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Sharon Sienko Laidlaw March 17, 1965-July 17, 2007 by Susan

This year a significant amount of my time has been spent with Sharon. In early Januar y we learned that there were no other cancer treatment options available to her and that experimental treatments were her only option with limited chance of success. Being the fighter and eternal optimist that Sharon was, she began the first of what was to be many drug trials. Sharon was feeling better and hoped to go back to work at the end of January or the beginning of February. With a small window of opportunity we thought it would be great if Sharon could come to Portland for a week and spend some time with us, and the girls. So at the end of January, Sharon, Stephanie and Kendall came to Portland for some sister, girl time.


We had a great week filled with travels to all of Sharon’s favorite places, eating her favorite foods and just spending good times together, despite the fact that we only had one bathroom and a makeshift kitchen due to our recent water problem. Sharon’s

health did not improve as experimental treatments continued and thus March took me home to celebrate our birthdays. Sharon wanted to go horseback riding so Stephanie and I went with her to the ranch for a crisp but beautiful horseback trip. Our birthday dinner was great but sad as I began to realize that this would be the last time that we

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