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Bricks are what build a foundation, a structure, something solid and meant to last. A brick is something we don’t often think of as on it’s own. It’s all the bricks combined that can create something so spectacular. We are the Bricks which create The Polygon. Okay, in a general sense, yes the literal bricks create the houses, but with out us, these houses would not be what they were. We are the foundation of the Polygon. An ever changing and adaptive location, we change the face of Southampton. Brick is a publication which celebrates The Polygon, an outlet to prove that we are the future. Musicians, Designers, Videographers... The creatives we have are countless. The aim is to promote the local talent. Made for The Polygon, Made in The Polygon, Made by The Polygon.

Herbivore The Medic and Bejnamin Saint are two Hip-Hop producers, and longtime associates, originating from Watford. Ben, aged 21, is currently in his third year of Popular Music Production, and will soon be returning from the Polygon, to his London roots, whilst Herbivore is currently in his first year of Digital Music Production, and will soon be relocating from his halls of residence, into the Polygon. Both share a strong passion for music of all genres, however, their heaviest influence, and particular common interest is Hip Hop production. Whilst both have distinctive styles which reflect their characters, they also have a passion for collaboration, and making eachother progress in their productions.

How did you become a musician, and how did you become a hip hop producer?

What is the future of your production career? What can we expect to see soon?

I played drums as a kid, me and some pals got a band together, playing rock music, beatles type shit. After the band split I started making music in a duo. recording mad psychedelic music in a spare room. This was when I started using logic and I guess first started producing. Hiphop? Well, that probably has something to do with Jaku from the Eylsian People. We went school together and he showed me a lot of music. Long story short herbivore the medic came about.

10 sack of soul is my debut EP. Just a lil snip-it of my style. A benz of herbivore the medic. Check out the youtube channel see work with artists and colaps with producers. Blow tress and meditate

How would you describe your sound, and how has it developed? My sound, smoking music. For that that time you really need to chill... Sit back relax and roll something fat and listen to sounds of the medic. What is your sources for inspiration as a producer? Do you look at production outside of your particular interests? My inspiration probably comes from a hole heep of music, stoned ideas and crazy shit on the internet. I like music with soul. Roy Hargrove, Big Mama Thortan, Jill Scott. I wanna get involved in art and video media. How do you feel being a student in southampton has developed your sound as a producer? Ive been given 3 years to work souly on music. Practise makes perfect.

Top 5 producers: Suff Daddy Kev Brown J Dilla Rjd2 The Neptunes Top 5 albums: Ready To Die -Biggie Smalls Sgt Peppers - Beatles La Woman - The Doors Doggy Style - Snoop Dogg Donuts - J Dilla

How did you become a musician, and how did you become a hip hop producer?

I don’t feel this is due to Southampton just a progression of my interests in the genre.

Two friends told me to play bass in a band. realised i was listening to more hip hop than any other genre and wanted to carry on making music after my band had split so decided to start making hip hop

What is the future of your production career? What can we expect to see soon?

How would you describe your sound, and how has it developed? Soul Samples. over the years of producing I have developed from boom bap drums to more modern drum programming. But the samples always defines which direction I want to take the song. What is your sources for inspiration as a producer? Do you look at production outside of your particular interests? To be the best i can be and make an impact on the genre. I pay close attention to structure of music looking into how songs are built and what makes a song great. How do you feel being a student in southampton has developed your sound as a producer? Since living in Southampton my music has become more commercial as I feel hip hop in the mainstream is more foreword thinking than underground side of the genre. However,

To get features on artists albums and starting impacting the genre making a name for myself. Except a joint instrumental EP with Herbivore The Medic coming soon, twerking music. Top 5 producers: Kanye West The Neptunes Dj Premier Q Tip Just Blaze Top 5 Albums: Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest Late registration - Kanye West Be - Common The Blueprint - Jay - Z Seeing Sounds - N*E*R*D

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So Bless Records is a new Record Label to come out of Southampton, started by The Polygon’s own producer J-Rust and Hyperian. The up and coming label is an exciting start up, with a lot of releases and podcasts to be released soon.

The two producers and best friends have a fresh view on the music scene, and want to show off the latest sounds in music to everyone. With a big passion for Hip Hop and Drum & Bass music, the two create mixes with music for everyone.

The label has currently been seeking exposure through Solent’s Radio Sonar, and have just released their first podcast available for free download. The current mixes includes the sounds of Kendrick Lamar, Sango Koreless, Chord Marauders, Big L, Melé, B.Visible, A Tribe Called Quest, and plenty more to get your ears around.

