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Sydney's New Look! by Sydney

I got a new hearing aid this year and my eye doctor said I needed glasses, so I found some pink ones. I began to dress differently than Morgan. I love reading. Glasses - On Saturday Octomber 6, 2007 I found out that I was going to need glasses. We spent severa l hours looking around that day. The one I liked best, I found at the first store. Waiting 10 days and now seeing things more clearly helps a lot. Now I blame my mom because I could have been blind since 2nd grade. But I also blame my dad for his genes. He wears glasses.

Gymnastics - Last year was my first level 7 season. I only did 3 meets but it was really fun. This year I am doing another season of level 7 and hoping to do better. I have some new skills including giants, a f r o nt h a n d s p r i n g front pike and a round off back handspring back layout. I am working on getting a back handspring on the beam.


Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007