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India by Jim

acophony. Really, only an audio recording would do justice to Bombay. I could be politically correct and call it Mumbai, and I tried, but everyone I encountered still called it Bombay and did not feel strongly about the political message that was sent by renaming everything. The discomfort of travel. After a spicy meal that your GI system isn’t used to, you take a long walk. As your gut speaks to you, at first you ignore it, but soon it is too late. Now you need a restroom. You do not realize how much you know about your own culture until you realize how difficult it can be to find a bathroom in another culture. I commiserate with anyone who has urgently hunted for a place of relief in another country. Carry-on luggage is limited to 8 kg on Lufthansa. I eventually persuaded Lufthansa to double


my allowance to 16 kg with a phone call. All my video equipment is heavy and the one time I checked it on United last year, it was stolen out of my bags. Now you know why the TSA wants to check your bags. At any rate, I had no room for extra clothing. Perhaps because of my extra carry-on weight, they couldn’t or didn’t load my checked bags and left them in San Francisco. I savored three days in Bombay before I had my first change of clothing. I would like to take you on a virtual trip to India. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite

Gazette 2007

Gazette 2007  

Thomas family newsletter for 2007