rains start you begin to feel the pinch of Sambar's miniscule proportions.

Bakery Nouveau http://www.bakerynouveau.com, 4737 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 PH: (206) 923-0534 People have gone stark-raving mad for this new addition to the Seattle bakery scene. Located in West Seattle, the lines will let you know when you've found it. CafĂŠ Besalu http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-besalu-seattle, 5909 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 789-1463! If not the absolute best, then one of the strongest contenders for best croissant in the city! If ever there was food worthy of betraying those you love most...this just might be it. Trophy Cupcakes & Party http://www.trophycupcakes.com, 1815 N 45th St Suite 209, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 632-7020 It's hard to distinguish between what's sweeter; Trophy's cupcakes, owner Jennifer Shea, or the shop itself? Trophy has climbed to the top of Seattle's cupcake terrain rightfully earning its namesake, ironically enough.

Hot Chocolate to die for at Trophy Cupcakes



the LIGHT list SIMPLE OR SOPHISTICATED. HIGH OR LOW. THESE GEMS MAKE THE LIST. Athena Floor Lamp Architectural and airy for the contemporary in us all. (J.Robert Scott; to the trade; www.jrobertscott.com)














the list

You may have created a beautiful

room - but - you have nothing if it can’t be seen. Whether you are lighting to create ambiance or illuminate a task there are a multitude of options where this function meets form. We present our picks that are certain not to leave you in the dark.



“ Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.” Albert Hadley 1. PETITE CHAMPS LARGE LAMP Sometimes you only need a wee bit of light. Perfect for those nooks and very tight spaces. We also love them clustered. ( $1,400.00 ; The Jacques Garcia Collection; Through Baker, Knapp & Tubbs; www.kohlerinteriors.com/baker) 2. GOLD FOREST FLOOR LAMP Botanical inspired and hand crafted with a gilded finish. Made to order.( $695.00; Through Plantation Home Accessories; www.plantationhomeaccessories.com) 3. SCRIPT FLOOR LAMP A classic and, oh so, affordable take on the pharmacy lamp. Its white lacquered finish will blend with most interiors. Think Vicente Wolf. ( $79.95; CB2; www.cb2.com)

4. ST. HELENA FLOOR LAMP We love the clean, modern, approach and that the bottom of the drum shade has a diffuser. Add a little sparkle to your room. ( Inquire for pricing; Through Boyd lighting; To the trade; www.boydlighting.com) 5. LUR FLOOR LAMP Named after a Bronze Age Scandinavian wind instrument. Something to talk about.( $1,540.00 ; The Laura Kirar Collection; Through Baker, Knapp & Tubbs; www.kohlerinteriors.com/baker) 6. ARABESQUE FLOOR LAMP Dramatic and daring. This updated spindle lamp is a knock-out. With its sculptural beauty it can stand on its own. ( $4174.00; Robert Kuo for McGuire;www.mcguirefurniture.com) 7. CANTON FLOOR LAMP This French wired beauty is meant to be filled with branches and what not. We say, leave it empty--it’s perfect as is.( $599.00; Pottery Barn; www.potterybarn.com) 8. AERIN FLOOR LAMP What to do with those dark empty corners? The Aerin Floor lamp is just the trick to usher out the darkness.( $139.00, Crate and Barrel; www.crateandbarrell.com) 9. AJ FLOOR LAMP This classic by Arne Jacobsen will never go out of style. Simple and we like it that way. ( $848.00; Design Within Reach, www.dwr.com) 10. METAL SURVEYOR FLOOR LAMP This is the way to update an antique. A finish of polished nickel makes this one of our tops. ( $795.00, WilliamsSonoam Home; www.wshome.com) 11. BRYANT FLOOR LAMP One of our personal favorites, this Thomas Obrien lamp is practically perfect in everyway. Bonus- it is adjustable! ( $273.00, Through Circa Lighting; www.circalighting.com) 12. 5220 SERIES CONTEMPORARY FLOOR LAMP This is definitely our go-to floor lamp. Uber versitile and strikingly beautiful. ( Inquire for pricing; To the trade, Through Phoenix Day Lighting; www.phoenixday.com)


custom letterpress from: invitedink.etsy.com

It’s the small things that make all the difference


must have *

your own calling card

In the GO-GO world of high-speed internet, 3g networks, and iEVERYTHING, we often neglect the little things that used to distinguish us from the rest of the circuit board pack. We think that in order to be effortlessly chic, you should pay attention to the small details. By adopting little practices that put the joi in your vie -- you will quickly find that yourself being habitually chic and, have an added pep in your step!

