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5 Steps To Lowering Your L D L Cholesterol

How to Lower LDL Cholesterol - 5 Simple Steps to Remember LDL is one of the types of lipoprotein carrying cholesterol from cell to cell. It is said to be the "bad cholesterol" because an increase in its level results in its accumulation in the blood vessels causing atherosclerotic plaque formation and narrowing of the arteries. These vessels can easily be occluded by a blood clot leading to heart attack and stroke. So it is important to maintain your LDL level if you are at risk of developing heart disease. The following tips below will show how to lower LDL cholesterol: Tip number 1: regular exercise Most of us follow a sedentary life style, which can be harmful for our health because will make you put on some extra weight and, at the same time, can raise your cholesterol levels.As with exercise, all your muscles are involves and the "bad energy" (called calories) are released, you can lose excessive weight and reduce your LDL level at the same time. Exercises tips: walking - It is an established fact that a 30 minutes walk daily can reduce LDL level by 8.3% within 18 weeks. - You can also involve yourself in some sports for that matter. Tip number 2: lose extra weight If you are obese then losing extra weight is essential for you because losing weight will not only decrease your LDL level but also reduce your total body cholesterol. Tip number 3: take niacin as supplement Niacin (vitamin B3), when taken as supplement not only raises HDL but also decreases LDL and triglyceride levels. So it helps in maintaining your good health. However if niacin is taken in excessive amount, it causes liver damage. So it should always be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Tip number 4: increase your antioxidants intake Antioxidants are the substances, which inhibit the damaging actions caused by the oxidation of LDL with free radicals as main damaging substances. Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Vitamin E, flavonoids and lycopene sources are other alternatives of antioxidants. Tip number 5: follow healthy diet You should try to take a diet containing minimum or no cholesterol as your body can produce cholesterol it requires. If you take cholesterol rich diet your LDL level will raise that can be harmful for your health, especially if you run a family history for high cholesterol problems.

Take more fruits and vegetables as they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that help. Try to include fish in your diet menu; a source of omega-3 fatty acid and plant source of fats as olive oil. All the above mentioned steps are simple yet quite effective in lowering your LDL level naturally without use of any medication. Get other effective strategies on how to lower LDL cholesterol, and start your battle being sure to win! The aim of website is to bring the latest information about lowering high cholesterol and LDL and increasing HDL naturally. Article Source: Search

Lowering Your LDL Chollesterol  
Lowering Your LDL Chollesterol  

How to Lower LDL Cholesterol - 5 Simple Steps to Remember - LDL is one of the types of lipoprotein carrying cholesterol from cell to cell. I...