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Welcome to Akaroa & The Bays


karoa is one of New Zealand’s first European settlements, with many fine examples of early architecture. Part of the Akaroa Museum has displays and a short film to help explain Akaroa’s past — its Maori history, French settlement, and British sovereignty. Akaroa is recognised as an exceptionally well preserved example of an early colonial village. Hugh Wilson, the manager at Hinewai Reserve,

has documented much of the natural history of volcanic Banks Peninsula which is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Murray Thacker at Okains Bay Museum has one of the finest collections of Maori artefacts anywhere in the world. The village itself boasts colonial architecture, galleries, craft stores, and cafés. Relax or take part in the many activities that are on offer.

Acknowledgements Special thanks to Akaroa District Promotions,, Akaroa Events, Rebecca Cooper Photographers: Raquel Smith, Sutamas Wongkui,, Chalita Klumjui Booklet design by James Print | Stock images:


Akaroa history A

karoa has a richly detailed history of both international and national importance. Banks Peninsula was named Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū, or the great food store house of Rākaihautū, the first Māori chief who settled this area. He chose Banks Peninsula out of all of the South Island for its great abundance.


Content provided by The Seventh Generation – History, Nature and Conservation Tours Akaroa

European whalers and sealers in the 1830s traded guns for food with Māori droving musket wars between competing tribes. Te Rauparaha from a North Island tribe bought bloody battles to the South Island and attacked many pa (defensive settlements) around Banks Peninsula. In 1830 Captain Stewart on the brig Elizabeth assisted Te Rauparaha to capture the great Ngāi Tahu chief Te Maiharanui and massacre 200 inhabitants of Takapūneke (Red House Bay, only 15 minutes’ walk south of Akaroa), resulting ultimately in the Treaty of Waitangi the founding document of New Zealand. French whaler Captain Jean Langlois made a ‘purchase’ of Banks Peninsula in

1838, the attempted French settlement was curtailed by Governor Hobson who raced his British frigate the HMS Britomart to Akaroa to enforce sovereignty before the French settler ship the Comte de Paris arrived only five days later. The French and English lived in settlements alongside each other, and this can still be seen today in the division of French and English street names. However, Akaroa has always been a multicultural port with settlers from all over Europe and beyond, creating the beautiful ambiance still found in Akaroa today with charming historic cottages, abundant gardens and groves of vineyards, olives and walnuts.

Langlois-Eteveneaux House, Akaroa's oldest house, built c. 1843 Photograph courtesy Akaroa Museum

Akaroa reserves Conservation


he natural world surrounding Akaroa can astound you. The harbour is home to the world’s smallest marine dolphin the New Zealand or Hector’s dolphin, and this is the very centre of its range with several thousand dolphins found around Banks Peninsula. You will also find the world’s smallest penguin, the unique white-flippered little blue penguin found only in Canterbury. Whales including humpback and the giant blue whale are sometimes spotted cruising past the Akaroa harbour entrance, and the mighty orca can come right up the harbour into the shallow bays. Out at sea there are many wild birds such

as the majestic wandering and royal albatross coming up from the deep subAntarctic Islands; also regularly spotted are mollymawks, giant petrels, Hutton’s shearwater and many more. The coastline is home to 60% of the world’s spotted shags, as well as pied cormorants, fairy prions, gulls and terns. Out on the cliff tops above Stony Bay is the last remaining colony of ground burrowing sooty shearwater or titi in mainland Canterbury. And Banks Peninsula is home to the most northerly breeding yelloweyed penguins. But this is nothing compared to what once was. When Rākaihautū settled this land as the first great Polynesian explorer he found a place that was alive with life, giant trees and forest from summit top to tumbling sea. There were birds so tame they could be caught by hand, and the sea so full of life that whales would breed in the harbour and hundreds of fish could be caught at one time. Nearby lakes were filled with eel and the beaches and streams were lined with white sand. Locals are working hard to protect what is left, and to restore back to life what was

lost. We live in a place with fertile volcanic soil, abundant clean rain and warm summer days, helping plants regenerate rapidly. Predator control of introduced pests is helping the reestablishment of native wildlife and forest birds.

Hinewai Reserve


inewai Reserve is the largest private reserve in New Zealand at 1570ha and is right on the doorstep of Akaroa township. Hugh Wilson is the manager and the visionary behind this mini National Park created for the protection of wild native plants and animals, and enjoyed by many visitors every year. Wonderfully accessible with a range of walks from half an hour to several hours, there are views down the crater rim into Akaroa Harbour and over Otanerito out to the vast horizon over the Pacific Ocean will lift your spirit. This is a place to explore and connect or let your mind wonder away. It is home to many unique plants and animals found only in New Zealand, or even only in this small corner of the world such as the Akaroa daisy or the Banks

Peninsula tree weta. Regular companions along the walkways include the South Island tomtit, rifleman, kereru, the cheeky fantail and inquisitive brown creeper as well as a cacophony of bellbirds. If you are lucky you may even see the rare and exclusive New Zealand falcon who have reintroduced themselves to the craggy skyline after many decades of absence. Hinewai will inspire you, the reserve was merely a rundown and weed infested farm in the 1980s overgrown with New Zealand’s worst agricultural weed – gorse. Hugh could see what others couldn’t, that gorse could actually aid in the restoration of natural vegetation. Gorse, a natural nitrogen fixer, could restore the soil, shelter native seedlings and eventually lay down their lives as a mulch as native plants gained canopy closure. Walk through Hinewai today and you will hardly believe the continual natural transformation that surrounds you. Even more incredible almost zero fossil fuels have been used by Hinewai management and the reserve makes far more money today from carbon credits than it ever did through farm production.


