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We are from Portugal By Morgan and Sydney

We are from The sun cooking your skin Wearing layers of clothes at night Putting on loads of sunscreen Sweatshirts are our new best friend. We are from Walking down the street to a local bakery Smelling the fresh smell of pastries Every day having a sugar coated donut with custard, yum. We are from Eating at the busiest restaurant even if we have to wait an hour Eating chicken or pork almost every day Drinking the delicious Sumol at every meal Having refreshing ice-cream on those hot days. We are from Feeling the soft sand between your toes Watching the waves crash hard against the sand Learning a lesson to always wear sun screen. We are from Never finding a cab Having to wait 45 minutes in the boiling heat for a trolley Hearing people sing happy birthday when the wrong train comes Missing a train by two seconds and having to wait 1 hour and 54 minutes at 1:00 am. We are from Seeing crazy people run after a bull Wild people making the bull so mad it would not even run Seeing the bull get treated horribly. That is where we are from!


Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007