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re you taking full advantage of the incredible HR opportunity? Fact is, if you want to take your career to the next level, you can’t wait for the company to go first. You have to grab this bull by the horns. Whether the company agrees to pay for your training or not, get it anyway. In my experience, there are always plenty of companies on the lookout for strategic HR executives. In this program, We’ll take you through a process designed to turn you in to a HR dynamo and improve your bottom line! These eight Webinar sessions are sent to your inbox every other week. You can access all past webinars online at any time. You will have up to 6 months to complete the program and related assignments. Note: this program is not about legal compliance. It’s about growing a business and career.



Session #1

Discover WHY You Want to be GREAT at HR

How clear are you about what you want to do with your HR career? Are you on the right path? How would you describe your career to date? It’s time to get clear about your future opportunities. In this session you will learn: Understanding the HR journey. What being really good at HR means for your career. Discovering your personal “why” and making a commitment. What kind of HR executive do you want to be? We discuss money, self-worth, job and income security, having more fun, and recognition. • Understanding that being a great HR executive is an inside-out job. • Eliminating the blockages/excuses.

• • • •

Session #2

What great HR means to your company. The importance of diagnosis. How to calculate your HR metrics. How to conduct audits and surveys. How to communicate your findings to the executive team.

Session #3

ASSIGNMENT Complete the HR Cost Calculator, distribute the HR Department, and Survey to the management team and meet with ownership.

Upgrade Your Hiring Practices

The number one concern of executives worldwide is to hire people they can trust. Hiring is the “tipping point” of the HR function. Most performance, retention, and legal problems are solved in the hiring process. In one of our longer sessions, you will learn: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

How to use social media in the recruitment process. How to test for skills and assess for character. Powerful interviewing techniques. Conducting criminal, credit and other background checks. How to create an employee referral program that works. The emotional reasons why companies don’t hire the right employees, even though we know we should. What to do about it.


Complete the Assessing Your Human Relations Quotient and Self Analysis Questionnaire for Personal Inventory.

Diagnose Your HR Needs

How well do you know your HR numbers? How well can you define the bottom-line impacts of your HR efforts? Do know what management needs from you? Where do employees have concerns? In this session you will learn:

• • • • •


ASSIGNMENT Complete the Hiring Checklist for your company and perfect the Interviewing Questionnaire. Provide these tools to anyone doing hiring.


Session #4

Performance Management … that Works

In today’s “squeeze” economy, productivity is the second biggest concern of executives. If you can help your employees become just 5%-10% more productive, you can generate a significant bottom line impact! In this session you will learn: 1. Why “old school” performance appraisals are a waste of time 2. The most important questions to ask when designing an employee performance system. 3. How to develop standard operating procedures and conduct best practice meetings. 4. Managing poor performance.

Session #5

ASSIGNMENT Create a 90 Day Game Plan for HR and a weekly To Get Done List for you.

Upgrade Your Retention Practices

Now that you have trustworthy employees who are producing, you want to keep them! The cost of turnover is enormous and the third greatest concern of the executives we’ve surveyed. In this session you will learn: 1. How to measure the total cost of turnover. 2. The most common reasons for turnover and what you can do about them. 3. How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applies to employee retention. 4. The most important factor when it comes to designing an employee retention program. 5. How to analyze the cost/benefit efficiency of a retention program.

Session #6

The importance of innovation for HR Tips to get out of the box and generate creativity. How to build a learning organization. The only employee suggestion system that works. Using “branding” techniques with your workforce.


Complete the Turnover Cost Calculator for your most common turnover positions. Complete the Retention Program Possibilities Spreadsheet inputting your programs.

Innovation and Best Practices

Today’s company and HR executive must innovate and differentiate…or die. So, just how out of the box are ya? Are you reacting to the competition’s HR story or creating the standard to follow? In this session we learn the importance of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


ASSIGNMENT · Read Orbiting the Giant Hairball · Distribute the Creativity Checklist, and Employee Suggestion Form · Watch the I-Power Webinar. · Then do one creative thing and let us know what it is!


Session #7

Victims, Villains and Heroes: Managing the Emotional Stage

It feels like HR is stuck in the middle of a never-ending drama between management and the rank and file. In this unique session you will learn: 1. Why so many employees are attracted to the victim mentality. 2. Why all bosses are villainized. What to do about it. 3. How to be a HR hero without burning out in the process. Note: This course alone is worth the price of the entire program! We encourage you to share it with your management team.

Session #8

ASSIGNMENT Burn the VVH audio recording onto a CD and distribute it to your management team.

Create a Strategic Plan and Ask for a Raise!

As the saying goes “without a plan any road will get you there”. There is no substitute for having a written plan. In this final session you will learn how to create a strategic plan that will get the attention of your CEO and executive team. Then we’ll teach you haw to get a raise!

• Identify your top three goals for the year. • Identify the steps you need to accomplish them. • Plan on taking one step per month, including the strategy, tools, budget, and support required. • Get it all in a written plan. • Present the plan to management and the workforce. • How to then ask for a raise...and get it!


ASSIGNMENT Create a draft one year plan for the department and review with your boss, owner, executive team, etc.

The value of this program easily exceeds $2,000. For a limited time only it is offered for only $297.00 or $97/month for three months. But that’s not all...

SPECIAL BONUSES: In addition to the above we offer these additional tools and support which have a value of over $1,000!

Bonus Video #1 Time Management that Works Effective executives manage their time well. This is a two-part training program we encourage you and your entire management team take advantage of. This bonus is guaranteed to increase your effectiveness and reduce stress!



