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National Tree Planting Ceremony National tree planting Ceremony, at Nyagatare District level, was officiated today Saturday the 30th-11-2013 by the District Mayor. This was in response to RHEPI’s request, and hence the tree planting activities took place at our Kagitumba operations site in Matimba sector starting from 6.00am to 3.00pm. The ceremony drew a huge number of local residents from the Cellules of Kyembogo. Kagitumba, and Kanyonza, and also many Government dignitaries including the Vice President and a team of Parliamentarians participated.Here bellow is a short list participants on this day:

 Vice President and other Members of Parliament  Mayor of Nyagatare District  Vice-Mayor of Nyagatare District in charge of Economic affairs  Vice-Mayor of Nyagatare District in charge of Social affairs  District Police Commander(DPC)  Ag.Executive Secretary /Matimba Sector  Ag.Executive Secretaries/ Kanyonza,Kagitumba,and Kyembogo Cellules  Immigration Officer -Kagitumba Border  GEF/SGP National Coordinator  DEF/REMA-Nyagatare  RHEPI Coordination Team(Projects Coordinator,Finance Controller,and Kagitumba Field

Site Manager).

 Kagitumba Residents

Actual tree planting: Prior to actual tree planting exercise, RHEPI with the support of grass roots leaders and REMA representative for Nyagatare District had conducted almost a week of community mobilization and identified both sources and types of tree planting materials. As stipulated in our project document funded by GEF/SGP((Global Environment facility/Small Grants Program),a strip of 8 km along the banks of rivers Umuvumba and Akagera were to be planted with a 10 m by 8 km buffer of leucaena spp and elephant grass. During phase one over 4800 seedlings of leucaena and 5500 elephant grass cuttings were planted but destroyed due to heavy drought and also negligence of some irresponsible farmers who let in stray animals to graze them. This season or second phase of the project, RHEPI concentrated on serious and committed model farmers with whom a new tree nursery of luecaena and a plot of elephant grass lids were raised to get new seed for this season. Types of tree seedlings planted this day,30th-November-2013 included: 1. Greveallea 5 700; 2. 6000 leucaena; and 3. 6000 elephant grass cuttings along a 5 km strip in Kyembogo and Kagitumba


RHEPI’s donated and trained oxen and a hired pick up hauled tree seedlings to different planting sites.

Figure :Trees planted primarily to protect the river banks.

NDUMUNYARWANDA Public campaign:

Coinciding with the National tree planting ceremony, and the usual end of the month Umuganda (Communal work), was the ongoing Ndumunyamunyarwanda Public campaign. Two tents accommodated a huge number of local residents who participated in the tree planting and later on gathered at one place for public address by the District Mayor and other Visitors. RHEPI Coordinator (Mr.Fabian Ruzigana) was offered a brief opportunity and

reminded those present our objectives of protecting the environment and improving the peoples’ health through community mobilization and training, and also introduced GEF/SGP’s role and support to implement the ongoing project intervention. GEF/SGP national Coordinator (M/s Laure Bitetera Kananura) also briefly addressed the gathering.

Figure :After tree planting;a huge number of local residents was addressed by the District Mayor and other Visitors.

Comments & Conclusion:

RHEPI gratefully acknowledges once again our appreciation to the District Mayor for accepting our invitation and bringing with him other dignitaries to hold the ceremony at our sites. This brings and leaves a positive impact on a successful completion of our intervention. We recommend to urgently engaging our stakeholders to immediately start negotiating how to follow up the planted trees and also completing other unfinished interventions with the GEF/SGP support.

RHEPI-Coordinator RUBAKISIBO James

Rhepi, kagitumba tree planting ceremony5  

Kagitumba is the entry border post to Rwanda from Uganda.Here Rwandese Health Environment Project initiative(RHEPI),a registered local NGO i...

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