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Morgan's Year by Morgan

Gymnastics! This year I am a level 7. I have a ton of new skills like a switch leap, front pike, and a layout on f loor; back handspring and back wa l kover on the beam and giants on bars. Vault - well, it is still the same. I practice 16 hours a week plus the meets. My best score is a 37.0 in my first season. Next year, I am planning on going level 7 again with higher level skills. This year we get to go cool places like California, Utah, Washigton and of course Oregon, my home state. I hope to continue doing gymnastics and do better this coming season.

some new classes like French, and Journalism. I still have the usual classes, reading, writing, social studies, math and science. Some of my favorite assignments have been the Eiffel Tower poster in French; "I am from" in Writing; reading "Great books" in reading, having articles published in the school newspaper in Journalism and the best - getting up at 6:30 AM to do homework,not. Splitting rooms ! At the beginning of 2007 my sister and I decided that we d id not wa nt to share a room any

7th grade! This year is 7th grade. New teachers, old teachers. new friends, old friends. Life is not much different at school other than


Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  
Gazette 2007  

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