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BRIEF: Design and manufacture a fully-functioning concrete speaker, complete with a bespoke stand.

Concrete Sound makes use of industrial materials whilst incorporating modern technology, with inspiration taken from industrial manufacturing and materials to sculptures such as Vladimir Tatlin’s 3rd International monument and Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit tower.


After a horrific Mountain Biking accident left him with a brachial plexus injury, (meaning his right arm is paralysed) Tom Wheeler set up “NOTBROKEN�. His objective was to ride once again, whilst helping others in similar situations to do the same. With the help of Chris Porter from Mojo Suspension, Tom has designed and produced a carbon fibre brace to assist his damaged limb whilst riding.

Tom’s current brace allows for only one axis of rotation and leaves him fixed to the bike which is extremely dangerous when riding mountain bikes on an extreme level, as it increases the risk of injury. I have designed a handlebar attachment to work with orthotic arm braces to aid paraplegic cycling on an extreme level. It provides the wide range of movement required for sports including Mountain Biking and BMX, with the strength and support to withstand hard impacts in addition to a working release mechanism to aid in the event of a fall.

HOW IT WORKS: The handlebar attachment makes use of Odyssey’s Elementary clamping technology using just one bolt to clamp onto the handlebars, allowing ease of use with one arm. Five regular chain links to create a dual pivot point for the casing to lock around the nylon-coated ball, applying even friction across the surface area. This can be tightened and adjusted to fit the user’s needs, preferences or the terrain using one bolt. The ball is restricted to allow movement forwards and backwards as well as rotating fully, 15˚ either side of the vertical axis. A gyro mechanism is located between the ball and hand to prevent the trigger cables from getting tangled and restricting movement of the arm.

The hand attachment can be 3D printed to fit the shape of the users arm, and allows for straps to be wrapped around the brace to fix in place. This piece slots onto the attachment and is connected using two slanted blocks which are controlled by cables fed through the gyro mechanism. A loaded spring forces the components apart when the trigger is activated removing the blocks. The trigger, located on the opposite side of the handlebars, uses a spring loaded switch to pull the cable when activated. The system can be released on command by pressing the switch. An instant release can be triggered when the able hand leaves the handlebars by using a thin cable wrapped around the wrist.


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Using a modular design, no screws and no adhesives, the Filtration Iron iron is easy to disassemble, repair and will last much longer than the average iron. Made from durable materials and minimal parts, the iron’s components slot together with minimal effort whilst fully utilising the space available. This results in an incredibly compact, lightweight iron which provides all of the features expected from an upmarket product including 35g continuous steam, 110g steam shot and a stainless steel sole-plate. The unique filtration system included provides the perfect water to keep your iron in tip-top condition by mixing normal tap water with the purified water created by the ion exchange resin enclosed in the replaceable filter unit. Each filter contains 100ml of resin, which will fill the 300ml water tank over 1000 times with perfect ironing water, meaning it will last up to 3 years of constant use.


sense The Speedo Sense is a headset designed for visually impaired swimmers. It provides them with independence and freedom while swimming by notifying them whenever they are approaching the end of the pool and need to turn. This eliminates the need for the swimmer to count their strokes, or have people standing by as tappers. Both of these methods are limiting and inconvenient. The Sense encourages users to swim more freely and reinforces the many positive effects of swimming



The Speedo Sense is packaged in an easy-open case, providing easy access to the headset and trackers. Clear markings and textures on the headset make using the Speedo Sense simple and convenient. Grooves on the vibration pads and ear hooks inform the user as to how the device sits on their head. A textured on/off button is located just behind the right ear two short buzzes notifies the user that the headset is on and ready to use. The Speedo Sense comes with two localised GPS trackers that link to the headset. The trackers are placed at either end of the pool and can be activated by squeezing the grooves on their undersides, this causes them to buzz once and automatically link to the headset. The technology is calibrated to trigger haptic feedback in the headset when the swimmer needs to turn. Once the trackers have been set up, the visually impaired swimmer is able to freely use the pool without fear of hitting the side. The tracking of the headset can also be used to monitor the number of laps completed by the wearer. The GPS trackers are designed to be unobtrusive to other swimmers.