Akaroa alpacas T

he alpaca is an inquisitive, graceful animal with a long and fascinating history, often inspired by legends. Join a tour of our farm with our herd of over 160 alpacas and meet these beautiful mystical creatures that grow one of the world’s most luxurious fleeces. During a short introduction you will learn about alpacas and their quirky habits and feel the softness of award winning alpaca fleeces. Then take walk among our herd, feed the alpacas and take advantage of breathtaking photo opportunities against a backdrop of the waters of Akaroa harbour. Our shop has a collection of fine, luxurious, dye-free alpaca knitwear not available anywhere in New Zealand. Sought after for its cashmere-like softness and gentle warmth, our knitwear is crafted in a range of all natural colours and made in New Zealand. It is ethical process and a harmonious fusion of luxury and sustainability, a reflection of the natural beauty of the environment in which it is grown. Beverages and home-baked cookies are served at the end of the tour. 6

Mr Peacock, B our story

ased in Akaroa, Banks Peninsula on the beautiful South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand, designer Emma Manhart and Mark Kolff bring you their vision. We design beautifully hand crafted and colourful clothing as daring as your own imagination. Emma is a previous Wearable Art Award winner. She has shown at NZ Fashion Week and produced her NZ made Emma Manhart label in her

Nelson store for 8 years before moving to Akaroa. Our garments are all designed and made in NZ, using organic and fair trade cotton where available. We also use NZ made artisan and handprinted textiles. At Mr Peacock there are no limits to the bright colours and wild prints you can find yourself wearing. We encourage you to explore your inner Peacock, have fun and strut your stuff!


Community events

October to April

Akaroa Farmers Market

October 2018

TAKAHE - AKAROA ROAD RELAY Celebrating 77 yrs the annual Takahe to Akaroa Road Relay is organised by the Athletics Canterbury Cross Country and Road Committee.


BANKS PENINSULA WALKING FESTIVAL This walking festival celebrates the stunning scenery and intimate communities of Banks Peninsula. Set over 4 weekends, participants will enjoy a refreshing walk or a challenging tramp, meet new people and absorb the stories and atmosphere of this rugged land.


‘Inside Out’ – Akaroa & the Bays House & Garden Tour

More info on 8


INTERNATIONAL AKAROA SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL The 2018 Akaroa Summer Festival is designed to stimulate, educate and enthuse advanced young musicians from all over New Zealand and abroad. An array of distinguished international musicians and tutors will provide inspiring daily lessons, master classes and outstanding concerts. DRAGON BOAT RACING IN AKAROA Once again, the Aoraki Dragons bring the colour, noise and excitement of dragon boating to Akaroa Harbour! Check events page for the date.

March 2019

Akaroa Harvest Festival


DUVAUCHELLE A&P SHOW A popular Canterbury annual event among farmers, the rural community and visitors. Lots of entertainment, growers, producers, sheep shearing, terrier racing, etc. A great family day out. LITTLE RIVER A&P SHOW Little River shows us the very best of what the district has to offer to the rural community as well as the hundreds that travel to this event from the rest of Canterbury and beyond.


WAITANGI DAY CELEBRATIONS A great family fun day out in Okains Bay including a traditional Maori welcome onto the marae with two magnificent carved waka being paddled up the river. Colonial displays, exhibits, crafts, vintage engines, steam engines, printing presses, children’s games, tug-o-war, traditional hangi lunch, music and a garden bar and so much more.

MARCH 2019

SEAWEEK IN AKAROA Check out for the events planned in Akaroa for Seaweek. LE RACE The annual cycle race from Christchurch to Akaroa. This is not your ordinary 100 km race. Hugely popular across all abilities, amazing views and more hills than you can shake a pump at. Make a weekend of it and stay over. www. AKAROA & BAYS LIONS PADDY’S MARKET Easter Saturday. Every year the locals await the Akaroa & Bays Lions Paddy’s Market on the Recreation Green. Come and enjoy this fundraiser and take away lots of bargains. Furniture, collectables, tools, household goods.

More info on 9

AKAROA VILLAGE Akaroa village map


Harbar MA Maison Garden of Tane

Akaroa i-SITE Adventure Centre Walking Track

The Giants House


Activities in Akaroa and The Bays

Akaroa Adventure Centre Akaroa Dolphins Akaroa I-Site Akaroa Sailing Cruises Akaroa Museum Te Whare taonga Black Cat Cruises Coast Up Close ecoseaker Gaints House French Peak Wines Pohatu Penguins Raquel Smith Photographer Shamarra Alpacas

74A Rue Lavaud 65 Beach Rd 74 A Rue Lavaud Sea End of the Main Wharf 71 Rue Lavaud Main Wharf Adventure Centre Dalys Wharf 68 Rue Balguevie 79 French Farm Valley Road 8 Rue Balguerie 10 Ngaio Grove 328 Wainui Main Road

03 304 7784 03 304 7866 03 304 7784 0800 724 528 03 304 1013 03 304 7641 0800 126 278 03 304 7629 03 304 7501 021 0295 6043 03 304 8542 021 228 2442 03 304 5141 11

Hector’s dolphins A

karoa is the only place in the known universe where you can swim with The Hector’s New Zealand Dolphin. It is scientifically the most curious dolphin in New Zealand and quite possibly the world. ecoseaker is a small personal family business, they also have a fun adventurous boat which gets you close to everything, especially when dolphins surf under the front. Tours are exclusively limited to 12 guests only.


