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in LA first. Perhaps there was a reason I was carrying that passport in my pack all the time. In January, I had travelled to India for two weeks, when I had an unexpected extension to my vacation. On my last day in Bombay, I had been scammed by several taxi drivers working together out of 500 rupees. Not exactly a fortune, but I was worried these unscrupulous taxi drivers were going to dump me somewhere I didn’t want to be. In the end, I got to my hotel and back to the airport later in the night for my departure home. I loved visiting India, though after the typical discomforts of travel culture shock, financial scams, intestinal shock, etc, I was happy to finally board the plane with all my luggage. I didn’t even care if Lufthansa got my luggage home (they certainly had a problem getting it to India). The flight left Bombay at 3 am; exhausted I fell fast asleep until arriving in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, I did not have a through flight and I had to change planes, because when I tried to get back on in the next terminal, I couldn’t


find my passport. I knew I had it in order to get on t h e f i r s t plane, and I couldn’t recall brushing into anyone that could have pick pocketed me (and I am hyper aware of a number of techniques that pick pockets have tried on me in other travels. Until this year, I had never lost any valuable. However, those German gate keepers would not let me on the plane despite the obvious fact that I must have had my passport to board the first half of my itinerary. However, german principles were not going to let me on a plane to the US and it departed without me. Now what do I do? Perhaps you have seen “The Terminal”, the Tom Hanks film about the guy stuck in the airport - it really is not far-fetched. It was Sunday. I found one has to get to the US Embassy and they are golfing on Sunday. Monday was Martin Luther King’s birthday and they celebrate that at the US Embassy in Frankfurt as well. It takes four hours after they open

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007