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rriving at the airport … That is how several adventures began this year. In October, I had planned to attend a voice conference in LA and take my bike. For some reason, I procrastinated on hotel reservations, and by the time I started looking on Monday before the Thursday conference, I was seemingly out of any reasonably nearby option. In the end, it was a bonus since I needed to stay farther away from the conference (6 miles - about a half hour in LA time), I decided to offer my fellow, Manish Munjal a trip to the conference and share a hotel. I looked online and found that I could get him airfare with a car rental for half the price of an airfare (try to figure that logic out). I bought it and booked the car in his name, a requirement of the offer. I figured that even if they didn’t accept his license from Delhi, India, since I had paid for the car, I could drive it. I had even planned to take the day off before the conference to finish my talk. I had actually taken off four days the week before, but in the end, most of those days ended up being filled with “urgent” surgeries. I had almost finished the talk at noon, drove out to buy a new portable hard disk (so I didn’t have to keep erasing the one I had before each new lecture - video files use up a lot of hard drive space). I came back from lunch with the drive,


plugged it in and it took down all of my video drives, frying the connection between all the drives. I took the drive back for a refund, and though the store was skeptical, they plugged it in to their computers and indeed it was fried. Fortunately with three connections to each video drive, the slow USB connection still worked and I spent 4 hours just transferring the files to a new portable drive. About 8 pm I headed home for my 4 am trip to the airport in the morning. “Sir, do you have another ID?” queried TSA guy. That guy in the uniform who is supposed to be looking for terrorists points out that my drivers license expired a month ago - and no! I cannot get on the plane. Perhaps terrorists are so busy they are likely to have

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  
Gazette 2007  

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