Bonus Video #2 Seeing the Big Picture: Business Acumen to Build

Your Credibility, Career, and Company

Based on Kevin Cope’s #1 National Bestseller, Seeing the Big Picture, this webinar simplifies complex and intimidating financial concepts and teaches a business model that enables employees, no matter their role or experience, to practice and perfect their business acumen throughout their careers. You will return to the office with a better understanding of how you can make smarter, faster, and more profitable decisions that drive profitable and sustainable growth. Learning objectives include: • Gain personal credibility and buy-in for your initiatives by identifying and communicating how these initiatives impact your company’s key performance measures. • Become more relevant in your role, and as a business leader, by aligning your learning and development strategies with your CEO’s priorities. • Build on your employees’ desire to contribute to the business by helping them see the big picture and how their decisions can help drive the success of the company.

Bonus Video #3 HR That Works for the Workforce - Our Make-Or-

Break Role in Success or Failure

Bill Jensen has been studying business’s ability to design work for over two decades. Much of what he’s found horrifies him. That’s because he’s studied everything from the workforce’s perspective. Attend this webinar to fully understand: • • • •

HR’s role in the New War for Talent (Millennials are changing everything!) HR’s new role in performance management HR’s new role in organizational effectiveness and more

In this powerful, highly engaging session, Bill Jensen will show you the biggest, quick-hit tips for getting everyone to work smarter, and for remaining a strategic ally to both executives and the workforce.

Bonus Video #4 Ownership Thinking: How to End Entitlement and

Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit

Brad Hams is on a mission to eradicate entitlement. His company, Ownership Thinking, has helped over 1,000 companies to do this, and to create cultures of earning; of employees who think and act like owners. Join us as he shares his insights on the topic of Ownership Thinking. In terms of practical application, this webinar focuses on these key areas: • The Right Education: Teaching employees the fundamentals of business and finance, how their company makes money, and how they add (or take away) value. • The Right Measures: Identifying the organization’s Key Performance Indicators (with an emphasis on leading, activity-based measures), creating scoreboards, and forecasting results in an environment of high visibility and accountability. • The Right Incentives: Creating broad-based incentive plans that are self-funding (by virtue of the first two components), and that clearly align employees’ behavior to the organization’s business and financial objectives.



Brad’s thoughtful program goes far beyond just the business and financial implications as noted above. It also addresses the nature of entitlement, why it has become so pervasive, and how it has come to be such a destructive force in our culture today. Thankfully, Hams does not leave us hanging on this dreadful and dark future, rather he makes an uplifting and compelling argument as to why people may be drawn to the security of dependence, but how this flies in the face of true human ambition and potential. He then provides insights to help you break your employees’ addiction to entitlement and unleash their true potential. Ownership Thinking will help you to achieve greatness in your organization, and leave a legacy that is far more inspiring and significant than you may have imagined possible.

Bonus Video #5 The Accounting Game In this webinar Vicki Hill & Kim Fassezke with the Coastal Training Technologies Group will discuss financial insights. The Accounting Game has proven to provide the financial knowledge employees need to increase efficiencies and bottom-line results! To be a strategic HR executive you must know your numbers!

Bonus Video #6 ‘I-Power’ The Million Dollar Miracle Business System Ken Glickman, co-creator of the I-Power, Time Management Magic, Stress Busters, and Secrets for Success seminars, will teach attendees how I-Power works and how to begin to institute the program in your organization... plus, how to use it in your individual business and personal lives. During this powerful Webinar, Ken will teach you to: • • • • • • •

Generate 100s of money making... money saving ideas Quickly increase revenues, profits, efficiency and productivity Foster dynamic teamwork Cultivate an organization of highly-motivated, positive, can-do men and women Unlock the power of the Subconscious Mind Turn on creative thinking... anytime... anywhere Make ‘continuous improvement’ part of your organization’s culture...part of the natural way people work and think every single day • Improve every aspect of how you do business

Bonus Video #7 Focus on Results-Only: The Contemporary Work


Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson are the Founders of CultureRx and creators of the ResultsOnly Work Environment (ROWE). Cali & Jody are nationally recognized keynote speakers and have presented to numerous Fortune 500 companies and prominent trade associations. Cali & Jody created ROWE based on the belief that the traditional solution of flexible schedules is not the answer to managing life’s many twists and turns. Bottom line? Work sucks. So they’re on a mission to fix it. Today, Cali & Jody are leading a global movement to forever change the way we work and live. During this webinar Cali and Jody will discuss: • The traditional workplace • The problem with flexibility


• A Results-Only Work Environment • Managing to Results: Talent Management 2.0


SPECIAL BONUSES CONTINUED: HR tools you can use ASAP to help improve your company and career. Powerful Presentation Techniques Report: This special report teaches you how to state your case to company executives and others.

Motivational HR Posters: Put these on the wall... and keep yourself motivated! And More! Including all the forms, calculators, and checklists that come with each training session. Note: All training bonus videos will be supplied at the end of the Strategic HR Program training. The forms, tools, etc. will be supplied with each session.

Here’s Our No-Nonsense Guarantee:

This program will dramatically improve your value to your company and help grow your career. As a result, you will have more fun making more money! What more can you ask for than that? You will have up to 30 days to cancel and request a full refund of your tuition fees - no questions asked. All the risk of your satisfaction is on us!

To sign up today go to If you have any questions please contact me directly at Here’s to your HR success, Don Phin, Esq. President of HR That Works



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Strategic HR Program Brochure  

Strategic HR Program Brochure