custom letterpress:dolcepress.com

The calling card, or social card as some say, is just one example of a must have for every individual. Wouldn’t you rather hand that hopeful certain someone a fantastic letterpress calling card than have to scramble for a pen and leave them with a beer soaked napkin? Sure, we’d call you. How about handing the rest of the playground mothers a card that suggests they call to schedule the next playdate? Or bestowing a little gem that simply says “Dinner at my place, next time.” Whatever the reason and no matter the occasion, this is one little tool you should never be without.`

It’s the small things that make all the difference

must have *


2 4

3 36

call on me In the 18th and 19th centuries, the calling card was a society fixture that adheared to many rules. "On making a first call you must have a card for each lady of the household. "On making a call leave your card to the servant. You will be allowed to see the hostess only after she examines your card. "On the hall table in every house, there should be a small silver, or other card tray, a pad and a pencil. "When the door-bell rings, the servant on duty should have the card tray ready to present, on the palm of the left hand. "A gentleman should carry them loose in a convenient pocket; but a lady may use a card case. "If your card receives no acknowledgment, you must conclude that for some reasons they do not wish to extend their acquaintance. "Do not examine the cards in the card-basket. You have no right to investigate as to who calls on a lady. "A young lady can have a card of her own after having been in society a year. "Some European gentlemen, on the contrary, fold the upper right corner to indicate that they've delivered it themselves (the servant should never hand his master's card folded).

check these out

It’s the small things that make all the difference


must have *


We love the straight forward style of this two-color card custom card. invitedink.etsy.com; $179./ set 250


Not ready for full custom? This fill in the blank will do just fine. Salazaria #1 Baby Letterpress Flat Calling Card,paper-source.com,$8.00/set 25


Pure perfection. Classic Elegance. Pretty.brooklynsocialcards.com; custom card; $325.00/set 250


Matchbook style custom cards! This one is a keeper. Storybymia.etsy.com; 3 matchbooks with 6 cards per book; $25.00/set

Oh, so two-color

Object lesson *

serving trays At fellow*, we believe that you should always put your best foot forward and we are here to help. We aim to arm you with an arsenal of tips and tricks to help keep you effortlessly chic and always a step ahead of the curve. Whether it is a small gathering of two or a party of ten- a great serving tray is one essential every fellow should own. Round or square- wood or pewter- there is nothing like bumping up the ante and elevating your entertaining panache by presenting your guests their tasty treats on a fantastic tray. Instantly, it gives you a grander entrance and bestowing a fully packed tray gives your guests a greater sense of importance (whether they know it or not). Let us be honest--it makes your carries a lot easier. So we say go get yourself a tray. Here are just a few to choose from.

Above: a fellow* favorite- BRADFORD TRAY $69.00; potterybarn.com



Object lesson * perfectly classic

MARQUETRY TRAY $198.00; wshome.com

sleek & chic

VERTIGO TRAY by Christolfe $1230.00; gearys.com

for the bachelor pad

SHAGREEN TRAY by R&Y Augousti $495.00; Stainless & Ebony Tray Thomas O’brien for Reed & Barton $150.00; bloomingdales.com plantationhomeaccessories.com

go natural CORK TRAY $59.95; zgallerie.com


extra affordable NAHA TRAY; $39.95, cb2.com

multitask NITO SERVER $150.00; horchow.com

the big guy 55” x 35”! BREWSTER TRAY $99.95 AUD; whiteport.com.au

easy pleasing*

crowd pleasing flat breads

something delicious for everyone

Smashed white bean & arugula pesto


easy pleasing* entertaining should be easy & effortless. we say keep it simple-- and always knock their socks off. Smashed White Bean & Arugula Pesto

Simple and flavorful. Our white bean smash is flavored with a hint of sweet roasted garlic and given a zip with fresh lemon zest. It’s the hint of lemon that compliments our peppery Arugula pesto that is made with both toasted walnuts and raw pine nuts. You won’t find cheese here so this is perfect for your vegan and vegetarian guests

