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Aware About Link Penalties Identify and be Aware of Link Penalties In the contemporary business situation, Internet-based tools and applications are found to be widely adopted for promoting products and services. Especially in the case of online businesses, one of the major contributors is search engine traffic. This involves applying thought and processes toward achieving high Google ranking. Link building happens to be a common practice among online businesses for attaining good rankings. With businesses pushing link building processes to the extreme limits, it becomes natural that several websites get penalized for Google guidelines violation. Ways of Avoiding Link Building Penalties Following the steps furnished below may assist websites to sustain their top spot among Google ranking while being able to protect themselves against unwanted penalties: 

Stop the strategy of Guest Posting: Natural looking link profile is the best way to avoid penalties

Emphasize on Linking Domain Relevancy: Sites that contain unrelated links are naturally about to get hit

It is necessary to diversify your anchor text: Instead of blending in keyword-filled anchor text with generic anchors, try replicating a legitimate link profile

Building Brand Signals helps: Google favors brands—big brands not only get ranked better but also their penalties are removed

Spamming Social Signals is a Strict no-no: Be aware that social signals are used for confirming your links’ legitimacy

Trust building: It is a sound idea to build your website’s trust—check the site’s trust flow and take steps to improve

Pruning Bad Links: Stay ahead of updates by being proactive— remove links that you are not in need of

You can recover from any Google Penalty

It is possible for any site to suffer traffic loss caused by Google penalty— recovery is also possible by following certain procedures prudently. First, determine the nature of penalty, the severity of the issue, and then plan the duration under which you need to come out of the problem. The generally found Google penalties are Google Panda and Google Penguin. In order to recover from penalties, you need to identify the penalty and take correctional steps. We at Clorida Infotech SEO Experts can support you to recover your website from penalties by doing SEO Services. We being the SEO Consultants can analyze your website and provide the list of improvements in your website which are affecting your traffic and can fix those issues accordingly Diagnose why you have been Penalized – Locate the Bad Backlinks Regardless of whether it is an algorithmic or manual penalty, first analyze your site’s backlinks with the help of SEO consultants like us and locate which ones caused the drop in your ranking. Having identified such links, remove whichever is possible, and disavow those you are not able to delete. Wrong Tactics that need to be avoided 

Link Exchanges: Since effects of exchange links on third party sites’ pages is obvious, this must be avoided

Link Networks: Wrong link building tools and systems must be avoided

Repetitive Anchor Text: Too much of anchor text link building is to be stopped

Paid Directories: Paying does not assure giving value any more

Sidebar Links: Google doesn’t treat sites having lots of links in their sidebar While attempting all possible techniques to reach the top in ranking page is

inevitable, care and caution need to be exercised in following the right kind of processes and avoiding those that are not at all encouraged by Google, in linkbuilding practices. Best SEO services will definitely help you to resolve the penalties as well can improve your site better to attract many more visitors.

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