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his year celebrates my 15th year at the Shriners hospital in Portland. To celebrate, my faithful co-worker Cathleen and I decided to check out higher education again. Our children are aging and we aren't growing younger.


ity amputations and children with hemiplegia while still completing our present grant - evaluating the function of boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Only time will tell whether I decide to actively pursue a PhD, but at this time I have enjoyed taking the classes and my statistics skills have improved significantly, p<.001!

Kirstyn's High School Graduation Quilt

In March we started testing the waters with our first in a series of three statistics classes. We figured even if we didn’t pursue anything past the class it would assist us greatly in our daily work. Invigoraed by our first class about ANOVA’s, we began using our new knowledge to analyse data that has been waiting for a while. It does seem that now data analysis takes much longer when you do things more thoroughly. After a summer off we signed up for statistics II - regression. We again applied our newly learned techniques to analyze data for our upcoming manuscripts. Although it was a lot of fun we were happy to be finishing our final exam in early December. We are both assessing whether a PhD is the right path to take or whether individual classes to advance our skills in our job is the better way to go. The next term is off regardless, as we prepare for our new grant using functional MRI’s in children with upper extrem-

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007