There is nothing worse than throwing a fabulous party and you’re the one stuck in the kitchen. We think that part of being effortlessly chic is the ability to see to the details but also be part of the fun. Entertaining should be easy and effortless--and should always knock their socks off. We never serve more than three things (something we learned from the Barefoot Contessa-Now how bad could that be!) and we like to concentrate on good, simple, quality ingredients. Easy to prepare and with endless possibilities, flat breads can be a hostess’ best friend. Dress them up as with our cheese and cracked pepper pears or dress them down with a simple dose of fleur de sel and chopped rosemary. Either way, you can not go wrong. Plus with cooking times of about only 8-10 minutes you can make them ahead of time and pop them in the oven as you guest arrive and still attend your own party. You can try your hand at our super simple dough or substitute a quality pizza dough in a pinch. After all, this is supposed to be easy! Our three recipes leave you with all your bases covered-- from the meat lovers to the vegans. No matter who your guests are we are certain that they will leave both satisfied and impressed.


easy pleasing* Blue Cheese with Cracked Pepper Pears It was while on a trip to the Pacific Northwest we discovered the inspiration for this blue cheese and pear flat bread in a tiny wine bar. Our recipe calls for thinly sliced fresh pears (their version used canned. Yipes!), a pungent blue such as Pt. Reyes or Stilton, and a generous sprinkling of fresh cracked black pepper. Our secret to keeping the cheese from becoming overwhelming‌we mix in the tiniest tad of creamy Mascarpone! Serve by itself or with piles of buttery Prosciutto along side for those who wish to kick it up a notch.

Hot Salami With Manchego & Cherry Peppers This may be our best crowd pleaser-hands down! Our inspiration comes from one of our favorite sandwiches at the LABREA BAKERY‌the Autostrada. Our version uses two kinds of salami one hot and one dry and instead of Provolone we go for tasty Manchego. If you are a meat lover - then this is the flatbread for you. We suggest you make a few for your guest and a few just for you. Trust us-- you will be glad that you did. .


easy pleasing*

the recipes smashed white bean & arugula pesto blue cheese with cracked pepper pears White Beans: 1 can of canellini beans. drained (reserve the liquid) 1 tbs. quality olive oil 2 tsp. tahini Zest of 1/2 small lemon plus its juice 2-3 cloves of roasted garlic/ grated. Salt & Pepper to taste In a large bowl smash beans with a fork. Combine all ingredients in a bowl reserving olive oil for last. Add liquid as needed until you achieve your desired texture. (We like ours rustic.) Season to taste and transfer to serving dish. Drizzle olive oil over top Arugula Pesto: In a food processor combine a few good handfuls of fresh arugula with 1/4 cup of toasted walnuts and 1/4 cup of raw pine nuts. Squeeze in a tad lemon juice to preserve color. Slowly pour in olive oil ( we use unfiltered) until pesto reached desired consistency. Be sure to salt properly. Top pre-baked flat bread with beans then drizzle with pesto.


We mixed 3 oz. of Pt. Reyes blue cheese with 2 teaspoons of Italian Marscapone and dotted our rolled out dough with this mixture. We sliced our ripe, sweet, pears super thin with the help of a Mandoline and coated them in fresh cracked pepper adding them to our flat bread. Bake for 8-10 minutes in a preheated 450 degree oven. Sprinkle with more pepper for good measure and serve along side piles of buttery Prosciutto.

salami, manchego & cherry peppers Generously shave a quality Manchego over top of rolled dough. Next comes a good scattering of meats (We used a combo of hot Italian salami and diced dry salami.) and marinated sweet cherry peppers* Top with more shavings of Manchego. Salt & pepper. Bake for 8-10 minutes in a preheated 450 degree oven. Best Served Warm •You can easily find these in most supermarkets

easy pleasing* super easy home made dough! 1 package (1/4 oz.) active dry yeast 2 cups all-purpose flour About 1 cup semolina flour 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 1.

2. 3.

In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in 1 cup warm water (about 100#). Let sit until foamy, about 5 minutes. Stir in flours, 2 tbsp. oil, and 1 tsp. salt. (Dough will be stiff.) Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let sit in a warm place to rise until 1 1/2 times its original volume, about 1 hour Preheat oven to 450#. Lightly sprinkle 2 baking sheets with semolina and set aside. Turn risen dough out onto a floured surface. Knead dough just until it feels smooth, about 10 times. roll as thinly as possible.. Bake until browned and sizzling. Serve hot or warm.

