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A Look at Sharepoint Branding 2013 And Its Features

Sharepoint branding 2013 offers some really great features

Start Master Pages for Sharepoint Branding This is a clean starting point for creating your own Sharepoint 2013 branding. Previously, Starter Master Pages were known as Minimal Master Pages in the 2007 Sharepoint edition and they only contained minimal HTML styling to accommodate some of the more specific needs. So what does this tool do? It conveniently speeds up the loading of starter pages using well known codes. All unnecessary content has been stripped away from the out the box product which was regarded as sluggish and bulky.

Sharepoint Branding Tool 2 – Java Script Library With this tools you can interact with Sharepoint functionality when using the Sharepoint client object model using the Java script class library.

The Font With thousands of Chrome extensions out there, it can be difficult sifting through them to find what you want. Don’t bother sifting – try the extension “What’s the font?” This Sharepoint branding tool is actually a browser width tester. It’s an app that allows users to sample the view of a live website by just typing the URL into the dedicated search bar and then choosing between Tablet, PC, Phone or auto. You can then reshape and sample the site to see how it will look in different browsers and as different sizes.

Adobe Edge Inspect This branding tool is great – all you have to do is continue browsing with a Chrome browser and the devices that you’ve connected to Adobe Edge Inspect will follow. So you can test the behavior and appearance of any Sharepoint page on various devices all in one go.

A Few More Things AboutSharepoint 2013 Branding 1. It’s really easy to create a range of looks using the out of the box options. 2. If you change the background image of a Composed Look, opt for a larger image that you won’t need to repeat. Don’t go the CSS route but rather switch the background to a larger one that can fill the viewport and not look pixelated. 3. Remember to save your customized looks in the Composed Looks list to avoid losing all the work you do. It might sound obvious, but remember to save so you can apply your looks again later. If you go on to playing with other looks without saving, you’ll lose your work.

Conclusion The new Sharepoint Branding Tool design emphasizes typography as a design element, which is great. They’ve also introduced a fun built in look which is a refreshing change and you can now achieve simple level branding without having to use HTML simply by creating a larger background image and making use of the predefined color schemes, site layouts and font schemes. The only cons, really, are the inability to create your own color schemes without first editing an XML file; also some people may feel that being forced to use a large image scaled to browser window is inconvenient. Finally, team sub sites don’t automatically inherit the looks created in the root level list of Composed looks. For more information regarding Sharepoint 2013 Branding you may please contact us at our website.

A Look at Sharepoint Branding 2013 And Its Features