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Radical designs with SharePoint

To create the best SharePoint design is to find a solution with a perfect harmony of form and function. They both have to be combined together in perfect amounts to result in a successful implementation. The least of all issues you would want in your hands is an imbalance of both leading to diminutive adoption rates. Even a smooth and efficient functional system may not be preferred if it is too unappealing and has poor user interface design. The initial and the overall view while designing a SharePoint application should be precise and yield effective results. Hence, the overall analysis, planning and the design wireframes and prototypes play the most important role. Every design solution built for the user should meet the user’s requirements, and should exceed his expectations. Analysis of customer needs helps get a clear idea of substantial deliverables. It is also required to plan the project to meet the budget, deadline and quality standards. Apart from using the conventional methods of writing documents with technical specifications, static wireframes, flow diagrams and cases, even radical ideas and out-of-the-box thinking should be supported with new forums so as to submit an effective design solution and deliver interactive and user-friendly prototypes. The latest modern versions by Microsoft have shown that a developed and an effective user interface drives user adoption. Combining these powerful tools with cutting edge graphic design will lead to a highly focused and customized design. Apart from the design stage, the other two crucial elements dreaded by developers are document collaboration and implementation of the design. To achieve effective result as a team, document collaboration is a crucial element. It is not impossible to maintain effective communication, although it takes a lot of efforts and management. There is a wide range of document collaboration methods offered by a combination of SharePoint Technologies and Office 2010, be it business plan routing through workflow, or co-authoring a spreadsheet. It is important to understand all the options using which you can collaborate effectively improving your efficiency and productivity as a team. To successfully deliver an effective SharePoint Implementation, some important points need to be kept in mind, and then neither will you struggle, nor will it fail. The first and foremost advice might be to migrate to Office 365. Now, if the budget permits, it is best to cover this step first so as to make the next two steps easy, that is, site management and areas of governance.

Once you have these two points under control, you will notice that you have eliminated some seemingly miniscule, but prime reasons which would have led to failure of implementation lack of site control, poor site navigation, lack of user training and lack of storage. Some most significant ideas to prevent implementation failures involve the people associated with the site from the client side. It is often seen that some internal employees may have a business interest with the site. Even if they are unsatisfied with it and really frustrated, it really helps if you include them in the site progress. Decentralizing the SharePoint site management also helps. The last but not the least suggestion is to introduce a mobile access to SharePoint, and even try migrating away from SharePoint if there is development around that platform. For more information regarding SharePoint Document Collaboration please contact us at our website.

Sharepoint design  

To create the best SharePoint design is to find a solution with a perfect harmony of form and function. They both have to be combined togeth...

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