Image: azcookbook.files.wordpress.com

Dough recipie from myrecipies.com


Image:farm1.static.flickr.co m

‌well-lived *

What’s a girl to do when you are living in New York--working for a top interior designer--and you are constantly surrounded by all things chic? You could take a stroll over to the Met, perhaps, or indulge in triple oxygen facial at Bliss. Or you could do both and share your fabulous life with a dedicated following of your online blog. At fellow*, we believe in a life well-lived no matter where you are or what you do. We are for the smallest details that make the biggest difference and making certain that we take the time to enjoy each and everyone of them. Heather Clawson, creator of a fellow* favorite HABITUALLY CHIC shares the details of what makes her the happiest and why she is living a life well-lived.

10 things that could boost your happiness 45

Photo:Porter Hovey

8 Miss Chic! Heather





…well-lived * HOUSING WORKS NYC

1.Flowers –I buy them for myself with abandon! My favorites are pink peonies and blue hyacinths in the spring and orange roses the rest of the year. 2.Art – I could not live without art in some capacity! 3.Books – I am a voracious reader of anything I can get my hands on. 4.Magazines – I love all of them from fashion and home design to celebrity gossip. 5.Travel –I find it so inspiring and invigorating to the spirit! 6.Jewelry – I am a sucker for big chunky rings and interesting necklaces. I treat myself often because I'm worth it! 7.Beauty treatments – whether it's a cheap manicure or a full blown spa day, there is nothing more luxurious than getting pampered. 8.Giving back – Nothing feels better than helping someone else! 9.Curiosity – I think being genuinely interested in learning new things and creating new experiences is part of my well-lived life. 10.Supportive friends, family and readers



Bliss Spa!

habitually chic ASHA BY ADM



‌well-lived *

For Heather Clawson, fresh flowers are a must have--especially pink peonies! We could not agree more and we have asked fantastic San Francisco based floral genius Erin Rosenow to pitch in her two cents about what makes a great, simple, arrangement that still packs a mighty punch. We love Erin’s simple sophistication and adore her signature vibrant style. Here’s how you, too, can create tiny bouquets that are effortlessly chic and oh so pretty.

erin says:

The best way to make a short arrangement of all the same flower is to make a bouquet in your hand first. Play around with the shape until you arrive at something that pleases you. Then measure the bouquet against the vase to see where to trim the excess stems. Be sure that there are no leaves in the water. (This simple precaution will make your flowers last longer and look even better.) Think about adding a collar of leaves around the base for extra flair! rosenow floral design1251 45th avenue, san francisco, ca. 94122



…last but not least *

hello dolly! w hat

p c i a ch

é d ! air

ly l o d w&

lo l e f cor

illustration by cindy waters

We’d like to introduce a fellow* friend--Dolly Decorette. A new luxury home furnishings and interior design resource, Dolly’s team of design professionals are weighing in to give you the inside scoop. With teams based on both coasts Dolly’s designers will bring you the best from Los Angeles and New York. Guess who Dolly has chosen as part of her West coast team? Your favorite DÉCOR FELLOW, James Saavedra, will be at Dolly’s side helping her suss out all that is décor fabulous. So what is Dolly up to until her official debut? Well, for starters Dolly has hopped on plane and headed to Europe to see what is what at Masion & Objet and then she is off to peruse everything else fabulous in Barcelona and anywhere else great design takes her ! Not bad for a decorette. www.dollydecorette.com



Los Angeles based designer, James Saavedra , is a modern day renaissance man. With an extensive background in high-end interior design and an in-depth knowledge of product development, James has worked with companies large and small rolling out new product lines and creating sophisticated interiors in San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Shanghai. Quickly climbing the ranks and establishing himself as a style maker of his generation, James is known for his vast array of styling that can only be described as "effortlessly chic� believing that everyone deserves a life infused with beauty and style. Taking his creative talents further in 2007, James joined forces with fellow designer Kelly La Plante to create JAK Studio collection, bringing their vision of creating sustainable designer furniture to life. His most recent career advances include the launch of Decor Fellow, a style blog, his newly-released magazine, Fellow, and his addition to the faculty of the acclaimed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

fellow* Created by James Saavedra. Based Upon His Successful Blog -- DĂŠcor Fellow.