On their swim tour they also take you out longer to maximise your experience and value for money. If swimming isn’t your thing, try their Adventure Cruise: you will not be disappointed, the scenery and wildlife here is incredible. Steve the captain is a 5th generation local who knows all the secrets and

special places of Akaroa Harbour and its wildlife. ecoseaker takes 2 tours per day; One Dolphin Swimming Tour 10:15 AM – One Adventure Cruise 2:30PM, Although the Hector’s Dolphin is the most endangered ocean dolphin, as rare as Bengal Tigers and Silver Back Gorillas, you can feel good about this once in a lifetime

experience as it is all carefully managed by our Department of Conservation. ecoseaker is in sustainable ecotourism, there are no cages, feeding or forcing an interaction. It is all done in a low impact natural way in their natural habitat. This is not SEA WORLD this is THEIR WORLD.

Akaroa’s #1 Dolphin Swim On Tripadvisor

Contact & Booking

+64 3 304 7629 · Small Family Business · 100% Locally Owned & Operated 5th Generation Local · We have a close relationship with the area & wildlife


Akaroa dolphins T

hroughout the years, Akaroa Harbour has played a significant role in the lives of the people who live and visit the area. It was a life source, a whaling port, and in more recent times offering the opportunity for all to view the iconic and extremely rare Hector’s dolphins on a harbour cruise. Cruising on Akaroa Harbour is a magical experience.  Incredible wildlife, including dolphins, penguins, seals and various types of bird life is in abundance. The landscape, made up of dramatic rock formations created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions and lava flows, is the scene of a deeply carved coastline, and is some of the best landscape scenery in the world. A trip with cruise operator Akaroa Dolphins is a perfect way to take in the magic of the harbour and its marine inhabitants.  The love for Akaroa Harbour runs through the veins of owners Pip and 14

Hugh Waghorn and their children. Their history in the area dates right back to the early European and English settlers, with Pip’s ancestor, Etienne Francois Le Lievre, arriving in Akaroa in 1838 as a blacksmith aboard the whaling boat the Nil. Etienne then helped his good friend Captain Langlois set up the Nanto-Bordelaise Immigration Company, to bring the first European settlers to Akaroa.  Hugh’s ancestors arrived in the area in 1850, and a member of his family also worked on the first Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise back in the 1970s and 1980s, creating ties to the

original cruising in the area. Operating their own cruises for over 14 years, Akaroa Dolphins have given the fantastic opportunity to thousands of people to take part in the excitement and wonderment of the fantastic wildlife and dramatic scenery of Banks Peninsula in style. Stepping effortlessly on board Akaroa Dolphins’ luxurious vessel, which happens to be the most stable boat on the harbour, passengers are greeted with a choice of a complimentary beverage, including award winning New Zealand wine and beer. The size of the vessel

allows for a more personalised experience without compromising on space or comfort, and the freedom to move around the boat, taking in the unspoilt landscape and incredible wildlife of Akaroa Harbour, without having to deal with large crowds. Dolphin dogs are also a large part of the team, offering the special ability to find the Hector’s dolphins by hearing them. An award winning tourism company, Number 1 on TripAdvisor for boat tours, and with extensive local history, Akaroa Dolphins is the perfect choice for cruising and viewing dolphins in Akaroa.


Locally owned & operated Awardwinning cruise

Let our crew, including our dolphin spotting dogs, take you on a journey of discovery. Enjoy the fascinating history and amazing wildlife of Banks Peninsula aboard our stylish vessel. Highlights of our cruise include the rare Hector’s dolphins, seals, penguins, sea birds, spectacular sea caves and volcanic formations Step on board to experience the intimate luxurious cruise we offer and to see what makes us special, including a complimentary drink of award-winning wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks and home baking

WHY CHOOSE US? • #1 on TripAdvisor for Boat Tours • Family Business • 100% locally owned & operated • The most stable boat on the harbour • Cater for small groups • Luxurious vessels • Tourism award winners • Complimentary drinks and home baking • Dolphin spotting dogs • Department of Conservation approved 65 Beach Road (Waterfront) Akaroa / +64 (0) 3 304 7866 / / FREEPHONE : 0800 99 01 02





(Located next to 4 Square Supermarket)


P: 03 304 7784 E:




GIANTS HOUSE The Giants House is an award-winning, fully integrated combination of fine art work, sculptures and gardens, quirky, exuberant, seriously playful, colourful, elegant, makes you smile ... WOW!



“T o o k m y b re a t h a w a y ! ” “Foo d for th st! ” e o e so u l . ” a e f t o ry s u n e s n nt i m “ A b rill ia e ry v e ed v o L “ ” ! “ A ma z i ng MAGICAL SCULPTURE, MOSAIC, GARDEN & GALLERY Le Jardin de Josie Martin The Happiest Garden on Earth — Unique in the World Certificate of Excellence — Trip Advisor Garden of National Significance ( 5 Star) NZGT Recommended by Lonely Planet

OPEN EVERY DAY 11am–2pm, 1st May to 30th September 12–4pm, 1st October to 24th December 12–5pm, 26th December to end of April – with a delightful garden cafe email: 17

• Wildlife Kayaking • Stand up Paddle Boarding • Pedal Boat • Bike hire • Mini Golf


Adventure Centre (Located within the Akaroa i-SITE, next to 4 Square Supermarket) Email: Phone: 03 304 7784


Small groups & personal service!

