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What is Peace One Day? ²  Peace one day objective is to make people aware of international peace day that occurs on 21 September each year. ²  The objective of the organization is to provide “a day for world wide community action with peace”, through the medium of music, dance, film and education. ²  Peace one day insures that hundreds of people are treated with life-saving treatments in areas of conflict. ²  Peace one day is the only day where they allow ceasefire and non-violence in the whole world. ²  Peace one day advertises peace throughout the world in different ways through Twitter, Facebook, BBC, Food adverts. ²  Celebrities promote peace one day through doing concerts and auctions of their items to raise money for the event.

What are the possible ways to promote peace one day? Examples of ways to promote peace one day: Billboard and Poster Advertising

Food Product Advertising

Social Networking Sites Advertising

Sport Advertising/ tournaments charity auctions Public transport and public advertising

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

TV/radio broadcasting Advertising

Guerilla Advertising Guerilla advertising is an useful strategy when promoting a charity or organization which allows the producer to create low budget advert of the topic of interest to the public in a interactive way. Examples of guerilla advertising are involved with: Graffiti, sticker ,bombing, flash mobs. The term guerrilla marketing is easily traced to guerrilla welfare which captures tactics to create a goal in which it can be competitive and unforgiving environment. Guerilla advertising is used in unusual circumstances when it is needed and it makes you interested in a way that you wont ignore it. Even on steps can maximize the brand and why it is so important to them can consumers relate to this someway? Displays should be on popular transport methods so it can be seen by loads of people to create an equal distribution of the campaign.

Colours and visible bold pictures will ensure people can take part in the viewing.

Experimental designs will prove that it does work on some level to interact with consumers.

Reverse Graffiti Advertising Reverse graffiti is similar to grime writing, green or clean adversting is a way of sending the message across through a different method of creating temporary or semi images on the walls or other surfaces. It is done by removing dirt from a surface using a powerful hosepipe of some sort. This was actually invented and founded by a British artist called Paul Curtis who used reverse graffiti technique in art. Also he discovered while dishwashing and found out that water pressurized on a surface creates a mark and showed this during a documentary. The first large reverse graffiti was created by Alexandra Orion in 2006 the exhibition was over 1000 foot is washed by the hose in sao Paulo in the end video. Banksy also used reverse graffiti in some of his works.

Wait Time Advertising Wait advertising refers to a marketing technique coined by Diana Derval that consists in interacting with consumers where and when they are available and receptive: while they are waiting This includes contexts like in the doctor's waiting room, in traffic jams, on social media platforms at the airport, in the train station, and while standing in a fast-food queue or in stores. This type of advertising will improve daily use of time and its notification, it will note the usage of time and where it can be seen in billboards ,posters, train canvasing etc. Wait time advertising will be freelance as it can be expressed in so many different ways.

Experimental Marketing Advertising

Experimental marketing can be anything as long as it promotes the object or the company is an useful knowledgeable way. It has to link to the target audience as they will need this to support and encourage them. It should inspire people to do some about it. Experimental marketing allows customers to engage and interact with brands, products in using their senses to collecting information from the product. The term experimental marketing refers to actual customers experiences with the brand/ product/service that increases sales sky high. The difference between telling people about features of the product or service and letting them experience it for themselves. When it is done right it’s the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty.

# Idea 1 Wall Advertising The first proposal I have made is to advertise peace one day through simple adverts in everyday life. This way the target audience will glance at the poster through train stations, billboards public transport etc. This will ensure that people everywhere will notice peace one day and talk about it which will spread the word of peace one day everywhere. Using wall adversting is acceptable as there are many unused walls everywhere in London and using bold and innovative colours will make the use of wall advertising stand out and predictable.

Bold lettering will be more noticeable rather than thin lettering as it cannot be meaning when seen.

White coloring will contact the persons mind when viewing it and use colour to objectify the message.

Question to the public will ensure an reply to the question given and it will play in their minds of what they will do about it?

Listing the available information of when the event is taking place will most likely be visited and important.

