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Computer games in society Influence computer games have in society: Nowadays computer games have a huge impact on society there are many benefits and problems associated with gaming all of which can lead to changes in society.

Benefits: Gaming itself is very educational and is seen as one of the most valuable learning techniques due to the player being in a relaxed environment and not usually realising that they are learning with every hour of playtime. With today’s technology gaming can also be a valuable fitness tool with areas such as the Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii taking gaming to the next level by making it more interactive for the players. It can also improve the hand eye co-ordination of players and mean that they become more creative with the re fingers and less dependent on there’s for tasks that involve computers and other hardware which can be associated with gaming Also gaming nowadays is quite social due to the online gaming which on some consoles can be played whilst in a party with your mates. Also games themselves can boost the economy and income of certain areas due to the selling of loads of games. Also Gaming can now be considered as a career and there are many people who regularly travel to gaming events to try and make money.

Problems: There are also a huge amount of problems with gaming as well. Although gaming can be educational the educational area of gaming is very small compared to areas such as shooting and fighting games. This can become a major problem due to the fact that more and more young children are getting hold of the more mature violent games such as GTA and Call of duty. The effects this can have on society are very bad and can sometimes cause younger people to see real life as a game. Games are also considered by some scientists as addictive which can often lead to violence within players when they are left without the game to play. Also as it can be considered addictive there can be a huge health problem with those who play the games due to some of them doing nothing but eating and playing games increased the rate of obesity in some countries.

Psychological effects of gaming: The games of today are often considered addictive amongst many experts due to the high realism and the need to play the game due to earning and ranking systems associated with it. A test was taken by a scientist which proved that giving a rat a food button would mean that they would press it when they wanted food but when food became random (like game exp and level ups) then the rats would press the button excessively to make sure they got food therefore showing a subtle addiction to pressing the button. This can be seen in some human cases when faced with

games such as world of war craft which harbours a whole world for players to explore with various ways of earning experience and levelling. For example Chris Dando played world of war craft and was constantly playing it. At first his parents just thought it was nothing but then they started to notice drop in academic grades and also lack of socialising with his friends. They then cut of the internet which made Chris so angry he kicked through his sister’s door. This case study shows how game addiction can be very serious and can bring out the anger in children and teenagers.

Computer Game genres There is a wide span of game genres in the world and here are just a few of them.

Role Playing Game (RPG) This game genre is all about playing as one character often through a pre-set story mode with either a pre-set character or a character which can be changed during game set-up. It is a very interchangeable genre as it is often mixed in with other game types to make the game more appealing (an example of an RPG Horror mixture would be Dead Island).

First Person Shooter (FPS) This game genre is all about playing a shooter in first person view, often only being able to see the gun and ammo/equipment display. A good example of an FPS would be the Call of Duty.

Racing This game genre is all about driving around in vehicles. There are many different types of racing games from simple control style racing games such as Mario kart to massively realistic racing games like dirt which have a damage effect which alters car performances.

Adventure This game genre is similar to RPG as it is often playing a role however the style of the game is very different instead of levelling and gaining experience you often gain points and have more challenging things to do. A good example of an adventure game would be Crash Bandicute.

Family This genre is all about playing as a group rather than playing solo. The games are often a lot more interactive and very colourful for all the young children. A good example of a family game would be Wii sports.

Areas within Game development There are many areas within games development which need to be taken into consideration.

Concept: This is one of very early areas of development when game developers use artists to draw up designs of various characters and scenes for the game. The concept art stage is a very important area in game development due to the whole game relying on what everything looks like.

Map designers: This is an area which specialises in designing maps for the game. Many games such as call of duty and gears of war need map designers to design all the online maps for the multiplayer section. Map designers take into consideration various areas of the game to make the maps fit and make them more playable. For example gears of war map designers often make the maps very interactive and have special events which take place randomly during the game.

UI (user interface) Programmer: The UI programmer develops the user interfaces for a game this could be anything from the start screen down to the options menu when u pause the game. The programmer is more likely to develop a library which they use for all projects. Most UI’s look 2D even though there developed with the same 3D software used in the whole game.

Gaming Platforms Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 gaming platform is one of the most up to date consoles in present time it has a 1080p resolution and has a backwards compatible with older Xbox original games. This is a huge advancement from the Xbox original which has a resolution spec the same as most PAL TV’s. It can have multiple hard drive space from the lowest being 4 GB and the highest being 320 GB.

PS3: The play station 3 is a very unique console as it is not only a gaming platform console but instead it is seen as an entertainment console. As it is an entertainment console it is not entirely gaming but still manages to have a resolution of 1080i. The play station three can also be used as a Blu-ray player computer and media output. It can have multiple hard drive capacity ranging from 20 GB to 320 GB.

Atari: The Atari gaming platform is very old now using cassettes to play the games at the time its plug in concept was the first of the consoles to hit off with the public. It didn’t have any hard drive space as it ran the game from the cassette it also had around 128 bytes of ram. From this you can see how far consoles have advanced in the past 40 years considering now the Xbox 360 offers up to 320 GB storage runs off disk and offers a higher graphic quality than the Atari could.

Part 2 Game Design Shooting Game I have chosen a shooting game it is a food based shooting game with the lead character being a bean sheriff who is after the scum and villainy of new potato a town populated by vegetables and fruit. The environment will specifically be food orientated with backgrounds mainly being food shaped buildings made of food.

Data Dictionary Item First Screen New game button Options button High Score New game Screen Start Game controls Options screen Sound button End game Screen Restart button End game button Game Screen Crosshair cursor Ammo display

Description Loads new game screen Loads options screen Loads highest score chart Loads game Loads controls Turns sound off or on Restart game Ends game When left clicked bullet is shot from gun. Ammo display goes down one bullet.

Pseudo code Home screen appears with background (frame 1) audio plays (detective music) Left clicking new game will take you to start game (frame 2) Left clicking options will take you to controls screen (frame 3) Left clicking highest score will take you to saved scores (frame 6) Left clicking start game will run game (frame 4) When dead game over screen appears (frame 5) Left clicking retry will take you back to game (frame4) and reset score and time Left clicking end game will take you back to home screen (frame 1) score and time are saved in high score (frame 6)

4. Using examples from your game design explain how the structure and design of a game can assist in maintenance and capacity for extension.

Structure and design assistance in maintenance and expansion Structure The structure of the game i 

Design The design of my game is very simple at the moment which is very good when considering expansion. The simple design of the game means that adding new characters and changing original characters for seasonal versions is much easy due to manipulation of characters taking very short amounts of time.

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shauns gd ass 1  

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