Book now 0800 126 278 View photos from recent trips: Department of Conservation approved operator


AKAROA MUSEUM Be intrigued by unique objects and stories from Banks Peninsula’s past. Explore three new exhibitions: Ngã Taenga Mai: Arrivals, Land and Sea, and Tales of Banks Peninsula.

OPEN DAILY FROM 10.30 AM, ADMISSION FREE. Located in the heart of Akaroa, at 71 Rue Lavaud, opposite the 4 Square Store. Phone: 03 304 1013 Email: Website:


WINERIES IN AKAROA In a bay on the Western Shores of Akaroa Harbour, lies the scenic village of French Farm, where the original French Settlers first planted their vines. It is here that you will find our beautiful boutique vineyard, owned by Fraser Henderson and Elise Cailleau, leased by Renan Cataliotti. The unique terroir of the Banks Peninsula is reflected in the distinctive flavour of our wines, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and a Provencal style Rosé. The Akaroa Farmers Market is open October to April every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 1pm.  Banks Peninsula has an abundance of produce and a great micro-climate and lots of passionate gardeners. For sale you will find locally grown fruit, veges, herbs, honey, olive oil, olives, nuts and flowers plus locally produced preserves, pickles, jams, sauces, bread, pastries, cheeses, honey, lavender products and plants and lots more. sustainable farming techniques. It believes French Peak Winery Akaroa Winery is a beautiful Mediterranean style venue, overlooking n a bay on the Western Shores of Akaroa that its fruit makes superior wines. It is the stunning inlet. Nestled theextraordinary organic, focused onValley, creating ageHarbour, lies the Akaroa scenic village of Frenchin Takamatua family-owned vineyard is located on the north facing slopes of the unique worthy wines that express Farm, where the original French settlers the lush hillsvines. of Banks Peninsula overlooking Takamatua Bay. We characteristics of the fruit from Takamatua first planted their It is here that you produce the highest quality grapes with every aspect of our growing Valley. The rugged terrior of its vineyard will find our beautiful boutique vineyard, planting dedicated to Elise the environment, using sustainable farming produces wines with great intensity and ownedand by Fraser Henderson and techniques. believe that our superior finesse. Enjoy...wines. We are Cailleau, leased byWe Renan Cataliotti. Thefruit makes focused onthe creating extraordinary winesWines that express Meniscus — The wine is grown unique terroir of Banks Peninsula is age-worthy on the hillside offValley. Lighthouse reflected the distinctive flavourof of the our fruit from the in unique characteristics Takamatua The Rd on the side of great Akaroaintensity overlooking the wines,rugged Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris,vineyard Chardonnay terrior of our producessouth wines with township. The vineyard is readily visible and a and Provencal style Rosé. finesse. Enjoy... from the town as well as the main and Akaroa Winery is a beautiful Meniscusstyle Wines. Theoverlooking wine is grown onFrench the hillside off Lighthouse Rdvarieties Bay wharves. The grape Mediterranean venue, on the south side of Akaroa overlooking the township. The vineyard grown are Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot the stunning Akaroa inlet. Nestled in is readily visible from thefamilytown as well as the Main and French Gris. The wines reflect theBay wines from Takamatua Valley, the organic, grape on varieties grown areAlsace Riesling, Pinot and Pinot in the NE ofNoir France. ownedwharves. vineyardThe is located the north The reflect the wines from Alsace in thefrom NE 2009 of France. facingGris. slopes of wines the lush hills of Banks Vintages onwards are Vintages from 2009 onwards areItavailable. The 2014 PinotPinot NoirNoir has has a bold Peninsula overlooking Takamatua Bay. available. The 2014 produces thelight highest quality grapes with of the light cherry colour, aromas of the forest a bold cherry colour, aromas forest floor and ripe forest every berries aspect of growing planting floor and ripe forest berries with a hint of with a hintand of cocoa on the finish dedicated to the environment, using cocoa on the finish.

French Peak Wines Unique Terroir, Unique wines! Our 3.5 hectares boutique vineyard is located in the centre of an ancient volcano, on the shore of Akaroa harbour, Banks Peninsula.

Wineries in Akaroa


Run organically and Biodynamically by French Vigneron, Renan Cataliotti, to respect our soil and craft the best Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Pinot gris and Rose from our very unique and special terroir cellar door is open for tastings and sales at 79 French Farm Valley road, French Farm, Akaroa

Opening hours April to October, 11am – 5pm Monday-Wednesday Friday & Saturday For special Request, Please call Renan: 02102956043

October to April, 12pm – 6pm Monday-Saturday


eBike Akaroa

e Bi kin g A ka r oa

eBiking Akaroa provides electric bike tours with a range of options to suit our clients. Offering 1hr - 4hr tours or multi day tours to enjoy the most picturesque biking journey to the top of the Banks Peninsula crater rim.

Th e S o u t h e r n Bay Gu i ded Tour

Beginning in the Wainui Settlement, this tour and allows you to take in the stunning scenery of the inner harbour, Akaroa Village and Akaroa Heads, and the Southern Bays via the charming volcanic terrain of Banks Peninsula.

Th e Ea st e r n B ay G ui ded Tour

This enchanting tour allows you to take in the stunning scenery around the volcanic Banks Peninsula summits. It includes breath-taking sea views up to the Kaikoura Ranges and panoramic views of the eastern bays coastline.

e Bi kin g a n d Wine Ta sting


Starting in Canterbury’s French Farm village cyclists will soon ascending on a sealed country road around the inner Akaroa harbour and make their way to the crater rim. Viewing farm, harbour and ocean views before returning to French Peak Winery. At French Peak Winery you will meet the farm and try the local wine.

