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The Final  Project   It’s  A  Small  World     James  Riley  

Naoki Honjo  

Friday 28  September  2007   From  September  28th  Paul  Smith  is  hosEng  an  exhibiEon  of  the  work  of   Japanese  photographer  Naoki  Honjo  in  his  Albemarle  St  shop.  

Naoki Honjo  

"Swedish Shipping  Terminal"     Published  in  "Small  Planet"     Naoki  Honjo.  2008  

Containers, urban  buildings,  express  highways,  Tokyo  staEon,  parks  and  people,   of  which  Noaki  Honjo’s  works  are  consisted.    

Richard Silver  

Mind Map  Of  Ideas    

Liverpool Street  StaEon  

Lakeside Shopping   Centre   Oxford  Circus  

Planning 1  photo  shoot   •  Ligh%ng  –  ArEficial  lighEng  outside  the  train  staEon     •  Props  –  No  Props  on  this  parEcular  photo       •  Models  –  The  Photo  will  have  people  like  models   looking  down     •  Loca%on  –  Upminster  StaEon   •  Date  –  AVer  two  weeks  before  completed     •  Equipment  e.g.  Tripod–  This  photo  will  be  included   with  a  tripod   •  Health  and  safety  considera%ons  –  Taking  the   photo  from  a  bridge  is  more  safe  than  a  plaWorm.    


The next  are  edited  photos  of  the  suburb  of  Central  London,  they  were  taken  from  the   London  Eye  on  the  South  Bank  of  the  River  Thames.  During  that  ride,  I  did  eventually  have  a   bit  of  trouble  taking  the  photos  due  to  the  crowds  onboard.  I  was  using  a  camera  made  by   ‘Sony’.  

A birds  eye  view  with  a  Southeastern  out  of  Charing  Cross  staEon  and  in  the  background  can  be   seen  St.  Paul’s  Cathedral.  

The background  view  on  this  picture  can  be  seen  the  BriEsh  Telecom  BT  Tower  and   the  Centrepoint  Building  and  on  the  foreground  is  a  great  view  of  Charing  Cross   staEon.  

This taken  looking  down  at  a  Southeastern  Train  heading  of  Charing  Cross  staEon.    

This bird’s  eye  view  is  looking  down  at  the  south  bank  of  the  River  Thames  with   adjustments  only  edited.  

A trains  taken  from  a  bird’s  eye  view  of  Waterloo  staEon.  

Another picture  of  the  south  bank  in  edited  lens  blur  on  the  outer  parts  of  the  photo.  

EvaluaEon The  last  edited  photo  may  have  looked  be\er  if  the  picture  was   closely  zoomed  down  at  the  people  and  the  buildings.  The  Lens   Blur  could  have  been  less  shaped  and  blending  out  longer.  The   LighEng  must  have  been  edited  as  normal  instead  of  using   adjustments.         The  photo  doesn't  seem  to  have  much  negaEve  space  at  all,  it   has  quite  enough  less  space  to  edit  more  of  this  photo.  It  looks   correctly  exposed  and  pa\erns  and  shapes  sEll  look  phased  out.   There  is  no  black  or  white  edited  on  this  photo,  but  I  have   enjoyed  edited  this  photo  Lens  blur.    

Upminster sta%on  


EvaluaEon The  first    photograph  taken  at  Purfleet  inspires  me  the  most  because  I  think  it  make  the  strongest   link  to  the  work  Richard  Silver.     I  took  this  photo  from  a  high  view  point  from  a  bridge  running  over  the  train  track  because  I   wanted  the  train  to  appear  smaller  than  it  is  in  real  life.     The  lens  blur  blends  just  in  Eme  as  the  train  is  going  away  which  is  more  focused.  The  distance   looks  further  away  as  well  as  the  negaEve  space  on  most  of  the  picture.  The  light  on  the  day,   although  it  was  natural,  it  was  an  overcast  day  with  not  enough  sunlight  which  made  the  photos   look  darker.        


It's A Small World  

A presentation of photographs, artist research and final outcome