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Family travels - by Jim


he line was short enough, only about 4 people ahead of us and perhaps another 6 behind. Then again, ZĂŠ Manel dos Ossos in Coimbra only has five tables and, including the kitchen, is probably the size of our utility room at home. We were informed by the guidebook that it could be quite a wait, as patrons here are quite loyal. The owner suggested it might be a bit less than an hour. While Morgan and I held our place, Susan and Sydney scouted out other offerings in the neighborhood. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman behind me. I was only now, after 10 days, getting a few words and simple sentences in Portugese. He didn't speak any Portugese any way, so we shifted to Spanish. My knowledge of Spanish is mediocre, but when I substituted a French word for a Spanish one that I couldn't pull out of my brain quick enough, he said that was fine. He hailed from Spain, just south of the pyrenees and French was the second language at school. So, I spoke French, he replied in Spanish and the true bilingual conversation went smoothly as any. He dines at Ze Manel every time he visits Portugal. The girls returned, reporting that all the other restaurants had no


wait because they were all empty. Hmmm... one restaurant with an hour wait and the others empty - were we going to be impatient tourists?

Gazette 2007

Below: Morgan & Sydney at Ze Manel dos Ossos Opposite clockwise from top: Mosteiro da Santa Maria da Vitoria, Batalha, Ceiling - Mosteiro de Jeronimos, Belem. Nave, Mosteiro da Santa Maria, Alcobaca. Front Igreja (Church) de Santa Cruz, Coimbra.


Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007