When you discover that you can explore the Peninsula by bike with an extra boost it is a fantastic feeling. Nothing beats being in the great outdoors, taking in the incredible landscapes of the area. So we now guide eBiking day trips and plan multi-day eBiking Holidays for you on French-designed Moustache Electric Bikes. You still have to pedal, have good bike balance and use your medium fitness level to enjoy our adventures. Trust us: it's a lot of fun and still a physical workout. We can not wait to share our exciting Banks Peninsula experiences with you all soon! Bicyclette eBiking Akaroa

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Kaz Bennett & Gail Turney Ph: 027 282 3444 or 027 446 6444 Email:

Alpaca farm tours

Wander through herds of grazing alpacas, marvel at their exquisite fleece and enjoy breathtaking views of Akaroa Harbour. Shamarra Shop stocked with Luxury Alpaca Knitwear in natural dye free colours exclusive to Shamarra.


PHONE: 03 304 5141

TOURS: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm Bookings Essential



W 24

elcome aboard the Ocean Sailing yacht Manutara. In 2006, capt. Ray decided to leave Auckland and sail

around the world. Ray, his wife and the cat left Auckland for good in April of that year. They thought they’d end up on the lakes of Switzerland or Austria with Manutara in the Mediterranean Sea. Six months after leaving Auckland, they called into Akaroa on their way around NZ. Ray says “We realised quickly that Akaroa looks just like those lakes. We fell in love with Akaroa and decided to go no further”. Ten years later Ray is still here, offering

a ‘Hands on’, environmentally responsible sailing adventure around Akaroa Harbour. “It’s a real bonus that the Hector’s dolphins simply love to swim and play alongside Manutara. We have the only deep displacement hulled vessel that cruises the harbour every day. The Dolphins have got to know it because there’s no threat to them. No noise, no spinning propellers, no diesel fumes for them to breathe. They chase Manutara.” capt. Ray says.

Since starting in Akaroa, Akaroa Sailing cruises have become quite popular. When you board for our 2.5 hour cruise, you’ll be invited to steer the boat if you like. You’ll get to feel how a real sailing yacht can be so easily controlled. In addition, you’ll hear great stories, told personally, about the settlement of Akaroa, its history, the wildlife and how the place lives and works.

Akaroa Sailing Cruises Welcome to Akaroa Sailing Cruises, Wildlife Sailing Cruises. Step aboard Manutara. A 47-foot, beautifully maintained RARE classic ‘Ocean Sailing Yacht’. Original 1946 vintage. One of the last ‘A-Class’ Keelers to be built. Designed to WIN the Sydney-Hobart yacht race. Indulge yourselves on this 21/2 hour UNIQUE, exciting, unforgettable Akaroa Harbour Cruise. Suitable for all levels of fitness. No previous sailing experience necessary. The Ultimate Akaroa Water Activity or Harbour and Wildlife Cruise.

Sail the Classic Yacht Manutara, on our Akaroa Harbour & Wildlife Cruise. Rated the best activity in Akaroa New Zealand 2010-2018 on TripAdvisor. It’s the Best of things to do in Akaroa NZ. MORNING CRUISE: Boarding 10:15am, returns 1:00pm Duration 2.5 hours AFTERNOON CRUISE: Boarding 1:15pm, returns 4:00pm Duration 2.5 hours BOARDING: Main Wharf Akaroa – Sea end of the Blue buildings | E: | P: 0800 724 528


Things to do Akaroa museum


Akaroa Museum reflects the varied and colourful history of Banks Peninsula. Three heritage buildings the Langlois-Eteveneaux cottage (early 1840s), the Customs House (early 1850s) and the Court House (1878) are part of the Akaroa Museum complex. The Long Harbour, a 20 minute DVD tells of the volcanic origins of Akaroa and its settlement. The permanent collection includes a complete edition of the Akaroa Mail from 1876, nineteenth and twentieth century costumes, photographic and family history archives. Right in the centre of Akaroa, The Museum also has a great gift shop with excellent cards, books and Maori carvings. Open daily 10.30am until 4.30pm. 

The Giant’s house

The Giant’s House — A historic Akaroa house with original artworks, terraced gardens with sculptures and mosaics. Very unique. A creative feast and a wonderful experience. Romantic, secluded and quiet, but only a few minutes walk to the centre of Akaroa. The Giant’s House was the first bank manager’s house in Akaroa, built 1880 of totara and kauri. It is grand in size, proportions, and features. Elegant and comfortable, it is designed and decorated in the French style. Being the home of an artist it balances and contrasts the historic and contemporary. Both the house and terraced gardens are full of surprises — expect the unexpected at The Giant’s House!

Akaroa walks Garden of TÃne


karoa has many lovely walks, ranging from short walks to all day strenuous hill climbs, but those tracks are not well marked and brochures are essential for walkers to find and follow their chosen route. The brochures are available at the Akaroa Adventure Centre. For short walks in Akaroa itself recommended is the Garden of Tane for an easy bush walk with delightful views and kids’ playground, or for a longer walk in Akaroa try the Lighthouse and Monument Walk — less suitable for families as there is some road walking. These are walks within Akaroa Village.