# Idea 2 Public Advertising The most visible place in the public transport we could think of was buses. To distract people to realise how bad the situation really is and if they could help in anyway.

Fire and violence can insure that people will notice it and will be aware of what peace one day can do to prevent it.

Logo signifies what company or charity this is referred to, noticing the destruction of the place in which the live or travel will insure their awareness of peace one day.

The second idea we have come up with involves public advertisement like e.g: bus posters, train miniature poster, radio broadcasting with peace one day producer's, bus stop rotating posters. This way every person who has to go to work, study (education) etc. Will see this while travelling through public transport. It will soak into the minds until the message is passed on through contact or speech. Public advertising is very important as it is possibly the easiest way to send the message across through efficient means of advertising peace one day.

# Idea 3 social advertising The third idea is loosely based on social advertising, it means people can advertise the product or campaign in social interactions which allow it to be knowledgeable and fun. This way everyone can be involved with peace one day through broadcasting like radio talking about events and time left to peace one day. Also not only stamps wills be distributed, leaflets, stickers and badges will make the project spread across the world. All these minor projects will help peace one day last longer and will change people’s mind of what this campaign will do for the rest of the world.

The stamps can be found on any public transport with volunteer's giving them away with leaflets will make a better way to send peace one day through to everyone.

Stamps can be useful when it has been distributed in many ways it can transform peace one day into something that people will find engaging.

Different colours are available because the target market will want different styles.

# Idea 4 Paintball marketing Paint splattered onto the board will create array of colours to stencil the text of the message. A variety of colours used will create diversity of how good it will look.

When the splattered paint is wiped off by an volunteer it wil uncover the hidden messages to the people, also it will unveil the total amount of money raised during this event.

This idea was involved paintballing, so we decided to make a paintball event for peace one day where teenagers over the age of 15 were allowed to participated in a friendly and interactive game of paintball. This would increase our target market to not just adults but teens too. This charity event will be held on the day itself so that the money we get from the tickets bought for the event will be donated to people effected by violence and war. So when teens come to have fun they will splat paint onto the different boards which will then be wiped off to discover each message.

# Idea 5 Weapon exhibition Logo displays what, where and date of the exhibition. This will be unmissable because it will take center stage in London's most visited places like next to parliament, big ben so that the government will notice and will take action. The Weapon exhibition will make money from the tour itself not only having a tank but army solider will show their knowledge and experience of how their time has been during wars. Tickets will have to be bought on the website to insure a place on the tour. Which will raise money for injured soldiers who defend our country. The use of military weapons will enquire the minds of so many people as to why peace one day are displaying violence and question why? What is the meaning of this?

The weapon exhibition will increase a more popular event where people can come and interact within the tank, weapons and tours. To expand their knowledge on war and how it relates to peace one day. This project will explain that violence shown will make people notice how it corrupt people into war and social protests to believe that they will create a better world. The money raised will go to injured soldiers who have on onto the battlefield to risk their life's to protect us. This idea will create pro and con people who will like and dislike this for many reasons as long as their notice it.

Evaluation Our strengths and weaknesses can be visible to all who notice it, the ideas we have come up with will involve peace one day in different and unpredictable ways, not normal ideas that everyone one will have come up with they will be vastly different. Peace one day is normally aimed at adults because of their understanding of the subject rather than teens, but we have expanded our target market to teens so it can be a benefit when we understand exactly what they are looking for in the event and what it means to them? The ideas we have come up with are mostly experimental advertising and some are related to guerilla advertising. We have chosen the safe route because with experimental advertising we know the basic form of our idea and understand where it leads. Whereas will experimental ideas will create division between groups who like and don’t like it. We did not want to go with the risk knowing that if we fail it would be related back to the idea we presented. So we have created ideas which will draw every target audience who can interact with the idea and gain some knowledge of what and why peace one day is so crucial in our fight for freedom. So with all that to bear in mind :

Who will you make peace with?

By Sumitra Sundaram, James Robinson, Matthew Edgson, Ayesha Begum

Peace One Day Presentation  

Peace One Day Presentation