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on Tuesday to get a new passport if all goes well and the flight to Portland leaves each morning at 8 am, so I was looking forward to a 4 day holiday in Frankfurt, in January, dressed for Bombay, India. No, they did not give me my luggage for the second time on this trip. Well, the gods must be smiling. The border patrol slacked off, let me into Europe without a passport (I don’t know, maybe terrorists never lose their passport; their drivers license’s are never out of date, and people like me are low risk in Europe). The weather was a wonderful 45 degrees each late afternoon, so I survived wearing all the clothing I had with me each day. On the second day, Lufthansa called my hotel letting me know, their cleaning people had found my passport under my seat (I had folded my jacket on my lap when I fell asleep) and I could come to the airport to pick it up. For some unknown reason, for the first time in my life, I had purchased a $200 surcharge on my airfare to allow me to change the date of my flight home (I was unsure of how many


problems I m ig ht have in Ind ia), but in s o m e t w isted log ic Lu f thansa felt that I was the one who had changed my flight home and wanted me to buy a new ticket, until I recalled the type of ticket I had and they allowed me to “change” my departure date for only an additional $200 “change fee”. And finally, Portland had it’s only snowstorm of the year on the day after MLK's birthday during my flight home, so all patients that I had to cancel because of my “European Vacation” could not have come to the office anyway since the whole of Portland was shut down. I missed no work, had four delightful days wandering the streets of Frankfurt, visiting churches and eating hearty German food, and didn’t have nearly as much jet lag because of the stop.

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007