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more, like we had our whole life. We wanted to be separated so we split rooms. We had to get every thing out of the rooms. I hate doing that. It takes so long. I think I have never done something so long and boring! It took us about 3-4 days just to clean out two rooms. Sydney has the most “junk” in the family. We each have our own rooms and we love them. Mine is blue and brown a nd Sydneys is green a nd pink. They both have our own personalities and mine is always clean, wel l most of the time. I change my room a rou nd about every three months. Why not, it is my room, I hope I never have to share a room with her


again because she is so messy. I actually like having my own room, it can be my own personality not both of ours. Not dressing alike! September 5, 2007 was the 1st day of school and was also the 1st day Sydney and I did not dress alike. It was not me who did not want to dress alike; it was my sister, Sydney. When she said, “she would not dress like me any more.” I thought she was crazy. Why not dress alike. I see no point why not to dress alike but there are a million reasons to dress alike. One very obvious reason to dress alike is we are twins. Hello! Twins dress alike. That would be like telling Thing 1 and Thing 2 not to look or dress alike. I mean it is just common for twins to dress alike, so we should too, but it is too late now, Sydney will never dress like me again. Hey, we even have some different clothes so we can’t dress alike with different clothes because it would not be dressing alike with different clothes.

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007