Speedo Sense provides visually impaired swimmers with independence and freedom. The system utilises haptic feedback to help the user navigate the pool. The headset responds to sensors situated at either end of the pool, alerting the swimmer as to when they are 5 metres away from the wall, allowing them ample time to slow down and turn.

Nestle Raffla is marketed towards casually health conscious 18 - 28 year olds. Bold colours and positive messages are used to create a high impact product that stands out. Nestle Raffla aims to evoke nostalgia through its silver foil and paper packaging, as a subtle nod to KitKat’s old four bar packaging. Raffla’s Graphics inspired by nostalgic patterns to resonate with the target market. To fit in with the digital campaign, each bar will have a different eating suggestion printed on the back. Raffla’s outdoor, mountainous imagery and tagline link back to wellness and reduced sugar in a positive manner.

‘However you eat it, there’s still 40% less sugar!’




1. Campaign video is seen by a potential customer, they are intrigued by the video and the claim of reduced sugar.



2. Customer locates Raffla in shop, and is drawn in by bright, colourful point-of-sale display.

3. Customer purchases their Raffla bar and enjoys it however they want.

Bar packaging: paper and silver foil Bar dimensions: 10cm x 6cm



DIGITAL CAMPAIGN The Raffla digital campaign will be a series of short videos shown through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The campaign will focus people’s quirky and strange chocolate eating habits, with the tagline:

However you eat it, there’s still 40% less sugar!’ Each video will show a top down view of a person demonstrating a different, quirky way to eat Raffla chocolate. People will be encouraged to share their own chocolate eating habits in the comments, the best of which will be made into new videos.




SQUARE ONE ACL Recovery Program & Smart Brace Tracker

Square One is an ACL recovery program for your smart-phone. The application provides valuable information to help your knee injury heal after surgery, including daily fitness workouts which will keep you fit whilst strengthening your joint. Nutritional information is also available with daily meal plans and recipe recommendations to keep you healthy and speed up the recovery process.

SQUARE ONE ACL Recovery Program & Smart Brace Tracker

Two Smart Brace Trackers work alongside the Square One app to measure the movement of your injured knee. By attaching to the outer frame of any mechanical brace, the sensors work together to provide the app with data regarding your activity and recovery progress. All information can be shared with your doctor, who can also leave feedback and update the recovery program based on your progress. Square One - Helping you recover from injuries better and faster than ever before.

SQUARE ONE ACL Recovery Program

SQUARE ONE ACL Recovery Program


Springvale Recliner Sofa-Bed

The Springvale recliner sofa-bed uses a simplistic mechanism which allows for four different positions: Standard upright, relaxed, laid back and flat. The mattress cushions can be cleaned and rearranged easily due to the Velcro adhesion - when in the bed position there are three options for a side-table, depending on where the mattresses are placed. By pulling the backrest forward slightly, the sofa is able to slide effortlessly into the bed position. When fully extended as a bed, it can be brought back to it’s original form just by pushing the seat backwards.

This sofa-bed is ideal for use in holiday homes with dimentions suited towards existing layouts of homes. The furniture design is well suited to the target market of young adults with it’s modern and contemporary style. The mechanism itself compliments the furniture design - a very simple system that requires little effort and minimal steps. The wheels are dampened to support the weight of the backrest as it slides downwards.



This Heal’s Console Table takes a contemporary twist on mid-century style to provide an ideal place to store and display your valued record collection (space available for up to 200 x 12� records depending on width). The lower-shelf cut-out is designed to angle the edge of the record sleeves up towards eye level of the user, making it easier to see and find records without the user straining their neck or back.

The table is made from 100% solid oak with round tapered legs to finish off the clean and simple aesthetic. A 1200 x 450mm table surface area presents the perfect space to place a turntable at a comfortable 700m from the ground.




Product Design Portfolio - James Patrick 2017  

Product design portfolio containing a selection of my first and second year work from Nottingham Trent University.

Product Design Portfolio - James Patrick 2017  

Product design portfolio containing a selection of my first and second year work from Nottingham Trent University.