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Remodeling 501


by Jim

n a continuation of the previous year's work, we decided to open the walls in the living room (called the "Den" in 1950's parlance) and insulate the drafty place. We were ready to put the walls back up when the water main under our house ruptured and work turned toward boring pipes, opening kitchen and bathroom where all the walls had to come out, and finally re-plumb the house. Well, it seemed prudent to re-wire the house at the same time, so the vacumn clea ner in the living room would no longer trip the kitchen lighting and that is how we spent our year. Two years ago, Sus a n h a d d re a m drawings done for new kitchen cabinets. Now was the time. D u r i n g the tear-out, I learned that the i n it i a l ow ner/ architect built to nuclear blast s p e c i f i c a t i on s and any remodels were built to "cover it up" standards. I could barely remove the original tile. While we were at it, we regraded the back yard, restored the wood doors, finished two fireplaces, had Eco-Blast re-


move the paint from the exterior stone (who in their right mind paints stone?). I did the electrical (it passed inspection). A million deta i ls ta ke up more than 50% of a project and we learned about cabinet builders who promise a six week build ti me. Two reschedules, two no-shows and six

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007