Watch this space for SoBless. There’s a lot in the pipeline.

Peter Tate, aka, KushT is an up anc coming Drum and Bass producer from Oxford, currently located in Southampton. Peter is in his 3rd year of Digital Music production and already has a foot in the door of the industry. Upon moving to Southampton, and selling his decks due to his incapability of saving money, Pete’s love for mixing was soon overshadowed by his ammount of production. Whilst maintaining DJ sets supporting some big named artists at clubs such as Soul Cellar and Junk, this allowed him to become a more established producer. Peter’s sound can only be described as his own. With a liquid undertone, mixed with rapid drums and experimental sampling, he is one to look out for on major record labels in the near future.



Garry Jones is a Photographer studying at Solent, who’s work you’ve more than likely seen. Known for his club photography at Roxx, Junk, and Soul Cellar, he’s not just a one trick pony. Garry is a man of many disciplines. His club photography comes from a combination for his love for DJ’ing and Photography, with this as a bi-product of his involvement with the music industry, However, he’s recentley been working on projects, collborating with make up artists Aprill Ross and

Francessca Sorrccos, as well as Landscapes projects. As a man of many disciplines, Garry has a varied style which caters for a lot of peoples taste. With a large knowledge of the equiptment, both Digital and Film, Garry is a go to guy for professional photography in The Polygon.





You may not know about this place, and this is why I’m writing about it. We live in a concrete jungle here in The Polygon. We feel like we have to stay in the same place, and why should we? We have our shops at the top of the road, along with our favourite bars and clubs. We don’t really leave here, because this is where the majority of us live. At the end of Sandhurst road is a set of woods. Joined by a park and a set of alotments, you probably won’t notice them unless you know someone who lives on Sandhurt or possibly Burlington. The woods aren’t that exciting, if you could be bothered, I’d recommend going to Common for a more exciting exploration, however, it’s a change of a scenery. I suggest you go down there one day. You can chose the day you go, but I suggest you pick a day when you’re sat at your desk all day, getting frustrated with work. Instead of getting distracted by others, and without leaving the Polygon, see something new and unknown, and you may fall in the love with the place just that little bit more.

As students we like to save as much money as possible. Whether it’s to spend the rest on booze, clothes, or other interests, we’re hated by anyone with a job as we consistantly scrimp to save a penny here or there. With food , we give into the idea of convinience almost instantly. Your generic student’s diet consists of frizen pizza, instant noodles and microwaveable currys. Cheap, quick, and mess free. But this is where the meal deal comes in. We often by lunch when we’re out. Unless you’re a late riser, we are often up and about before lunch time. As I’ve already mentioned, we like convinience, so going home is sometimes out of the question. So where’s best to get a lunch time meal deal?





Price: £3 Content: Sandwich, 500ml Drink, Snack. Attribute: Variety

Price: £3 Content: Sandwich, 500ml Drink, Snack. Attribute: Quantity

Price: £3 Content: Sandwich, 500ml Drink, Snack. Attribute: Quality

Price: £3 Content: Sandwich, Unlimited Refill Drink Quality: Choice

The Tesco meal deal is probably the worst. Although we see Tesco as a value company, their meal deal is overshadowed by it’s competitors. Although they possibly have the biggest variety of fillings for pre packaged sandwiches, their overall satisfaction is pretty low.

Out of the meal deals, I think with the Co-Op you get the most for your money. Although their selection of sandwiches is limited, their ammount of filling and ability to have a Ginsters sausage roll as a snack means you’re definitley not going to be left feeling empty after a meal deal.

The fanciest of the deals, Sainsbury’s selection of sandwiches range from your basic egg and cress, to your finest Ham Hock or Salted Beef filling. Although you’re not choice of snacks isn’t as good as the Co-Op’s, you’re in for a treat with the quality you recieve .

Subway is the choice to go for if you have been deprived of vegetables for a few days, but then again, what students eat vegetables? Choose from a variety of fillings and have it your way, whilst you fill up on your unlimited refills. Especially brilliant as a hangover cure.

Graphic Design: James Willsher Photography: Cover by James Willsher One In One Out by James Willsher Peter Tate by Garry Jones Garry Jones by Garry Jones The Woods by James Willsher Bang For Your Buck by James Willsher Links: Herbivore The Medic Benjamin Saint SoBless Records Peter Tate/KushT Garry Jones garryjonesphotography/

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