For a more challenging day in the hills around Akaroa, try the Childrens Bay Farm Walkway and do it as either a 1 hour there and back walk to the Rhino sculpture on Takamatua headland, or continue on to Takamatua itself. For a full day, Round the Mountain is an excellent day circular tramp  visiting Heritage Park, Purple Peak Curry Reserve and the option in fine weather to climb Stony Bay Peak, 900m above the town.  Tramping boots, water proof jacket, food and water essential on Round the Mountain as this is a real tramp. These are Akaroa Country Walks.  Users should be aware that all tracks may be slippery after rain and walking sticks are advised.


Cafes & Restaurants


Little River Little River Café

4237 Christchurch Akaroa Rd 03 325 1933

Duvauchelle’s The Duvauchelle Hotel

6026 Christchurch Akaroa Rd 03 304 5803

Akaroa Akaroa Fish n Chips Bully Hayes Electric Kitchen Espresso & Eatery Harbar Beach Café La Thai Restaurant L’Escargot Rouge L’Hotel Madeira Hotel Ma maison Murphy’s Sea Food Rona’s Bar,Resturant &Cafe Sweet As Cafe’ The Bach The Brasserie Kitchen & Bar The Grand Hotel

59 Beach Rd 57 Beach Rd 37 Rue Lavaud 83 Rue Jolie 69 Beach Road 67 Beach Rd 75 Beach Rd 48 Rue Lavaud 2 Rue Balguerie 7 Church St 42 Rue Lavaud 74b Rue Lavaud 57 Rue Lavaud 41 Rue Lavaud 6 Rue Lavaud

03 304 7464 03 304 7533 03 304 8585 03 304 8889 03 304 8060 03 304 8774 03 304 7842 03 304 7009 03 304 7668 03 304 8887 03 304 8533 03 304 8039 03 304 8585 03 304 7011

l e t o H e l l e h c u Duva 304 5803 P: 03

Great food full menu available 7 days a week.

Main Road Christchurch Akaroa Road Opening Hours: 7.30am - 5.30pm

Ph: 03 325 1933

lcoholic A great range of a drinks. and non alcoholic




A c c o m m o d at i o n — B a r — G r i l l

Ph: 03 304 7842


Off licence bar available





“Good, Honest, Affordable food”

57 Rue Lavaud P: 304 8039 33


a Thai provides a child friendly environment, with a takeaway option available. Dine inside or out and enjoy the experience provided by our team of friendly, caring staff. Relax

and taste our range of nonalcoholic beverages, beers and award-winning wines while savouring entrees or enjoying a meal prepared by our Thai chefs. With views overlooking the picturesque Akaroa

harbour, La Thai combines both the aromatic fragrances and sensational flavours of Thailand to create a memorable culinary experience. Gluten-free and vegetarian available.

69 Beach Road, Akaroa. Open everyday 11am onward. Closing time is around 9pm Phone: 03 304 8060 | Email:Â | Website: Facebook: La Thai Restaurant | Instagram: @lathairestaurant 34



G L U T E N F R E E O P T I O N S A VA I L A B L E Prices subject to change

59 Beach Road | P: 03 304 7464 | Open 7 days from 11am 35

THE B R AS S ER IE K ITCHEN AND B AR - A K AR OA • ( 03 ) 3 04 85 85 • info @ t h e b ra s s e r i e . co . nz • 41 Ru e La v a u d , A ka ro a • Fre e Wi fi





Sweet As, Les Delices F R E N C H B A K E RY C A F E

• C R E P E S ( SW E E T A N D SAVO U RY ) • F R E S H B R E A D

• I C E C R E A M • CO F F E E • R E A L H OT C H O CO L AT E


74 B R U E L AVAU D, A KA R OA 37


Murphy’s On the corner 7 C h u r c h S t r e et Ph: 03 304 8887

B u rg e rs

(All come with lettuce, cheese, onion, pickle, beetroot, tomato)

Beef, Chicken, Fish, Vege


1 Scoop


1/2 Scoop


F is h

(Changes daily please ask)

6 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa Telephone (03) 304 7011 Your Host Eric Ryder

Price per portion

Akaroa Salmon




Local Family$9Based Groper Gurnard $8 Business. Moki $7 $7 We catch our own Warehou $7 Fish Bites Fish. Fresh is$1best. Perch

Our Burgers areS100% p ecBeef, ial sChicken & Fish. E x t ras

Hot Dog

SpringWINTER Roll



1 x Grilled Akaroa Salmon Fillet

BUSINESS HOURS $3.50 + 1/2 scoop of chips $15 - 4pm out our Caravan Pineapple Ring $1.50 2 x FishCheck of the day Tuesday Closed B: Crab Stick $2 + 1 scoopon of chips $15 Wharf. the Main Wednesday 11am - 7pm Potato Fritter $1 Thursday$1 11am - 7pm Squid Ring Fresh Grilled We have a gluten-free option & available Friday $1 11am - 7pm – grilled fish, please ask. Battered Mussel n Chips – Thursday, 11am – 4pm Saturday 11am - 8pm Opening hours: SundayFish Chicken Nugget 50c 11am - 7pm Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm Onion RingSunday 50c Vege RollMonday $3.50 11am

• Bottle Store (Drive through) • TAB • Pokie Machines • Bistro Meals • Restaurant • Functions - Family or Business • Small Conferences 39

BA R Rona’s international team have themselves in Akaroa, sitting in proximity to sea and farmland.

RESTAURANT placed perfect

Named after one women that knew the importance of spending time with her loved ones Rona’s is a place for you to share with those you hold dear. You will find a laid-back dining, living room and garden experience. Relax and enjoy seasonal (with attitude) dishes, rooted in a style of cuisine seldom in New Zealand.

(03) 304 85 33 42 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa

Roasting, smoking, preserving & infusing are typical ways you’ll experience your food humble ingredients bragging with flavour.

Local wine & produce sourced from the Peninsula. Our menu changes constantly with what we find and the locals in our community grow and forage for us from around Akaroa and the bays. In addition to the plethora of creative joy the skilled people at Rona’s will be more than happy to pour together your favourite concoctions at the bar. You’ll find inventive cocktails with unexpected ingredients and herbs from around the region. They are laden with wines, both local and natural. These have been carefully selected, to mirror the seasonal fare. You can sit in the courtyard hidden behind the building where you’ll discover a Chefs corner. You’ll witness chefs picking throughout the day, to bring fresh ingredients straight to your plate. Rona’s is a place you’ll want to call your own.




Retail & Shopping

Akaroa Boat Shed Akaroa Dolphins Akaroa Four Square Akaroa I-Site Atelier Akaroa Ice Creamery Black Cat Cruises Blue Pearl Gallery Ca Bouge Boutique Fire & Ice King Fisher Smokehouse Lava Gallery Mr Peacock Pot Pourri Akaroa Fudge & Gift Shop Restore Beauty Studio Sixty Seven 42

81 Beach Road 65 Beach Road 72 Rue Lavaud 74 A Rue Lavaud 65 Beach Road 81 Beach Road Main Wharf Main Wharf 34 Rue Lavayd 6 Church St 46 Takamatua Valley Rd 61c Beach Road 8 Rue Balguerie 60 Rue Lavaud 39 Rue Lavaud 67 Beach Rd

03 304 1111 03 304 7866 03 304 7054 03 304 7784 03 304 8830 03 304 1111 03 304 7641 03 304 7262 03 304 8024 03 304 7804 03 304 8823 03 304 8875 03 304 8753 03 304 7052 027 244 4211 03 304 8750

1881 1914 50 1








Akaroa: Home of the Original

Blue Pearl

Located on Akaroa’s Main Wharf this family run Gallery welcomes you with an extensive range of custom-designed Blue Pearl pieces. The Blue Pearl is unique to our waters. Our abalone – locally known as Paua – are the only abalone across the world that successfully produce Blue Pearls. It takes one humble Paua approximately three years to grow a pearl resulting in a lustrous brilliant pearl. Craftsman jewellers work on these rare pieces right in front of you at the Gallery workshop. Every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing that it is a sea-grown Blue Pearl. Be sure to visit our audio-visual education centre and learn about the Blue Pearl process. The Gallery also boasts an array of fine South Sea Pearls, amber jewellery, and a trove of other treasures waiting to be discovered.

Blue Pearl Gallery Main Wharf, Akaroa 7520 Ph: 03 304 7262 44


LAVA Celebrating New Zealand Made

Celebrating New Zealand Showcasing Madeand quirky original Showcasing creations. quirky and original Art, creations. Jewellery, Pottery, Home Art, Jewellery, & Giftwares Pottery, Home Ê & Giftwares

61c Beach Road Akaroa

61c t. Beach Road, Akaroa (03)304-8875 Phone: (03) 304 8875 E:

w.ÊÊ Follow us on: facebook



M R P E AC O C K 8 Rue Balguerie Akaroa 03 304 8753 mrpeacoc Akaroa Designer Emma Manhart and Mark Kolff bring you their own collections of garments, complemented with high quality New Zealand made underwear, footwear and more. COLOURFUL CLOTHING FOR ALL D E S I G N E D & M A D E I N AOT E A R OA , N E W Z E A L A N D




6 Church Street, Akaroa 7520, New Zealand Phone: +64 3 304 7804

Fire and Ice showcases a collection of New Zealand Blue Paua Pearl. Fire and Ice showcases a vast collection of jewellery designs from our local artisans along designs from our local artisans along with other New Zealand and overseas artists. We also stock pure essential oils with other New Zealand and overseas sourced fromminerals aroundand thepearls. worldOur We travel the world to source our natural gemstones, crystals, artists. and our range of massage oils and knowledgeable staff will take pleasure in showing you our extensive range of gemstone synergies blended byNew our We travelNew the Zealand world to source our jewellery, Greenstone and Paua Shell jewelleryare as well as theon-site exquisite Zealand gemstones, Blue Paua Pearl. natural crystals, minerals aromatherapist. and pearls. staff from around the world and our range of We also stockOur pureknowledgeable essential oils sourced We are a retail shop with a difference, will take pleasure in showing you our massage oils and synergies are blended on-site by our aromatherapist. extensive range of gemstone jewellery, providing a spectacular showcase of We are a retail shop with a difference, a spectacular showcase of colour, light light and fragrance from the New Zealand Greestone and Pauaproviding colour, and fragrance from the earth. earth. Shell jewellery as well as the exquisite


Studio Sixty Seven GIFTWARE

New Zealand gifts, artwork, kiwiana, souvenirs and more! Studio Sixty Seven is the perfect store to find exclusive gifts, artwork and treasured momentos to remember your stay in Akaroa.

Open 7 days 10am – 5pm daily, 67 Beach Road Akaroa 03 304 8750 50

Traditional oak smoked the centuries old skill of fish curing and smoking is alive and well in the picturesque takamatua valley and Akaroa harbour.


1972 Akaroa’s Original Fudge Akaroa Shop Fudge and Gift Shop



Free Tastings – over 40 flavours

60 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa, New Zealand | Phone: 03 304 7052 | Email: |

Akaroa’s Number One Souvenir & Gift Shop

Akaroa’s ‘Original’ Fudge Shop

• Souvenirs • Jewellery • Children’s

• Cards • Books • Gifts

• Free Tastings • Home to Akaroa’s famous fudge for over 16 years

Toys • Home Decor

• Skin Care Products

• Delicious cream and butter fudge - 40 different flavours • Freshly made on site in the Pot Pourri kitchen 51

A contemporary shopping space filled with a wide range of designer labels for men & women. From versatile street-wear to fashion-forward pieces, there’s bound to be something for you. Ça Bouge Boutique also boasts breathtaking seaside views, an outdoor area stocked with magazines & the daily paper, and a hitch for your pooch. This a shopping experience not to be missed when in Akaroa! Open daily from 9:30am – 5pm or shop online

34 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa | 03-304 8024 |


Trading Hours

8am - 6.30pm Sunday - Thursday 8am - 7pm Friday & Saturday

Open every day except Christmas Day.


Easy Entertaining

Freshly Baked

Meat Cut Daily

Gourmet Pizza

Beer and Wine

Freshly baked breads and croissants.

Premium range of French cheeses and fine wines. Hot cooked chickens for your convenience. Bonjour !


Explore South Island

Driving Distances

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Nelson / Hanmer Springs - Hurunui / Blenheim Kaikoura / Akaroa / Arrowtown South Westland / Greymouth / Buller Fiordland / Invercargill 54




Akaroa to Christchurch

1 hr 24 mins


Akaroa to Hanmer Springs

3 hrs


Akaroa to Picton

7 hrs 34 mins


Akaroa to Hinewai

20 mins





Akaroa to West Coast (Greymouth)

4 hr 24 mins





Akaroa to Queenstown

6 hr 53min


Unique to Akaroa – white flipped penguins I

Photos: Steve at ecoseaker & Rob Pine

t all started when the Helps brothers bought Pohatu/Flea Bay as a rundown farm with fallen down fences and covered in gorse in 1969. That is when, during the first night there, they also discovered they had purchased a penguin colony of both little penguins and yellow eyed penguins. The Helps family had always looked at conserving special areas of their farm still in native vegetation, so early on areas of the Pohatu/Flea Bay property were earmarked for conservation. Areas of significant native vegetation were put into reserves and covenants and easier land was cleared for grazing giving the property a park like appearance including plenty of avenues of native habitat for indigenous species and for the protection of waterways where a wide range of native fish are flourishing. There are different steps to the conservation: grazing sheep, predator control, providing and monitoring nesting sites and rehabilitation. Grazing sheep helps to keep fire risks down and controls preferred introduced predator habitat. A careful management of native habitats became a big part of the farm management and includes monitoring of lizards and

insects as well as the monitoring of the extensive penguin colony. Predator control in trapping lines throughout the property is the most crucial part of protection work undertaken. It started more than 30 years ago and it is still going on. Being on mainland cannot stop the fight against introduced killers. After 15 years of self-funded trapping and conservation, the first survey was done in 2000 and with a decent number of breeding pairs which put Pohatu/Flea Bay and the colony under the spotlight. Unfortunately once the colony was made famous and known to the general public, it quickly became clear that controlling the flux of people coming at random times of day or night looking for penguins was a necessity in order to avoid disturbance and breeding failures. And so was created Pohatu Penguins/Plunge NZ Ltd to help manage this influx and make the general public aware of what is happening and show that we can all do our bit if we put our minds to it. Eco tourism has become a very important part of the management of the property and it has especially helped and will continue to help with the ongoing conservation work at Pohatu.



Community services


03 304 7004 2 Selwyn St / 03 304 1177 03 304 1030


9 Rue Lavard In An Emergency ring 111


73 Rue Lavaud / 03 3041026

LAUNDRIES 1. Akaroa Public Laundry Facility situated at the Akaroa Waterfront Motels 56 Rue Jolie, Akaroa. Opening hours 8am – 9pm. Call in at Motel office first. Charges $4 wash, $4 dry. akaroawaterfront@ 03 304 5858. 2. Akaroa Village Inn Laundry. Situated by the Akaroa Main Wharf. Opening hours 8am – 8pm. Call in at Motel office first. Charges $4 wash, $4 dry. 03 304 1111. 3. Akaroa Laundry. Entrance is off Rue Pompallier, Akaroa. Akaroa Laundry is a commercial laundry where you can leave your clothes to get washed. Open 10am-2pm daily and closed on Wednesdays. 022 040 7511. ST JOHN In an Emergency ring 111 CHURCHES St Patrick’s Catholic Church St Peter’s Anglican Church Trinity Church (1886) Presbyterian

19 Rue Lavaud 10 Rue Balguerie 39 Rue Lavaud


03 304 7816 03 304 7784 57


Enjoy your stay.





Akaroa Harbour

nature cruise Find us on the Main Wharf in Akaroa


$85 kids $35


Swim with the

dolphins Find us on the Main Wharf in Akaroa


$175 kids $145

Call today 0800 436 574 Or book online at

Explore Akaroa & The Bays  

Akaroa is one of New Zealands first European settlements. With many fine examples of early architecture. Explore Akaroa Village with its co...

Explore Akaroa & The Bays  

Akaroa is one of New Zealands first European settlements. With many fine examples of early architecture. Explore Akaroa Village with its co...